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Grid-Tied PV Solar Systems

By Todd Fratzel on Electrical, Energy Conservation

Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Solar Systems With the continued increase in electric costs and improved solar panel technology, residential solar systems are becoming very popular. Grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems consist of solar panels, an inverter (sometimes more than one), power conditioning equipment, and a connection to the utility system (grid). By tying the solar system to the…

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Building A Paver Patio – Part 2

By Jeff Williams on Curb Appeal, Landscaping

Building A Paver Patio – Part 2 This article is Part 2 in a series describing step by step of how to build a paver patio and fire pit. I had been thinking of building this project for quite some time so when Sakrete contacted us wondering if we had any outdoor projects coming up,…

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Building a Paver Patio – Part 1

By Jeff Williams on Curb Appeal, Feature Story, Landscaping

Building A Paver Patio – Part 1 Ever since we’ve move into this house (15 months ago), we’ve wanted a fire pit and paver patio. The backyard had a generous sized deck, a playset for the kids, and some old raised garden beds but no place for a fire pit. Our last house we had…

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Teach them young: Kids and tools

By Jeff Williams on Feature Story, Safety

Teach Them Young: Kids and tools Kids and tools can strike fear into many parents. I get that, power tools can be pretty scary without proper training but there are many, many tools, hand tools, that serve as a great way for you, your kids and tools to all work together. Almost all of us…

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DIY Pallet Wood Liquor Cabinet

By Todd Fratzel on Interior Decorating

How To Build A Pallet Wood Liquor Cabinet Pallet wood is an excellent choice for making unique furniture and accessories for your home. In this article I’d like to share how to make a DIY pallet wood liquor cabinet. I built two of these recently for a home bar and the results were great. This…

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Build A Shed Series Part 3| Build The Foundation

By Jeff Williams on Design & Planning, Home Improvement, Shed

Build A Shed Series Part 3| Build The Foundation In part 1 of the Build a Shed series we covered finding out what rules and codes apply in your community, finding a good plan, and getting a permit. In part 2 of the Build a Shed series we covered utility locating, materials ordering, and finally site preparation. In…

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New DESIGNRAIL Colors: “Express Yourself By Feeney”

By Jeff Williams on Design & Planning, Product Information

New DESIGNRAIL Colors: “Express Yourself By Feeney” DESIGNRAIL Feeney DESIGNRAIL is a complete railing system for residential and light commercial spaces that make a bold statement. Sleek, modern, and functional; Feeney DESIGNRAIL is the perfect choice for contractors, designers, and homeowners who want to make a bold statement. And making a bold statement just got…

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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

By Jeff Williams on Home Improvement, Interior Decorating

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell Nine years ago I bought my first home and had all of my college buddies move in. It was awesome. We slapped a little paint on the walls and set up a big TV for sports and video games. That was the end of my project list. Then I got married.…

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