How To Remove An Under Cabinet Microwave

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How To Remove The Microwave Without Destroying Your Cabinets

How To Remove Microwave How To Remove An Under Cabinet MicrowaveRecently a reader wrote to me and asked if there was a trick to removing his under cabinet microwave. He explained that he had been prying, pulling, tugging without any success. Frankly he sounded as though he was going to hook up his truck to it and tear it off the wall. Well I found a tad bit of humor in the email I certainly knew what the problem was and quickly helped him solve the problem.

Under Cabinet Microwave Wall Brackets

If you want to easily remove an under cabinet microwave oven you need to understand how they are installed. Most modern microwave ovensĀ  are supported from a wall bracket and bolts from the bottom of the cabinet. The bolts are really easy to find and remove but the wall bracket is where the trouble often starts.

Microwave Wall Bracket How To Remove An Under Cabinet Microwave

Behind the microwave is a wall bracket that gets bolted to the wall studs. Typically they are bolted to the wall using 1/4″ or 3/8″ lag screws, which when fully screwed into a stud will not pull out! If you look at the diagram above you’ll see a metal wall bracket that’s typically the size of the microwave.

HERE’s THE IMPORTANT PART: If you look close at the diagram above, you’ll see I’ve noted the holding rod. There are usually two of these, one for the right side and left side each. After the wall bracket is bolted to the wall, you set the bottom of the microwave on a small lip on the wall bracket, then tip the microwave back until the top back is tight to the bracket. The rods run from the front of the microwave back to the wall bracket, as you screw them they attach to the bracket and hold the microwave tightly to the wall.

To get access to the rods, you typically have to remove the front cover that’s just above the door. Once you remove the cover you can usually see the two rods on either side of the microwave. You simple loosen those rods, then tip the microwave forward, then lift up the back to detach it from the wall bracket. It’s as simple as that. Don’t forget to remove the two bolts that are typically installed inside the cabinet down to the microwave as well.

The reader didn’t realize that the rods were even there. So he was pulling on the microwave and it was connected to the wall bracket via the rods. It’s so simple yet so hidden that the average person won’t realize it until they’ve destroyed their cabinets and microwave!

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