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Building A Paver Patio – Part 2

By Jeff Williams on Curb Appeal, Landscaping

Building A Paver Patio – Part 2 This article is Part 2 in a series describing step by step of how to build a paver patio and fire pit. I had been thinking of building this project for quite some time so when Sakrete contacted us wondering if we had any outdoor projects coming up,…

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Building a Paver Patio – Part 1

By Jeff Williams on Curb Appeal, Feature Story, Landscaping

Building A Paver Patio – Part 1 Ever since we’ve move into this house (15 months ago), we’ve wanted a fire pit and paver patio. The backyard had a generous sized deck, a playset for the kids, and some old raised garden beds but no place for a fire pit. Our last house we had…

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Farmers Porch On Colonial Style House

By Todd Fratzel on Curb Appeal, Decks & Porches, House Plans

Farmers Porch When I designed our new house my wife only had a couple of must haves. The biggest wish on her list was a full length farmers porch. I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t exactly sure how our large colonial style home would look with such a large porch on it. As…

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How To Install Fypon Gable Pediment Brackets

By Todd Fratzel on Curb Appeal

Custom Gable Pediments by Fypon Adorn Custom Home The difference between a house you’ve seen a million times and one that leaves a lasting architectural image in your brain can be the little things. We just finished building a gorgeous custom home with a very traditional New England farm house feel. The house features several…

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Install A Flag Pole Bracket On Vinyl Siding

By Todd Fratzel on Curb Appeal, Siding & Trim

How To Attach A Flag Pole To Vinyl Siding Attaching a flag pole bracket to vinyl siding is an easy home improvement project that will allow you to show your patriotism on your home. However, if you don’t do it correctly it’s likely you’ll damage your siding. This project can be done in just a…

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Cupolas Create Curb Appeal

By Todd Fratzel on Curb Appeal, Design

Cupolas Add Value Adding a cupola to your home or garage is a great way to create  curb appeal that is sure to get your neighbors attention. Cupolas are making a come back in the industry and it’s obvious why. This small architectural feature gives home owners many options to show off their style and…

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Vinyl Cupolas – Part 2 of Cupolas Create Curb Appeal

By Todd Fratzel on Curb Appeal, Design

My recent post on cupolas, Cupolas Create Curb Appeal, was quite popular and I’ve received quite a few questions regarding vinyl cupolas. I personally have not used a vinyl cupola but I did some research and there are quite a few manufacturers. Two of the sites that I found with vinyl cupolas are, SkyArt Studio…

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