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Kohler Introduces Smaller-Sized Generator Units

By Todd Fratzel on Electrical

8, 10 and 12 kW Generators Make Standby Power More Accessible KOHLER, Wis. – September 23, 2014 – Kohler® Generators is rolling out a complete new line of standby generators designed for homeowners with fewer power requirements, and who are looking for the performance and reliability of a KOHLER unit at an entry-level price point.…

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How to remove a stump (Part 1)

By Jeff Williams on Landscaping, Trees & Plants

How to Remove a Stump without breaking your back or the bank (Part 1) Last year I cut down a large maple tree in the yard that was only 10 feet from the house. The previous owners never should have planted it that close. Over the years as it grew, the roots started getting bound…

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Minwax® Ultimate Floor Finish Preview

By Todd Fratzel on Painting and Finishing

Professional Quality Urethane That’s Incredibly Easy To Use Over the years I’ve spent countless hours applying urethane to furniture, floors and trim work. The task was often tedious, extremely odorous and difficult to get professional looking results. Also, because traditional “clear coatings” on wood involved solvent-based polyurethanes cleanup was extremely difficult and messy. I’m happy…

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Certificate Of Occupancy | What Is It?

By Todd Fratzel on Safety

Certificate Of Occupancy The final step in the permitting process for new construction is typically the Certificate Of Occupancy. The Certificate Of Occupancy (CO) is issued by the local or state government certifying that the building structure complies with current building codes and is suitable for occupancy. The CO is typically issued after a final…

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Vinyl Siding Leaks – Period!

By Todd Fratzel on Siding & Trim

Understanding The Limits of Vinyl Siding Today as I was driving home for lunch I passed a new home under construction and witnessed something that really bothered me. A contractor was installing vinyl siding on a new home that was sheathed with OSB. However, there was one very crucial detail missing that really bothered me.…

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Outdoor Fire Pit and Patio

By Todd Fratzel on Landscaping

Backyard Patio with Fire Pit and Sitting Wall Outdoor living has become an increasingly popular topic for many homeowners looking to expand and upgrade their yards. One of the most popular projects in the outdoor living arena is an outdoor fire pit and patio. An outdoor fire pit can create a central gathering place for…

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Upgrade Your Hose Storage

By Todd Fratzel on Tools & Products

Hose Storage and Management Ideas Garden hoses can be a real pain to keep organized and moved around from place to place in the yard. I’ve got a huge yard and every year it seems as though my hose “miss-management” has gotten worse so I enlisted the help of the folks at AMES for some…

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Design & Build A Backyard Shed

By Todd Fratzel on Design, Garages

Need Helping Designing and Building a Backyard Shed? The old saying “there’s never enough storage space” is especially true when it comes to garden tools and outdoor power equipment. I have a rather large garage but there’s simply not enough room for the riding mower, push mower, car top carrier, lawn and garden tools and…

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