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Welcome to Home Construction & Improvement – A website providing expert advice on every aspect of home construction and home improvement.

My name is Todd Fratzel (Todd Fratzel’s Google+ Profile) and I’m a full time custom home builder, Chief Engineer and Project Manager for the Building Division at United Construction in Newport, NH.

I’m also the founder and Editor of several web publications including: Home Construction & Improvement , Tool Box Buzz and Today’s Green Construction.

I have extensive experience with all aspects of residential and commercial construction. I’ve managed hundreds of small and large projects including high end custom homes, Energy Star Certified homes and complex commercial buildings.

I also enjoy woodworking in my spare time. I’m currently in the process of outfitting a medium sized wood shop where I produce articles and videos on wood working projects like building cabinets and how to use shop tools.

Another hobby of mine is testing and evaluating tools for the construction industry. Over the last 7 years I’ve tested and reviewed  hundreds of hand and power tools for most of the major brands.

I’m also a licensed professional engineer in several states with a background in civil engineering, structural engineering and residential and commercial building construction.

What Home Construction & Improvement Offers

You may be wondering why I’ve created this site. My goal is to create a home improvement and construction related website that provides accurate reliable information that’s easy to find and use. As a home owner, DIY’er, engineer, contractor and father of two children I’ve got lots of expertise and perspective to share from my background.

In addition to the expert advice you’ll find on this site, you’ll find I’m very accessible for questions about your individual project. If you’d like some advice on a home improvement or construction project please contact us with your questions and we’ll try to help out.

Product Reviews

One of the exciting aspects that has grown significantly on this site are product reviews. Tool companies and household product manufacturers regularly send us products to test and evaluate. In return we offer a fair assessment whether it’s good or bad so that the consumer can get an honest opinion from someone they can trust.

If you are interested in having us evaluate a product and write a product review please contact (todd “at” frontstepsmedia (dot) com ) us with some basic information about your product. We’ll get back to you and let you know if we think the product is a good fit for Home Construction & Improvement.

Sponsored Home Improvement Projects

We are constantly searching out new, innovative products to use in projects around the house and at work. By using these new products we’re able to evaluate them and help spread the word. If you’re interested in sponsoring a home improvement, DIY or construction project please contact (todd “at” frontstepsmedia (dot) com ) us for a list of future projects that we’re considering.

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