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Solar Box Window Heater

By Todd Fratzel on Energy Conservation, Green Building, Solar Power

Solar Box Heater Solar energy can be used to heat your home in several ways including this easy DIY solution. The idea here is to put solar box window heaters in south facing windows during the winter to supplement your heat needs. The beauty of a solar box window heater is you can make one…

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Should We Go Solar?

By Todd Fratzel on Solar Power

I’ve been writing about alternative energy quite a bit lately and my interest in the subject goes deeper than blog posts. The fact is the thought of paying $3 to $5 per gallon of propane to heat our domestic water and our home is really wearing on me. I can’t help but wonder where the…

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Evaluating a Domestic Solar Hot Water System

By Todd Fratzel on Energy Conservation, Solar Power

Top 5 things to evaluate when choosing a Domestic Solar Hot Water system (SDHW) With the price of energy skyrocketing, many people are looking into ways to reduce their energy use and thus expenses. Solar systems, particularly SDHW systems are an excellent way to do just that. SDHW systems are often less expensive than their…

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