AdvanTech Sheathing Vs Plywood

By Todd Fratzel on Framing


AdvanTech Sheathing

AdvanTech sheathing is an amazing product that I used on my new house. The product is so good that we use it on every new house we build at work. AdvanTech sheathing comes in many thicknesses and edges. I used 3/4″ tongue and groove on my subfloor, nailed and glued. I used 5/8″ tongue and groove nailed for the roof.

What makes this product really amazing is its resistance to water. If you’ve ever built or had a house built in a wet area of the country you know that traditional plywood or OSB can swell when it gets wet. Plywood can even delaminate and literally come apart at the seams.

AdvanTech – Worth The Cost

AdvanTech FlooringAdvanTech can sit in the rain for months and not swell at all. This product is truly a ground breaking product for the building industry. Next time you’re building a new home or addition make sure you ask your builder if he/she uses AdvanTech. This slight extra cost is certainly worth the extra protection from the weather. In fact, AdvanTech has a 50 year limited warranty. You’ll end up with flatter, smoother finished floors and eliminate the potential for costly delaminations in your subfloor.

The photo shows our home during construction with the AdvanTech sheathing (flooring) completely soaked by 10 days of rain. We never had a problem with the sub-floor after all that rain. That was all the proof I needed to be sold on this great sheathing product.

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  1. Survivor of 11″ water inside my cottage from hurricane Matthew. Removed carpet 3/4″ plywood & water soaked 3/4″ particle board. Planning to score 1/2″ subfloor installed on 45• angle knowing water will come back nxt 10 20 30 yrs! Raising cottage $30,000 not n my budget. Local contractor recommends avantech. Claims it to be water proof. Looks like partical board to me & that will NEVER go back n my place. Your thoughts, comments & experience would be appreciated .

    • Todd Fratzel says:

      Walter – Can you be more specific? Will the AdvanTech sit directly on the slab? If so I DO NOT recommend it in that application. It must sit on top of sleepers so that air can circulate. It’s not “waterproof”…it’s water resistant…very different.

  2. Todd – Would Advantech be better than plywood for roof decking and/or ceiling in a carport?

  3. Ron Meeks says:

    Todd, the 84 Lumber guys just recommended I use Advantek rather than treated plywood to be under a deck I’m building that is also the roof of a garage. It will be a flat roof with rubber membrane, and then a “floating” deck over that. Do you see any concerns with me doing this with Advantek rather than say tongue & groove treated?

  4. p says:

    Should it be used as rv decking? Is it recommended over ply or osb?

  5. Ted Smith says:

    Wanting to put some flooring on rafters in garage for bulky items not a lot of weight.Do you suggest this advanTech sheating for this
    application. What thickness do you suggest will use screws to put in place.

  6. john says:

    Is Advan tech rated to mud on top of wire mesh without tar paper?

  7. Susan says:

    Hi Todd, we are putting an addition (620 sq feet) on our home in Cape May, NJ. My son in law said the builder he works for only uses Advantek now because it protects it from when it rains. We should not have any rain from the time it is framed and the roof goes on (but there is always the chance). He seems to think the plywood would be fine and my husband is “thrifty” so of course he says go for the plywood. I was always taught to do the best or don’t do it at all. I just want them to do the right thing and I do have the final say :) They have to make a decision “yesterday” so Im hoping you can help.

    • Todd Fratzel says:

      If it rains…you’ll wish you had used AdvanTech….we don’t build anything without it anymore.

  8. Luke says:

    Hi folks, I’ve been using AdvanTech for years building indoor workout and fitness platforms. I’m wondering how it might perform outdoors? The plan is to coat the entire thing (inside & out) with an epoxy-based paint mixed with sand for the grippy texture, but no other treatment or membrane. Any suggestions?

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