Black & Decker CompactSaw LPS7000 Review

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

Black & Decker LPS7000 CompactSaw

Black & Decker LPS7000 CompactSawThe folks at Black & Decker sent us another one of their new tools to try and this time it’s the LPS7000 Lithium-Ion CompactSaw. The versatile cordless saw is ideal for quick, straight cuts or accurate curved cuts. It can cut wood up to 1″ thick with the Lithium Batterytech™ which keeps it charged and ready for up to 18 months. The keyless blade change allows users to switch between cutting positions in seconds. It also features a LED work light which illuminates work surfaces for better cutting results.

Black & Decker LPS7000 Review

This unique new twist on a jigsaw looks like a marriage between a cordless drill and a jigsaw. I must say, when I first saw this tool I had my doubts. However, once I picked it up and started playing with it I quickly realized this tool offers some unique advantages to a traditional jigsaw.

Black and Decker LPS7000 Compact Lithium-Ion SawOnce I picked up the LPS7000 a light went off in my head. Because of the size and maneuverability of this tool it’s perfect for coping moldings. I was able to easily cope several molding profiles for perfect mitered corners. In the past the only way I could do something like that was to use a special coping foot on the bottom of my regular jigsaw.

In addition to coping moldings this tough little compact saw is also great for cutting most anything in the shop or yard including: scroll work, cutting tree limbs, cutting PVC pipes, cutting holes in drywall and just about anything that’s less than 1 inch thick.

I really like the keyless chuck that allows quick changes of the blades. The saw also allows you to install the blade in either direction which can be really handy depending on which direction you need to cut. This is one tool where the LED light works great. LED’s on drills arean’t much help but having one on a saw is key when you’re trying to follow a line and it’s dark.

Overall Impression

At just over $70 I was pleasantly surprised at this compact saw. It’s certainly not going to replace my jigsaw or reciprocating saw but it definitely has a place in my workshop now. This tool is perfect for coping moldings and cutting holes in drywall (the two uses I’m most likely to use it for). If you don’t own a jigsaw and you’re looking for a multi-purpose tool that’s able to accomplish those tasks then this tool is a good choice. My only complaint with the LPS7000 is the fact that it only comes with one blade, I would have liked to see a variety of blades included with it.

Where To Buy

If you’re interested in buying the Black & Decker LPS7000 CompactSaw the it’s available in hardware stores, home goods stores and also online at Amazon.

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