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How to Hang a Large Picture: French Cleat

By Jeff Williams on Design & Planning, Interior Spaces

How to Hang a Large Picture: French Cleat Having a photographer for a wife lends itself to having many beautiful pictures of our family hanging on the walls. As a builder though it pains me every time I put additional holes in the drywall. I remember skim coating those very walls to get them smooth…

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Certificate Of Occupancy | What Is It?

By Todd Fratzel on Safety

Certificate Of Occupancy The final step in the permitting process for new construction is typically the Certificate Of Occupancy. The Certificate Of Occupancy (CO) is issued by the local or state government certifying that the building structure complies with current building codes and is suitable for occupancy. The CO is typically issued after a final…

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Design & Build A Backyard Shed

By Todd Fratzel on Design, Garages

Need Helping Designing and Building a Backyard Shed? The old saying “there’s never enough storage space” is especially true when it comes to garden tools and outdoor power equipment. I have a rather large garage but there’s simply not enough room for the riding mower, push mower, car top carrier, lawn and garden tools and…

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Home Improvement Safety Tips

By Todd Fratzel on Safety

Stay Safe While Doing Home Improvement Projects Each year thousands of homeowners are injured doing home improvement projects around their homes. Home improvement projects can be dangerous so it’s important to be prepared and outfitted properly in order to protect yourself. Below are some simple tips that will help keep you safe during your next…

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Backup Generator Power – Be Prepared

By Todd Fratzel on Electrical, Safety

Using Backup Generators Each year hundreds of thousands of homeowners get left in the dark due to power outages caused by extreme weather. Whether it’s extreme wind, lightning, snow or ice the outages can last for days at times leaving no power for heat, water and refrigeration. One of the best solutions for power outages…

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Say Goodbye To Cheap Light Bulbs

By Todd Fratzel on Energy Conservation

Incandescent Light Bulbs No More The end of the road has finally come for the cheap light bulb. As of January 1, 2014 incandescent light bulbs can no longer be manufactured or imported into the United States. The original law to ban them back in 2007 was delayed with larger 100 watt and 75 watt…

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Custom Colonial Style Fireplace Mantel

By Todd Fratzel on Finish Carpentry, Interior Decorating

Custom Fireplace Mantel There’s something about a beautiful fireplace and mantel that really makes a home feel warm and inviting. A fireplace mantel can also be a beautiful prominent architectural feature. I’ve built a couple custom mantels over the years and the one featured in this article is my latest one in our new home.…

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How To Install A Wall Safe

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Safety

Installing a Biometric Wall Safe Many home owners choose to buy safes for their home to protect valuable jewelry, documents and even guns. One of the more popular choices today are the biometric wall safes. Installing a safe in the wall provides extra security and takes up very little room. In addition, the cost of…

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