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Movement of subfloor and underlayment

By Michael Hopp on Flooring

Guidelines on Installing  Subfloor and Underlayment Here are some recommended guidelines on how to properly install subfloor and underlayment. All of my remodeling projects consist of gutting down to the studs and starting over.  I prefer this method for these reasons: confirming there is no rot, water damage or insect issues, increased insulation values, and…

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Save Money On Interior Trim

By Todd Fratzel on Finish Carpentry

Buying Pro Paks at The Home Depot Saves Money Whether you’re building an entire new home or just doing a renovation the material costs are enough to make any grown man cry! While our economy has been anything but inspiring, the cost of building materials has continued to climb without regard to our stagnant economy.…

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Drainage Plane for Cedar Shingle Siding

By Todd Fratzel on Siding & Trim, Structure

Extend Siding Life with Drainage Planes Cedar siding is beautiful and sure does make a statement architecturally but it comes with a serious price tag. So using methods and products that extend the life of such a big investment is important to me as a builder and you as a customer. The market offers many…

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Basement Bathrooms – Things To Consider

By Todd Fratzel on Basements, Bathrooms

Basement Bathrooms – What You Need To Know Finished basements are one of the most popular renovation projects today and offer a great way to expand the living space in your home. Ideally the renovation will include a basement bathroom for comfort and convenience. Adding a bathroom to your basement renovation requires some special considerations…

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Newell Rubbermaid® Roughneck™ Wheeled Refuse Trash Can

By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

Tough Trash Can for Tough Fall Cleanup Every Fall I spend quite a bit of time cleaning up our large yard before the onslaught of harsh winter weather here in New England. Cleaning out the flower beds is one of the tasks that requires moving all the dead plants from the garden to our disposal…

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Benefits of Exterior Foam Insulation

By Todd Fratzel on Insulation

Exterior Foam Insulation I’ve been a huge proponent of using foam board insulation to insulate basements, rim joists, and difficult locations like under bay windows. Recently we’ve been starting to install foam insulation board on the outside of houses for increased R value, decreased air infiltration, and better overall vapor management. Over the last few…

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FLIR C2 Compact Professional Thermal Imaging Camera

By Todd Fratzel on Tools & Products

Compact, Affordable Thermal Imaging Camera It wasn’t that long ago when I used to hire a specialist to do thermal imaging on projects for us. In fact, we used to pay more money to hire a thermal imaging specialist for a couple hours than it costs to buy your own camera today! FLIR has been…

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Inground Swimming Pools

By Todd Fratzel on swimming pools

Inground Swimming Pool Project As a kid growing up I always dreamed of owning an inground swimming pool. I grew up with an above ground pool that was great fun, but not nearly as awesome as an inground pool. After recently completing our own inground pool in our backyard I wanted to share my thoughts…

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