Planting Phlox Above Rock Walls

By Todd Fratzel on Gardening

Phlox Flowers

rock garden with phlox 300x225 Planting Phlox Above Rock WallsPhlox flowers are a great perennial choice in rock gardens and above rock walls. Year after year this low growing perennial comes back larger and larger until it creates a large carpet of flowers. Phlox works very well in rock gardens or planted just above a rock wall so the flowers can droop and hang down over the rocks.

In the photo is a picture of a flower garden behind our house. The garden has two rock walls that help terrace our yard for the walk-out basement.  If you look close there are six phlox plants in this garden. The lower three plants were planted 3 years ago while the upper three plants were planted almost 2 years ago. Each year the plants will continue to get larger and continue filling out the garden.

I really like these plants for several reasons. First of all they are very tolerant to different levels of sun exposure and water. Also, Phlox is a very low maintenance plant that will come back year after year with little to no effort. Lastly we love how they look growing in around and over the rock walls. There are very few plants that grow in our area that can give us the same look.

You can get Phlox in shades of white, purple, blue, pink, and yellow.

Do you have a favorite plant for your rock gardens and rock walls?

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