Craftsman Accutrac Laser Measuring Tool Review

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

Craftsman Accutrac Laser Measuring Tool

Craftsman recently introduced the Craftsman Accurtrac Laser Measuring Tool. They recently sent us this new tool to test and evaluate.

Laser Measuring Tools have revolutionized the way many contractors estimate and bid work. For me personally I can’t do my daily job without one of these tools. The days of dragging along a tape measure and asking clients to help hold the end are long gone. Today contractors and estimators can prepare quicker more accurate bids by using one of these impressive tools.

About the Accutrac by Craftsman

The Craftsman® Accutrac® Laser Measuring Tool is like having an assistant and more. This easy-to-operate, pocket calculator measures distances up to 100 ft.

  • With +/- accuracy of 1/8 in. The icon labeled unit button convert measurements to decimal feet, feet/inches, decimal inches, inches, meters and millimeters.
  • There’s even a flip-out extension pin for measuring from inside corners.
  • The tool’s read button activates the laser and begins the measurement, while pressing the mode button calculates length, area, volume and 2 or 3 point Pythagorean measurements.
  • Add a large. hi-vis, backlit LCD screen and this measuring tool handles the grunt work.
  • It comes in handy when sizing up a room for buying paint, wallpaper, carpet, flooring, trim, window treatments, fencing and more.
  • The tool is powered by 2 AA batteries (sold separately).
  • The measuring tool has an impact-resistance resin shell with a rubber over-mold grip for secure and comfortable handling.

Our Thoughts

The Accutrac comes with all the features you’d expect from a laser measuring tool. The ability to measure distances from the base of the tool, top of the tool and also mounted to a survey tri-pod are all essential features. The Accutrac also include functions for calculating areas, volumes and even diagonals.

The controls are easy to understand and use. The graphic images on the buttons are self explanatory even for beginners.

The Accutrac consistently measured distances to within plus of minus 1/8 inch on numerous trials. Frankly most of the time that I’m doing estimating work the measurements are in feet and occasionally inches and seldom fractions of an inch.

If I had to point out two small items for improvement they would be:

  • The flip-out extension pin is made of plastic and sure to break. Other similar models include metal pins that are far more durable.
  • The Accutrac does not come with a carrying case. I would prefer it if they shipped this tool with a carrying case that can be secured to your belt.

Final Thoughts

The Accutrac by Craftsman performs very well with accurate, quick measurements with the simple press of a button. Priced just under $100 the Accutrac is a good value and worth a look if you’re in the market for a laser measuring tool.

It can be purchased at Sears and

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