National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) – Free Online Version of 2008

By Todd Fratzel on Electrical

Free Copy of National Electrical Code (NFPA70)

2008 National Electrical CodeIf you’re going to perform electrical work in your home or another home then it’s essential that you refer to local building code requirements. Most building codes reference the National Electrical Code (NEC) commonly known at the NFPA70 (National Fire Protection Association). I recently discovered a reference link which allows you to view if for free here (you must sign up for an NFPA Account and it is a READ ONLY version) or you can purchase it here.

Referenced By Major Building Codes

The NFPA 70 is referenced by almost all major building codes around the Country. If you’re never looked at this code before you’d be surprised at the amount of valuable information included in this extensive electrical code. If you’re not used to reading building codes then you will probably want to buy an electrical how-to book as a companion guide. We highly recommend you check out the Black & Decker Complete Guide To Home Wiring if you’re interested in buying a good beginner book on electrical wiring.

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  1. Henry Bowman says:

    In my experience, I have found there to be a great deal of difference between “free” and “$65.58.”

  2. It appears you once had the link, but then were forced by one of your sponsors to remove it. Did you succumb to censorship in search of the almighty dollar? I know that LEGALLY the Codes must now be available online for free, but that the book publishers try to keep the location of that info hidden whenever possible. Having this article send us to Amazon to BUY a copy is certainly wrong. Could you please give us the link(s) or explain yourself? Thanx.

    • Todd says:

      Bruce – If you look carefully there is a link to the free version in addition to a link for buying a version.

      No offense taken….maybe next time you could send a nice email asking first :)

      • Cynthia says:


        I know you say there is a link to the free version but when I click on it you don’t get a free version at all. You only get a proposed change to a very small section of the code so I’m in line with Bruce, the link is not here.

        I ask respectfully, can you please tell us where the link is or provide us with the web address?

        I appreciate what you do.

        • Todd says:

          Cynthia – My apologies. The link at NFPA has changed. The article has been updated with the current link. In order to access the free version you must sign-up for an NFPA account (at the link) and then you can access the code. Please note that it’s a READ ONLY version.

          Thanks for pointing out the bad link.

  3. Jidhal Newson says:

    If I wish to use wire molding in a commercial facility for an outlet, how many inches must it be from the ceiling as well as from the floor. Thanks in advance.

  4. Don Moore says:

    If NEC is adopted as law it must be available maybe not on line and possibly at a small fee.

    I found this site

    at this time it is free and you can print, copy, paste …

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