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Benefits of Exterior Foam Insulation

By Todd Fratzel on Insulation

Exterior Foam Insulation I’ve been a huge proponent of using foam board insulation to insulate basements, rim joists, and difficult locations like under bay windows. Recently we’ve been starting to install foam insulation board on the outside of houses for increased R value, decreased air infiltration, and better overall vapor management. Over the last few…

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FLIR C2 Compact Professional Thermal Imaging Camera

By Todd Fratzel on Tools & Products

Compact, Affordable Thermal Imaging Camera It wasn’t that long ago when I used to hire a specialist to do thermal imaging on projects for us. In fact, we used to pay more money to hire a thermal imaging specialist for a couple hours than it costs to buy your own camera today! FLIR has been…

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Inground Swimming Pools

By Todd Fratzel on swimming pools

Inground Swimming Pool Project As a kid growing up I always dreamed of owning an inground swimming pool. I grew up with an above ground pool that was great fun, but not nearly as awesome as an inground pool. After recently completing our own inground pool in our backyard I wanted to share my thoughts…

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Surge Protection for Valuable Circuits

By Todd Fratzel on Electrical

Adding Surge Protection To Computer and Entertainment Circuits We live in an electronic gadget age that sees most of us spending significant money on the gadgets that make our lives more enjoyable. Many of us have a home computer network, home entertainment, and even home automation all powered by our homes electrical service. Most of…

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Comfortable, Durable Work Wear

By Todd Fratzel on Tools & Products

Wrangler® RIGGS WORKWEAR® I spend a lot of time either on construction sites as a project manager or working around my own home doing all kinds of projects including a recent basement renovation. Finding comfortable, durable work clothing is very important to me and something that I think about often. I recently tried several pieces…

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Repairing an underground dog fence

By Jeff Williams on Fencing, Landscaping

Repairing an Underground Dog Fence Of all the home improvement projects tackled in the past 5 years the most useful one has been the underground dog fence. It’s a low voltage loop of wire that runs the complete perimeter of the yard. We can just open the sliding glass door on the deck and the…

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New DESIGNRAIL Colors: “Express Yourself By Feeney”

By Jeff Williams on Design & Planning, Product Information

New DESIGNRAIL Colors: “Express Yourself By Feeney” DESIGNRAIL Feeney DESIGNRAIL is a complete railing system for residential and light commercial spaces that make a bold statement. Sleek, modern, and functional; Feeney DESIGNRAIL is the perfect choice for contractors, designers, and homeowners who want to make a bold statement. And making a bold statement just got…

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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

By Jeff Williams on Home Improvement, Interior Decorating

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell Nine years ago I bought my first home and had all of my college buddies move in. It was awesome. We slapped a little paint on the walls and set up a big TV for sports and video games. That was the end of my project list. Then I got married.…

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