10% Off Discount at Lowes for Veterans & Military

By Todd Fratzel on Coupons

10% Off Discount For Veterans and Active Military at Lowes

If you’re looking for ways to save money at Lowes then there’s a little known discount for all active military and veterans. If you present a current military ID or a Department of Veterans Affairs VA card then you’re eligible for 10% off at Lowes.

The Military and Veterans discount is not advertised and it’s only valid for in-store purchases (no online sales). This is a great discount and just deserved recognition of the folks who protect our country. If you know an active military person or a veteran please let them know about this discount.


In order to take advantage of the Lowes Military Discount you’ll need to show proper identification including on of the following:

  • Valid Military ID
  • Current VA Medical Card

The discount is available for active-duty military, National Guard members, retirees, honorable discharge members and immediate family of these people.

For more on the official rules please read the Lowe’s Press Release.

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  1. Michael Ramsden says:

    Here’s one for you. How does it feel for you to embarass a veteran by publishing a statement on your webpage that vets can combine the veteran’s discount with the moving discount and have a Lowes employee (service manager) categorically deny it and state that Lowes only accepts one coupon at a time. Thanks for another experience like that.

    • Todd says:

      Michael – I’m sorry to hear about this unfortunate experience. We strive to provide accurate up to date information on our site. We’ll certainly update the article to reflect your experience. We have read on several sites that this discount can be combined with other discounts. Please accept my apology for embarrassment this has caused you.

      • Frances Peterson says:

        Dear Todd,
        I just returned from shopping inside a Lowe’s store in Florida(I won’t say what city as to embarrass them) and presented my husbands’ VA Veterans Card for my discount(my husband was not with me)and each time, they tell me their policy is that the veteran must be physically standing beside you to honor the discount. Then why, do I ALWAYS get a hassle and a threatening message from your employees when it states directly above in your ‘rules’ that immediate family members are included for this discount? All of your stores throughout the country should follow the same policy stated above. Immediate families of veterans, should not be made to feel we are going through an interrogation each time we enter your store!

        • Todd says:

          Frances – THanks for sharing. Please note…..I have NO affiliation at all with Lowe’s. We are a complete independent home improvement publication that shares industry information.

    • r g says:

      Todd seems to be a simple man giving simple information to enlighten we, the readers, with insights we’re not accustomed to such as this Lowes discount program for veterans. Though, because we all know Todd isn’t a Lowes employee or representative of the Lowes corporation, and the internet isn’t ALWAYS right (eyes roll) we have to take his information with a grain of salt, and use the food for thought rather than action. If you read your moving discount coupon it clearly states that the coupon cannot be combined with any other discount. Yes, other people on the internet have stated that they were allowed to combine the two; obviously that was under special pretenses where the employee just didn’t care, OR the manager wanted to make a repeat customer and was in a good mood. In your case, neither of the above were presented to you; maybe because you might of gave them a little verbal loving like you did with Todd in your reply ;).

      We all here residing within the internets and all it’s wondrous tubes of truth and unicorns apologize for your inconvenience, Michael. On a side note, I read on the internet that if you tickle a Lowes employee, they give you special discount coins for anything in the store; but sometimes only plumbing. :)

      • michael holmes says:

        the people at Lowes in Destin florida do not permit the discount unless you have a actve duty ID.Iam a disabled veteran and showed my VA medical card and was embarrassed by the way I was told that I did not qualify. at least they could have been civil about it. never had problems brfore but I won”t go there again,i do believe my money will be accepted elsewhere

  2. NJ says:

    I think depending on the Lowes store some may combine the military discount with other discounts. We were told you can combine two discounts at this particular Lowes in South San Francisco. A manager allowed us to combine a price match with home depot with the military discount and saved us about $300 on a refrigerator. Home Depot would not do that which is why we went to Lowes. Lowes definitely has earned our business…

  3. Mrs Page says:

    We just came back from Lowes and my husband was embarrassed when we asked for a discount and they said they would only take an ID card and they showed us a sheet they had at the cash register of the only types of identificaton they accepted. My husband is not active service but he neither has a VA Medical card. MOST of the Veterans I know DO NOT have a VA Medical card or any card. We told them we would get our car registration to show that we had Veitnam Vetrans licence plates in which we had to prove to the state of TN that he was a vetran, or would run home to get my husbands discharge papers. They said they would not take those identifications (This upset my husband a bit) but changed heart when other customers were watching and They finally gave us the discount but it has discouraged us, embarrassed us and disappointed us -… Home Depot just gives us the discount by honoring our word.

    • Shannon says:

      I’m sorry you felt embarrassed, but to think a company is just going to take your word for it is a little naive. I do think that the VA license or discharge papers should have beeen enough, but I’m surprised you don’t have a card of some type. Perhaps you should contact VA affairs. I don’t know anyone who’s recently (within the last 10 years) discharged (honorably, retired etc) that doesn’t have a card of some sort designating their status.

      • Bill O says:

        The everyday discount is for active duty, retired and “disabled” veterans. On Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends they include all veterans.

      • Brian says:

        Most vets that are honorably discharged don’t have any card that shows this so basically if you aren’t disabled or retired or active duty you “don’t count” as far as the policy goes

      • Glen says:

        Unless you retire or have some type of VA disability, you not have anything but a copy of DD-214 or in some states you can have that you are a veteran on driver license. I’ve ran into the same probl m in the past. I checked ith VA years ago and they don’t issue a veteran’s card unless you are as mentioned above.

      • Ryan says:

        Right now only Veterans who Retire or Veterans who qualify for MEDICAL benefits get a Veterans ID card.

        However, law was passed in 2015 to take affect in 2017, that all veterans will be able to get a Veterans card to show veteran status. so just hold on for a few more months to get your Veteran cards.

        Thanks for all your service to this country and i hope this information helps.

      • Mike Stevenson says:

        I have to say I am retiring in about a year, so decided to go ahead get my VA card. I wanted to go ahead and get my VA card so when my salary goes down to Social Security benefits I would have my card for medical treatment. Understand I am in perfect health and take no medicine. I applied on line with the VA to get my card. Filled out all the forms, sent in my DD214, my discharge, I answered all questions honestly and included my current salary. I got a nice letter from the VA turning me down for a VA card. In the letter it stated my salary level at this time did not allow me to obtain a VA Card.I have the letter so I know they do consider Salary level in approving you for a VA Card. I served from 1970 to 1974 and have an honorable discharged. In NC they will put Veteran status on your drivers license if you take the proper Paperwork to the DMV which I did. I use that to get my discount at Lowes.

    • Dawn says:

      Just was at Home Depot, they no longer will accept DD214 papers, only the ID card for any type of military. My husband was honorably discharged from the Navy over 20 yrs ago and are trying to figure a way to obtain an ID card for him now.

    • michelle says:

      unfortunatly if a store went by word of mouth many business will be going out of business. im sorry you were embarassed but it clearly states to bring the proof and if he is a veteran than there are ways to obtain the proof. i have been in may stores to ask for the discount and some cashiers didnt even know what that meant. noone is at fault but please be grateful for the discount you recieved anyways, you have only wrote on here and i questioned if you were truely a veterans spouse, if so please up hold the title you carry and understand not everyone or thing is perfect.

    • RR says:

      Our society has evolved to where everything is geared toward the “needy” or “poor”. To get the Veteran’s discount you have to have a VA medical ID which you can’t qualify for if you have been moderately successful in your employment. I took all of the same risks as those who qualify; it says Veteran’s discount, am I no longer a veteran because I make too much?

  4. Jerry Childress says:

    I served 6 years in the USAF and the only small card they issued us
    to carry is the Selective Service Card with name and dates, but does not say USAF, only (Selective Service) on it……We were
    issued an Honorable Discharge and a DD214, but they are to large to

    I had a photo ID put on my Selective service card and your South Point,Ohio store would still not honor, however some of your
    Winchester,Ky store people honor and some want to argue with you, that
    we should have been issued a photo ID….1963 thru 1967 you were only
    issued what I stated above…..However the Winchester,KY people are
    very nice and helpful

    • Bill O says:

      Sounds like you’re not retired, active, or disabled. According to Lowes announcement you are not entitled to discount. If some store honors it for you, that’s good on them.

      Read the Lowes’ press release in link above to determine eligibility.

      I believe the headline at the top of this thread is incorrect.

  5. Keith says:

    For all personnel that have served. Please take your documents to any VA office and get your VA card issued. It does not take much but your time to go and get it.

  6. Joseph says:

    I am a US Army veteran as well as a Naval Reserve veteran. When I show Lowes cashers my military Photo ID they said it was expired. I would think a veteran would have an expired ID (Thus Veteran). I think Lowes is getting mixed up between active military and Veterans. Look up veteran in the dictionary and see what it says.

    Thanks for reading,


    • Nikki says:

      Same thing happened to me. I’ve been using the military discount since 2009 with no problems. My active duty card expired in Oct 2009. I just went to Lowe’s today and got it scrutinized for the first time. It was embarrassing but the manager was pretty cool about it and gave me the discount anyways. She told me to get an updated card. Apparently they’ve become more meticulous because of the gov contract they hold…or something… Despite the fact that I am a disabled vet, I never got a VIC from the VA. I’ll be calling in for one tomorrow for sure. I can’t believe that they won’t accept a DD214 though along with a photo id. That will prove whether someone is a disabled vet or not. I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

  7. William Martin says:

    Bangor Vets beware, after having spent thousands of dollars at the local Bgr.Me. Lowes, using my veterans card, now they need a Manager to approve your photo ID. In my case (2) in took this Mgr 20 min. to find her way to the checkout. This is an obvious attempt to discourage the discount, and insult Verterans. No doupt thier’s a Vice Pres. in the Lowes Corp who doesn’t own a home in the Islands yet and wants to make off the back of Veterans. OK!!! Vets lets take our business somewhere else. In most cases local stores will offer discounts to Veterans.

  8. Jerry Dixon says:

    I honorably served in the United States Marines 1964-1970. I was issued a wallet size card:
    (CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE) ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES. Honorably Served on Active Duty in UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS The back of the card has the dates of service, my signature the name of the issuing Officer’s name & his signature.
    Recently I was made aware that Lowe’s & H-D offered a 10% discount to current & former Service Members. Today after lunch my Wife & I stopped in Lowe’s in Daphne, Alabama to make a purchase of paint & supplies, the card was presented @ check out she called for a manager’s approval several minutes later the Lady came up & asked to see my card again. I presented the card, she looked @ it & stated “We don’t take that” & rudely turned away. I’m beginning a 50,000 to 70,000 dollar remodeling project anyone care to guess when I’ll pass through Lowe’s door again?
    And no I did not make a scene, I asked for the name of the manager & contacted Lowes via email. Hell it’s 10% & it’s limited to 500.00 annually give the discount or don’t offer one.

  9. Phil says:

    The only issue is not everyone that is a veteran qualifys for a VA card. Many people make to much money and when they go to a lowes with there DD-214 they are turned down. This happens all the time. I work for the VA and we have to constantly explain to people that there is nothing we can do to give them a card if they do not qualify for health care.

  10. James Atkins says:

    I am a 14 year veteran of the US Navy. I proudly served and was honorable discharged but I too like many am discriminated against because I cannot qualify for a veterans medical benefit card. I made too much salary according to veterans affairs to be eligible for the medical so no card. Lowes will not honor my license with a veteran endorsement. Your store policy is discriminating and should be changed or do away with it all together. I am a building contractor and buy large quantity materials but this makeshift shop other places that does not discriminate.

    • Todd says:

      James – We are not associated with Lowes in anyway. I can certainly understand your frustration…you’d be better served trying to contact Lowes with your comment. Best of luck and thank you for your service.

  11. Micki Drew says:

    I was honorably discharged from the Air Force and a Gulf War Vet. I have been told by 2 different Lowes employees that I must be retired or Active Duty to recieve the discount. This says honorable discharge! I Will be making a formal complaint with the store manager. Apparently its whatever that paticular store feels like! Whitelake MI

  12. Frank J says:

    I ran into the problem with Lowes in Florida not honoring their military discount. I’m a disabled Viet Nam veteran and I’m in the process of building a new home. My intention was to buy lots from Lowes using their 10% discount. I was told that I must have a military ID or a VA card. I told them I did not have either, but I did have my DD214, my VA letter stating my disability and my Bronze star letter for Viet Nam service. They would not even look at my letters and just stated that I must have a VA card. I told them that I have not used the VA in over 25 years and I have no need to, so why would I have a VA card? They refused my discount, Lowes does not care about veterans at all.

  13. jay thomas says:

    How can I get the 10% off if I make to much money to get my VA card until my wage changes or I retire? I am registerd at the VA and a Navy veterian can you help.

  14. Larry B. says:

    I have been shopping at Lowe’s for 2 years now with my American Legion Card and getting the 10% discount. Yesterday I made a purchase at Lowe’s and the clerk said they no longer except AM Legion cards and that I need a valid Military ID or a ID card from the American Vets Assoc. I belong to the American Legion and had to prove I was a vet with my DD-214. What more proof do they need ? I felt insulted. Is this a ploy to ward off people who served their country ? As if things aren’t hard enough for Vets today.
    Thanks Lowe’s

  15. Jerry says:

    I served in the us army 1964-1967,honorable discharge,went to college on GI bill.Never needed VA medical and have no card.The VA will not issue you a card unless you are being treated by the VA. Home Depot always gives me the 10% discount with my DD214. Lowes will not so I dont shop at Lowes

  16. Mike R. says:

    I served in the Army reserves 1962-1968. In Florida you can have your Drivers license Indicate a V for veteran by bringing a DD214 to the drivers license bureau and paying a small fee. My local Lowes always accepts this form of proof and I always receive my 10% discount.

  17. Steve J says:

    I am a Vietnam Vet who separated from the USAF after serving 12 years. Until today, Lowe’s in San Antonio was honoring my Texas Drivers License which has my Veterans status noted on it. The state saw my DD214 and added the “Veteran” to the license for just such things. There are 3 oak leaf clusters on my Vietnam Campaign Medal. I was informed by the clerk that only Active Duty, and Retired service members with valid ID would be able to obtain the discount.

    Lowes is leaving out a very large segment of vets who didn’t choose to stay until retirement, and like thousands of others, I’m still waiting for the VA to get around to giving me my disability rating. Even without the disability, Lowes should continue to honor all vets with valid government ID’s, be it state, or federal.

    I will be taking more of my business to Home Depot now.

  18. Phil says:

    Seems like you all are picking and choosing on veterans discount. I served from 68 thru 74 and because I don’t go through VA for medical attention that’s about the only way you get a vets ID card. I am retired but not through the military and have a Va. military ID card that had to be verified I was a vet and it still won’t get me a discount with Lowes. ACTIVE,RESERVE,RETIRED that leaves the other 75% of us out. Well put Steve couldn’t have worded it any better.

    • Lee says:

      I served US Army 1958 to 1962 I got my military I D at the U S coast guard in Mobile Alabama my wife also has one .

  19. Joe says:

    Oh well. DD214 and drivers license with vet endorsement not enough for Lowes, so guess I will trade as much as possible elsewhere.

  20. Duane says:

    I to, have had the same problem with Lowe’s so called military discount program. Somebody should sue them. They make all kinds of statements offering a discount to “veterans”, and then throw in those little conditions that they think will get them off the hook. And it works, most people back off and accept their excuses. NOT ME !!!
    It’s time to stand up and make those who boast they appreciate our service and offer a thank you, only to look good to the public, and not give what they claim. Time to let the courts decide if Lowe’s is right or wrong!

    • liz baily says:

      No retail store has a obligation to give discounts to any group of people…lets see go to your nearest base and demand to let them allow you to shop tax free, shout your empty threats of I will sue you, see how quickly your arrested…if you keep crying then they will take it away and even on the 3 holidays they honor all vets you will get nothing…only the people with proper id will be shopping at the px/bx…..so please go ahead waste the money your crying about take Lowes to court so a judge can set you straight on the military code of ethics…and reinforce that Lowes does not owe you anything!

    • liz baily says:

      not sure why my post are not showing up…by all means Duane take them to court the military discount is very clear on the website…dd214 is honored 3 times per year..everyday discount means you have a valid picture id retired, active duty, or service connected va card meaning you were taken out of service due to injury or health issue from you time in the military got a rating by the va and receive money based on your %….no business has a obligation to give a group of people a discount, any judge would laugh you out of court….Lowes goal was to match what military get if they shop at the bx/px….if your id cant get you past the gate, you are not entitled to a discount at Lowes…want a 5% off everytime you shop at Lowes get there credit card….perhaps you should brush up on your military code of ethics..where it is unacceptable to even ask for a discount

      • Todd Fratzel says:

        Your comments didn’t show up because they have to be approved so we can prevent spam. Just need to wait for us to see them.

  21. Tom says:

    As some others have said, the headline is just a little too comprehensive. If you are an honorably discharged vet, but not active duty, or retired military or disabled, then you get a 10% discount only on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day.

    Retired, active duty, and disabled get 10% off everyday.


  22. Steve J says:

    Follow-up on my previous comment…
    I finally got a disability rating and pay from the VA, but I’m not qualified to get a VA ID card because of income and being only 10% which was determined by the outsourced medical evaluation company the VA hired because they couldn’t do the work.
    In the last month, Home Depot changed their policy to mirror Lowe’s, so now I get no discount at either store.
    I’ll just have to limp to the nearest store, and bite the bullet, or get it on Amazon when I can.

  23. This past Sunday (February 28, 2016) I was told by the Store Manager (Patty) at the Bastrop Texas store, that Lowes will not honor the 10% Military Discount to honorable discharge members. She stated that Lowes will only provide this discount to Active Duty Military and Retire Military members. I am a Vietnam Veteran and they would not give me the 10% discount …. what is wrong with this? So I told her that all my future business will go to Home Depot across the street from them. She stated that would be up to me on where I shop. I think we should do as she stated … all honorable discharge veterans should do as the store manager at Lowes in Bastrop Texas told me …. shop at Home Depot for the military discount. Home Depot does and will provide the 10% Military Discount …. I will now only shop at Home Depot and not Lowes.

  24. Dan Glaze says:

    Can we still get 10% military discount on purchases four to six months old? I use Lowes frequently and did not know of this discount program several months ago. Thanks

  25. liz baily says:

    Lowes policy is VERY CLEAR…as a thank you they match what you would get if you shopped at the bx…..if your id does not get you on the base to shop it does not work at Lowes…..quit whining if your id expired years ago it illegal and a federal crime if you try to enter a base with expired id it will be taken away….Lowes will honor all vets 3 times per year memorial day, july 4th, and veterans day!!!!Most stores and restaurants only give the discount on veterans day. Vets should also be reminded under the military code of ethics its illegal to even ask for a discount.. here is the Lowes policy
    Lowe’s established the 10% Military Discount to support the men and women who are currently serving our country in the Armed Services1 and to honor Retired Veterans and VA Recipients.2 This 10% discount is also extended to the immediate family3 of those who are currently serving, Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients.
    To qualify for the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must:
    Be currently serving in, or retired from, a qualifying branch of the Armed Services, or be the immediate family member of someone who is and have a valid military ID Card.
    Be a veteran who receives VA benefits and have a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC).
    We honor all Veterans on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. During these three holiday weekends, we extend the discount to all veterans who served honorably and who present a valid Form DD214 or other proof of service. The Lowe’s Military Discount is extended to the Veteran community on these three holidays only.
    The Military Discount must be used on personal purchases only and cannot be used for Lowes.com purchases, previous sales, or the purchase of gift cards or services including product installations. It cannot be combined with the Lowe’s Price Guarantee, or promotions such as “Spend and Get,” “New Mover,” “Project Starter,” “Your Choice,” or discounts such as Quote Support Program (QSP) quotes.
    1 Armed Services — US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, or the National Guard and who are in active, reserve, or retired status.
    2 Retired Veterans and VA Recipients — Veterans who have retired after 20 years of service and/or those who receive VA Benefits
    3 Immediate Family — Spouses and/or dependent children (up to 18 years old.)

  26. Kathy says:

    My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and received an honorable discharge in 1968. We were told (by a store employee) that veterans received a 10% discount. He just needed some kind of proof. He got a copy of his DD214 and for several months we have made many purchases, some totaling as much as $500.00 plus as we were doing a remodel. He always presented his DD214 and his driver’s license and never had an issue and several managers were called to the cashier when we were there. Today, 7/29/2016 we went to Lowes in the South Oklahoma City store, where we have purchased all our products, and were told they wouldn’t accept the DD214. The clerk grabbed a paper and said these are the only documents we can accept and quickly put it right back in the drawer. I asked when did this happen and the cashier said, “its always been this way and it was the way I was trained.” When we told her we have used the DD214 many times before and never had this problem, she said said “I’ll call a manager” very rudely. The manager came up and very rudely told us that we needed the documents listed on the paper (that was quickly passed by us and then put back in the drawer). She was also very cold and rude. She said they would make an accpetion this one time only. I asked if this was something new and was told no, so asked why we were just being told this when we have been making several purchases over the last several months. She said, I said I would accept it this time only. We walked out, leaving approximately $70.00 worth of products at the cash register. Went straight to Home Depot and asked at the customer service desk if they accepted DD214 for their veteran discount. The clerk was very polite and said “we certainly do, and please come back and see me when you have completed the shopping”. I think today was our last trip to Lowes. They need to look up the word “Veteran”. Because my husband was one of the fortunate ones that came home, got a job and went to work and did not try to claim all types of government disabilities, then I guess Lowe’s does not see him as a veteran that served this country. This incident was very embarrassing and the situation could have been explained in a much better manner.

  27. Gene says:

    I’ve never seen so much “Misinformation” in my life concerning VA cards. Every honorably discharged Veteran can seek treatment at a VA hospital or clinic. Whether the illness or injury is service connected or not. First though…you have to fill out forms, show them your DD214 and register with them. After registering with them, they will take your photo and issue or mail your VA card to you. Personal income has absolutely nothing to do with the VA issuing VA cards. Where on earth are you people coming from saying you make too much money and are disqualified from getting a VA card because of it? When you joined or were drafted into the armed forces and the recruiter said you’d get free medical care for life afterwards, did he ask how much you made then or how much you’d be making decades later in order to qualify? Again…any Honorably discharged Veteran can get a VA card. There does however seem to be some discrepancies concerning non-disabled veterans and every day 10% discounts. Veterans with service connected disabilities have VA cards that do reflect this. I think what Lowes and Home Depot does for our veterans is wonderful. Most inconsistencies are usually due to employee confusion or changes and are not due to corporate policy. Both these stores usually have large employee turnovers and some policies don’t get explained very well to new employees.

    • Kathy Boles says:

      I Was told I made too much money to get any medical assistance from VA and I am a Viet Mam Era Vetern. I went to two places.

  28. Alfred McLaughlin says:

    Went to Lowe’s home improvement in Pittsboro NC, @ checkout I was told that in June Lowes would no longer use any form of ID for military discount. The employee said that veterans have to register on Lowe’s home improvement site on line. I was able to use military ID card May 22 2017

  29. i like shopping at lowes and this willhelp me save a little money

  30. Steve Flaherty says:

    Please note that Lowe’s offers a 10% discount to ALL veterans. Sign up for their MyLowes card. This is not a credit card! More like the check cashing card you have at the supermarket.
    During the signup for MyLowes, check the box for veteran. This will open an app that will ask for your enlistment and discharge dates. The app will immediately confirm your status.
    Once you complete the application, you need only to ask the cashier to enter the phone number you entered for the MyLowes application. This will immediately apply the veterans discount for any eligible product.

  31. Man up, Liz Baily. I was drafted, “inducted into the US military”. I served honorably & was sent on a “hardship” tour during 1971-72. Upon my early release from this overseas tour, upon return I was assigned to inactive reserves & then I received an Honorable Discharge. I was also injured while on active duty & received a white background plastic card with a purple V imprinted on the card provided by the VA, for medical care. At minimum, the VA acknowledged I had “earned” some priority in receiving VA medical care during 1973-74. Subsequently I received medical care outside the VA. Some people “talk the talk, “you”, others “walk the walk”, ME. I applied for & received Vet status & discount from both Lowe’s & Home Depot” just last week as this type discount seems to be reclusive & I only became aware of it’s existence last week, April 2021. I do not have the white card with purple V, I do however have a copy of my DD 214.
    When I presented this document, I was told “thank you for your service sir” by employees representing both of the aforementioned stores. I live in California, went to schools using the “GI BILL” for 45 plus months, but excluding the GI BILL & 2 VA doctor visits, This military sector of my life is all history. I was an E-5, Spec 5, NCOIC for the last 10 months of my active duty. Not pleasant memories, but I returned home alive. Recently retired from USCD after 3 academic degrees, & 30 years in my field of training & knowledge. I have no recollections of any people saying anything kind, when I transported from Travis AFB to Oakland CA for my separation. Kinda think, these 10% discounts were prepaid in quite a costly manner. I believe any US Vet with a similar background as mine is not abusing any retailer’s recognition & appreciation of the contributions given, or taken, depending on perspectives. I know my Dad who was drafted into WWII also earned his Veteran status. I hope all contributers do so as graciously.

  32. USCD should be UCDMC, my error.

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