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By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

Dickies Work Clothes – Over 90 Years of Work-wear

Todd Fratzel wearing Dickies ClothingI spend lots of time and energy talking about the importance of buying quality tools and materials for the projects we do. From small home improvement projects to massive commercial jobs I believe we need to use the best tools and materials available on the market to ensure a quality job. Well the same should be said about the work-wear we rely on just like our tools. Wearing comfortable, durable clothing and work-wear helps us work more efficiently, effectively and safe.

As a Project Manager and Superintendent for a large construction company, I want my crew to look professional, I want my crew to be comfortable, and most importantly I want them to be safe. So it’s not a surprise that some of our safest employees and the ones that always seem comfortable in the worst of conditions are the ones wearing Dickies Work Clothes. Also, throughout my career in construction, I’ve tried a large variety of clothing brands with mixed comfort and a wide range of pricing. One of the Brands that I’ve had lots of success with is Dickies Work Clothes.

Dickies offers an extensive line of work-wear with more options than I’ve ever seen with a single Brand. Whether you work at home in a shop or on a jobsite with hundreds of other tradesmen they offer clothing and work-wear for a huge range of trades. Recently I had the pleasure of trying some of their work-wear at home in the wood shop and on the jobsite. Continue on if you’d like to hear my take on how Dickies stacks up to the competition.

Around The Wood Shop

One of my biggest dreams when I was a teenager was having a large wood shop later in life. The idea seemed so unreachable that I quit dreaming about it long ago in my 20’s. Well I’m happy to say I got my wish several years ago when one of my Sponsors helped equip a wonderful wood shop above my garage at home.

I spend most of my free time in the wood shop building furniture, testing tools and creating videos to teach readers how to do basic woodworking techniques. Wearing comfortable clothing in the shop makes a huge difference in my mental attitude and awareness.

Todd Fratzel wearing Dickies Shop Apron

Recently I started wearing Dickies clothing in the shop and it’s made a huge difference in how comfortable I am and also how safe I am. I often times wear a Dickies denim toolmakers apron when I’m working in the shop. The apron is great because it keeps my clothing clean from finishes and dust. It also helps keep loose clothing away from moving parts when I’m using tools like the band saw and drill press.

The apron has several pockets that are very convenient for carrying marking tools, measuring tools and even fasteners. This is obviously a garment that not many other brands would even carry. So it’s nice to see that Dickies is keeping true to the community they serve and offering specialty work-wear for guys like me.

Around The Jobsite

Dickies work clothes have been around my jobsites for as long as I can remember. Quite a few guys that work for our company wear Dickies clothing including carpenters, excavator operators and even our fleet mechanics.

Comfort is king on the jobsite and Dickies doesn’t let me down. They offer a full range of sizes including big and tall for us big guys. They offer fits for all body sizes including 8 different styles in just pants! Offering different types and weights of materials allows workers to pick clothing that meets not only their durability needs but also comfort in the sense of how hot or cool the working climate is.

Dickies Carpenter Pants

While comfort is great, durability is also a key consideration for work-wear. Dickies offers features like triple stitching and double layer knees so you can get the most out of your work clothes. The material used for their work-wear is heavy duty and selected specifically for the wear and tear it will see for the anticipated workforce.

Brand Loyalty

When I asked the guys at work why they wear Dickies the answer was fairly consistent, the guys love the comfort combined with very affordable pricing. Many of the guys tell me they’ve been wearing Dickies for 30+ years, comparing the quality to other similar brands but at a much lower price. Comfort was another overwhelming reason some of the men on the crew have worn this brand for a decade or more.

Final Thoughts

I certainly echo their feelings when I say Dickies clothing is very comfortable. Dickies clearly makes clothing specific to working men and women’s needs. They offer such a huge selection of pants, shirts, shorts, accessory items, and much more all focused on the worker. So no matter what your trade, it’s very likely Dickies makes clothing that is not only comfortable but also compliments and supports your job.

And when you compare the low cost and durability it’s not surprising why the Dickies Brand has been so popular for all these years. If you’d like to order some or check out all the different styles they offer then I suggest that you check out their page HERE.


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