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Ordering Walk-In Closet Materials From

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Finish Carpentry, Interior Decorating

Walk-In Closet Design-Build Project We are currently working on a walk-in closet design-build project for our master bedroom suite. The first step of the project was selecting a color pallete for the walk-in closet and painting. However, the biggest decision we needed to make was selecting a company to purchase all the closet organizer materials…

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Walk-In Closet Organizers | Design

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Design

Choosing Closet Organizers & Materials As part of our walk-in closet design-build project I’ve been researching and shopping for closet organizers and materials. Our wish list includes a cherry finished style of closet shelving, drawers and a hanging rod. It has been our experience that shopping online for these type of products can save  money.…

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Painting | Walk-In Closet

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Interior Decorating, Painting and Finishing

Walk-In Closet Color Pallete We are in the process of finishing our walk-in closet that’s part of our master bedroom suite. Our walk-in closet design-build project will include painting the room and installing wood closet organizer products. We are currently trying to evaluate which closet manufacturer we want to use but we have decided that…

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Walk-In Closet Design-Build Project

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Design & Planning, Interior Decorating

Walk In Closet Design Existing Walk-In Closet Layout We’ve decided that it’s finally time we finished our walk-in closet that’s in our master bedroom suite. One of the features that my wife really wanted in the new house was a walk-in closet in addition to our his and her reach in closets. Unfortunately, when we…

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How To Build A Bookcase

By Todd Fratzel on Cabinetry, Closets & Storage, Finish Carpentry

DIY Bookcase In this post I’ll show you how to build a simple bookcase. Bookcases can be as simple as this storage room bookcase or as elegant as a fine piece of furniture. There are many different ways to build a bookcase, this happens to be my preference typically. Bookcase Materials For this bookcase I’m…

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Plan Your Duct Work To Maximize Attic Space

By Todd Fratzel on Air Conditioning, Closets & Storage

Most houses built today use common trusses that don’t provide for attic space like older homes framed with traditional rafters. In a recent post, Creating Storage Room With Attic Trusses, I pointed out the benefit of using attic trusses to create inexpensive storage space. In order to take advantage of that newly gained space it’s…

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Basement Storage Room Is Finished

By Todd Fratzel on Basements, Closets & Storage

Basement Storage Room with Shelving Today I finished our new storage room in the basement. This storage room was needed badly so we could organize all of our stuff that has been piling up in the basement. Two of the walls have these 24 inch deep shelves spaced approximately 30 inches apart. I still plan…

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Creating Storage Room with Attic Trusses

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Design, Framing

Attic Trusses Create Attic Space An inexpensive way to create additional storage space in your new home is to use attic trusses instead of conventional “common trusses”. Most modern homes that are built today use a common truss that doesn’t really leave any usable space for storage. Older homes were framed using rafters and collar…

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