Black & Decker AutoWrench Review

By Todd Fratzel on Hand Tools, Product Reviews

Black & Decker Auto Adjustable WrenchBlack & Decker AutoWrench

The Black & Decker AutoWrench is another innovative tool that I recently had the pleasure of testing and reviewing. This is one of those cool tool inventions that makes so much sense I only wish it was my idea! The Black & Decker Automatic Adjustable Wrench (AutoWrench) is a battery powered adjustable wrench that allows you to adjust the throat size with the press of a button. Check out the quick video below to see how it works.

Operating The AutoWrench

As you can see the AutoWrench is operated easily. To open or close the “jaw” all you do is push the black button located on the side of the wrench. The action is very smooth and it opens and closes with ease. This great feature allows you to adjust the wrench with one hand leaving your other hand free to hold the work piece or another tool.

AutoWrench Features

The Black & Decker AutoWrench has the following features according to the manufacturer:

  • Auto wrench includes a push-button adjustment to fit nuts and bolts up to 1-1/4-inch
  • Perfect for tight spaces with limited visibility, such as under kitchen sinks
  • Designed with heat-treated hardened steel to provide 220 pounds of torque
  • Measures 8-inches long; weighs 1.3 pounds
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries

Product Review

Black & Decker AutoWrenchThe AutoWrench is one of those cool new tools that takes a workhorse tool like an adjustable wrench and improves upon it. Adjustable wrenches are a must have in any workshop so I don’t need to tell you all the useful things it can do. However, what I can tell you is how great the automatic adjustment feature is on the AutoWrench.

Anyone that uses an adjustable wrench knows that it takes several attempts to “adjust” the wrench to the properly opening for the bolt or nut you’re working on. I often find myself swearing under my breath each time I make a small adjustment and try it to find it’s not “quite” right. That’s what makes the AutoWrench such a great tool. You simply hold the AutoWrench in place, push the button and the wrench automatically adjusts to firmly fit the nut or bolt.

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Black & Decker AutoWrench but I was pleasantly surprised. The AutoWrench is an exciting new twist on a classic tool that I’m happy I now own. The new wrench will certainly come in very handy in lots of DIY and home improvement projects. I’m not certain the wrench would be able to withstand a serious load if you put a push bar on it and tried to apply hundreds of pounds of force. However, I do think it’s built very well and will work great around the house and shop on light to medium duty tasks. That’s why I recommend the Black & Decker AutoWrench for anyone that’s interested in this innovative tool.

Where To Buy Black & Decker AutoWrench

The Black & Decker AAW100 8-Inch Auto Wrench Adjusting Wrench is available from Amazon for $21.74. You can also buy it at Lowe’s and Target. At just over $20 it’s a great value when you consider an equivalent regular adjustable wrench costs $15 or more. This tool would also make a great gift for the DIY’er or home improvement person in your house.

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  1. Steve says:

    This tool is a travesty. I guess nobody seems to care a bit about the toxic landfill created by used batteries (both rechargeable and not). I can’t believe how wasteful the American consumer has become.

    • Todd says:

      @ Steve – Really sorry you feel that way. Your point is well taken, however, I think the real issue is educating folks to recycle their batteries properly. In our home we have a box for used batteries that we keep until the local hazardous waste recycling day.

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