Clopay CANYON RIDGE® Garage Door Review

By Todd Fratzel on Doors

Canyon Ridge® Limited Edition Series Carriage House Doors

Years ago there were very few options when it came to garage doors. You either bought a steel door that looked rather commercial or you went with a wood door that required lots of maintenance. Sure there were many different styles to choose from (especially in the wood category) but the trade off between beauty and long term maintenance seemed overwhelming. Today there are so many options that consumers find themselves confused and at a loss as to where to start when selecting a garage door.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Garage DoorsThe challenge is even greater when building high end homes that rely on beautiful wood siding products. We recently built a beautiful lake house for a customer that included gorgeous Red Cedar siding and stone masonry accents. The homeowner wanted garage doors that were equally as aesthetic yet energy efficient and easy to care for.

Door Construction

Canyon Ridge Clopay DoorThe Canyon Ridge® Limited Edition Series carriage house doors are  faux wood doors. These are steel doors, insulated with foam, and a faux wood overlay resulting in a beautiful high performance overhead door. The image to the right shows the 5-layer construction including:

  1. Faux wood composite overlay
  2. Faux wood composite cladding
  3. Steel
  4. 2″ Intellicore® insulation with thermal brea
  5. Steel
  • Replaceable vinyl bottom weather seal in rust free aluminum retainer helps protect against the elements.
  • High performance nylon ball bearing rollers help ensure smooth, long-lasting, quiet operation.
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel hinges and brackets for smooth and worry-free operation.
  • Grilles are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Patented Safe-T-Bracket® – Prevents serious injury that could occur if the bottom bracket were removed with the garage door closed and under tension.

Styles – Lots of Options

The Clopay Canyon Ridge® Limited Edition Series offers a huge selection of styles and options to create the perfect garage door for your home. This collection offers 15 different door designs, 4 different solid top section designs, and 8 different window designs. The composite overlay and cladding comes in 3 different wood grains (they can be mixed and matched as well) and 5 different color options including; White Wash, Primed, Medium Finish, Dark Finish and Walnut Finish. With all these options the combinations are almost limitless and offer homeowners the ability to match any style home.

In addition, they also offer a wide variety of decorative hardware to compliment the doors. Clopay offers 15 different handle/pulls, 6 different hinges, and 4 different lift handles.

Clopay Garage Doors

Overall Impression – Clopay Canyon Ridge Garage Doors

This is the second time I’ve installed faux wood garage doors from Clopay on a high end custom home. In both situations, the customers have been incredibly pleased and grateful to find a low maintenance garage door that’s so beautiful. The attention to detail of these doors is amazing and very different than some of the faux wood doors on the market that are steel skins painted to look like wood. The composite overlay that Clopay uses looks and feels very similar to finished wood which results in a very realistic looking door.

The bottom line is this: If you’re building or remodeling a beautiful home and you want the performance and ease of care of an insulated steel door you no longer have to compromise on the aesthetics. These are beautiful crafted doors built to last and they offer tons of design options. I’ve been incredibly impressed with them and will continue to offer them to our customers.

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