Bosch ROS65VC-6 Random Orbit Sander Review

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Rear-Handle Random Orbit Sander

Last summer I had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago and visiting the headquarters of Bosch Tools. The event a great opportunity to get my hands on the latest offerings from Bosch along with picking the brains of the staff at Bosch. Several tools really impressed me at this years event including a new random orbit sander with vibration control. Bosch introduced the ROS65VC in a 5″, 6″ and dual 5″ & 6″ model. This new sander blew me away so I asked for a demo sample. Read on to hear my thoughts on this great new sander.

Features and Specifications

  • Vibration Control – Bosch-exclusive suspension system minimizes vibration for superior handling and maximum comfort.
  • Two dust collection systems – Microfilter Dust Canister with integrated paper filter and screw-off cap or vacuum hose connection with airflow control.
  • Power 3.3-Amp Sander with variable speed dial – To match speed to workpiece and task.
  • Sanding Versatility – For fast stock removal and/or a smooth, well-blended finish.
  • Integral Pad Dampening System – Helps prevent swirl marks for consistent fine finish
  • Accepts 6 in./ backing pads (6-hole) and 5 in. backing pads (8-hole).
  • High-performance Soft Microcellular Hook-&-Loop Backing Pad – Conforms to many contours.
  • Multiple Ergonomic Soft-Grip Locations – To help prevent hand fatigue.
  • Rugged Die-cast Aluminum Gear Housing with exclusive dual-bearing pad mount — Long-life design eliminates wobble and vibration
  • Trigger switch with lock-on button
  • Extra long power cord

Dust Collection

As you can see above the Bosch ROS65VC-6 includes the dust canister and a vacuum hose adapter. The dust collection canister on the ROS65VC is extremely effective and really impressed me. I’ve been using the sander to sand pine trim and shelving and it picks up a vast majority (90% or more) of the dust. As you can see below, to empty the canister you simply unscrew the back cover and pull out the paper filter.

Vibration Control

The very first time I tried the Bosch ROS65VC I was blown away at how smooth and “gentle” the sander was. For me the real test was holding this sander side by side with other similar sanders from other brands and comparing the vibration. This may not seem like a big deal but folks that use a sander for long periods of time will be grateful. By reducing the vibration on the user it will ultimately cut down on user fatigue.

Let’s face it, sanding anything really sucks and having a new sander that doesn’t vibrate your teeth out is a big deal. The lack of vibration also gives the tool more control and allowed me to use it in tighter spaces without the worry of damaging a nearby surface.

Overall Impression

The Bosch ROS65VC 6″ Random Orbit Sander with Vibration Control is an excellent large size random orbit sander. The sander does an excellent job sanding with lots of power and comfortable ergonomics. Combine that with excellent dust collection and a drastic reduction in vibration, is why I think it’s one of the best random orbit sanders on the market.

Priced a little over $200 it might seem pricey for some folks but I think it’s worth the price. This is one of those tools that you’ll buy just once if you invest in a quality sander like this one. If you’re interested in buying it you can follow this link from Amazon: Bosch ROS65VC-6 6-Inch Pad Rear-Handle Random Orbit Sander with Vibration Control.

However, I’d highly recommend you consider the ROS65VCL which includes a carrying case. That model can be purchased here.

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  1. jeff_williams says:

    I was really digging the item until you got to the price. My current ROS’s vibrate my hand to mush but the $200 could be better spent in other tool areas for me. Still looks like a great tool though. Is Bosch trying to compete with Festool?

    • Todd says:

      It is pretty pricey. However, I think it’s really one of those tools that you’d probably never replace. When it was introduced this summer at the Bosch Media Event we tested it alongside Festool and Ridgid and it outperformed both with respect to vibration. I haven’t done a side-by-side to compare performance. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it’s a REALLY nice sander….

  2. I’ve not had a real good day in my shop. It’s time to sand my panel doors for our kitchen. I used my Festool ETS150/3 random orbital sander starting out with 80 grit paper. I sanded all the door fronts then switched to 120 grit. After sanding the 3rd door I noticed tiny pigtail shaped scratches all over my door. I checked the others and they all have them! I was very careful to not use too much pressure while sanding and I had my Festool vac turned down to it’s lowest setting. I just don’t understand how this happened. I’ll now have to start all over and sand each door face by hand. Has anyone else had this problem?

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