Craftsman 12 Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool Product Review

By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

Craftsman 12-Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool

Craftsman 12 Volt NEXTEC Multi-ToolCraftsman sent me their latest tool from the NEXTEC family, the Craftsman 12-Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool, to test out and review. Many manufacturers are now producing multi-tools similar to this tool. The most notable would be the Fein Multimaster which supplies unlimited power because it’s an electric plug in version and it comes with a hefty $400 price tag. The new Craftsman 12-Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool is available for around $100 and it’s cordless!

NEXTEC Multi-Tool Features

The Craftsman 12-Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool comes in a handy carrying case along with a 30 minute quick charger and six attachments. The Multi-Tool is powered by a 12-volt Lithium-Ion battery. Some of the key features of this tool are:

  • 15000 OPM/ 2.8 oscillation angle
  • LED work light
  • Soft-grip Handle
  • Compact Ergonomic design
  • Integrated dust bypass with vacuum adapter
  • Powered by 12 Volt Lithium-Ion battery
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs with battery

Product Evaluation & Thoughts

Craftsman 12 Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool with cutterThe Craftsman 12-Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool performed very well when using it the way it’s meant to be used. This tool is not a replacement for the heavy-duty plug in versions like the Fein Multimaster. However, it is a great cordless version that will work very well in light applications where the price point makes the Craftsman Multi-Tool shine!


I tried out each of the tool accessories including: cutting blades, grinding blades, scraping and sanding discs. I used the square cutting blade (shown above on the tool) to make some door mortises deeper on a commercial project at work. The multi-tool worked great for that task and it also worked very well for sanding an area of my deck that I couldn’t reach with the belt sander. Each of the accessories can be mounted at different angles to help in tight spots.

Final Thoughts

I think the Craftsman 12-Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool is a great tool for it’s price. If you’re looking for a versatile multi-tool for small projects around then house then I recommend this one. If you’re looking to do larger projects that require more power then you really should pay more money for one of the larger corded models like the Fein Multimaster.

There were two things that I wasn’t crazy about. First of all if you use the tool for several minutes you’ll quickly feel the handle/battery compartment get extremely hot. I think the 12-volt battery is being pushed to it’s limit in this application. Also, the battery won’t last really long if you’re doing a task that requires aggressive cutting or sanding.

Those two minor comments don’t change the fact that I like this tool. I have no doubt that it will come in quite handy around the shop and house. For $100 I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value in a cordless multi-tool.

Where To Buy Craftsman NEXTEC Multi-Tool

You can buy the Craftsman NEXTEC Multi-Tool at Sears or Amazon. If you’d like to buy it online check out the following links:

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  1. Lee says:

    Used the tool to cut a style out of a cabinet and the battery keep overheating. i am returning the tool not worth wasting $100 when you can get a fein starter multimaster tool for $209.00 and can do alot more work and better quality.

  2. Ron says:

    tried using the sanding attachment…. the hooks on the pad seemed to wear out the sanding disk (paper with cloth backing)… before the sanding surface wears out…. had to keep replacing it every 10 minutes or so… am going to return it…. when it was working correctly it was fine… but why keep buying sanding papers only to have the backs wear out….

  3. Luke says:

    I dont get it, I am in the USA so cant check it but from what I understand Li-ion only comes in 3.6V multiples thus it must be a 10.8V set not 12V is this an outright marketing lie or are they using a DC-Dc convernter to lift the voltage to 12V for the motor. Just want to know whats actually hapening. If sombody could put a mulit meter on the batter and let us all know that would be great.

    • Todd says:

      Luke – I really can’t comment on this issue as I’m not an expert in batteries. However, I know many manufacturers use terms like 12 volt max at start up without load. I think we’re really splitting hairs.

  4. RD says:

    DO NOT BUY!!!! This thing is a POS. I’ve had this “tool” for over three months and am extremely reluctant to use it because it just takes so long to do what you want. I will use any other tool to try and get a job done even though this should be the perfect tool for the job. Let me just say that the entire problem rests with the design. Specifically, the way the attachment is engaged by the tool. It uses an allen socket screw to “keep” the attachment tied to the tool. Unfortunately, the way the tool works is by high speed oscillation. What happens is that after about 30-45 seconds the screw vibrates so much that it unscrews making the attachment useless. Just try plunge cutting a 2X4 and you’ll notice that pretty soon the blade is no longer cutting but just vibrating like crazy and eventually the screw will separate from the tool. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!! Go with the Fein. From what I’ve seen the attachment is connected using a hinge-style mechanism.

  5. RC says:

    I have owned this tool now for a year and I must say this has been the tool I go to for any small jobs around the house. I have done a lot of renovations this past year and this tool has been used extensively for sanding, cutting and scraping. I use this also for my Rocketry hobby. I think it is great. If you push the tool it does tend to get hot but this is THE only complaint. You have to remember this is designed for the smaller jobs. The amount of work this tool has done in the past year is impressive for a cordless 12V tool.

  6. Rob says:

    I have used many different brands of multi tools. I have done several drywall jobs and small tile jobs using both the craftsman and Bosch, the craftsman is good for the money and can handle more than you think! It is smart to get the extended warranty!!! I like it but if you have $300 laying around the Bosch is better.

  7. richard says:

    I have found this tool extremely useful, in fact, I have worm out several sets of wood cuttging blades. It is great for removing old caulk and paint ridges. Cuts sheet rock and plaster with little mess and has good control to cut holes in walls of the same. It is great for cutting pvc & cpvc pipe. I have even used it to trim 2x4s and other boards in a tight area of a remodel. The problems are the battery vibrates loose of the handle, has minimum run-time {solved by having a second battery}, and the bolt holding the blade loosened during operation and the hex socket easily rounded. The third bolt I ordered from Sears was redesigned and seems to have eliminated the problem. I received this tool as a gift or otherwise may have never tried it. I have been amazed at it’s usefulness.

  8. Erin Collins says:

    Love this tool. Very good for light “around the house” types of applications. I’m refinishing my wood floors and this was perfect for getting into the corners. Granted, I had to recharge it every 30 minutes or so because I had it set up to 6. I had the same problems (that others have noted) with the triangle sanding pads that came with the tool, but other commercially available sanding pads stuck just fine. I would like to have had a second battery but the battery does charge fast. Not recommended to heavy duty work.

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