Home Improvement Advertising

If you would like to advertise on this home improvement website please contact us. Pricing depends on the type of advertisement, location and time-frame.  Contact us for basic rates and terms. For additional information please download our Media Guide by clicking the image below.

TBB 2016 Media Guide

Home Improvement Product Reviews

We also offer product reviews for home improvement related products, garden and landscaping products and construction tools. Due to high demand for product reviews we cannot guarantee all products will be reviewed on our site. Check out some of our previous product reviews for examples. Product reviews have become an extremely popular method of advertising products. The readers of this site rely on our expertise for an honest opinion about products they buy.

Sponsored Home Improvement Projects

In addition to product reviews this site also works with suppliers, manufacturers and marketing firms to create, document and promote products through sponsored home improvement projects. If you’re interested in a unique approach to promoting your products through their use on a project then we can arrange a home improvement project series. These projects can be as small as a landscaping project and as large a complete basement remodeling project.

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