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Garage Organization Project

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Garages

Garage Organization Our new home is almost 3 years old and I’ve severely neglected the garage since we moved in. I have lots of projects planned and ideas so I finally decided this weekend that I needed to get the garage cleaned out and organized before I start anything else. One of the problems that…

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Framing A Raked Wall

By Todd Fratzel on Framing, Garages

Today I finally got a chance to work on framing the walls that will enclose the stairs to my work shop located in the attic above the garage. The walls for the stairway enclosure are more complicated than traditional framed walls. I will be framing raked walls in order for the walls to follow the…

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Sheathing Interior Garage Walls With Plywood (Updated)

By Todd Fratzel on Garages, Insulation

Sheathing the interior garage walls with plywood is a great alternative to drywall. Let’s face it, garages take some abuse and when I see drywall inside the garage I just cringe. Drywall doesn’t do well when it get’s wet, it certainly won’t do well when you slam something against it and it’s a real pain…

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