Craftsman Scrolling Reciprocating Saw Review

By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews, Tools & Products

Scrolling Reciprocating Saw – Model No. 320.27224

Craftsman has just introduced a reciprocating saw with a unique new “Scrolling” feature. The all new Craftsman Scrolling Reciprocating Saw is a 12-amp professional grade saw that has a great feature that allows users to easily cut scrolling cuts similar to a jig saw. The folks at Craftsman sent us this new saw to test and show off to all our readers.

Product Features

  • Powerful 12-Amp, variable speed motor (0 to 2,700 SPM)
  • Tool-less Blade Change System
  • Pivot Shoe and Tool-less Shoe Adjustment
  • Orbital Blade Action Option
  • Unique Scrolling Function Allows 360° Rotation Of Blade
  • Blade Stroke = 1-1/8 Inch
  • Duffel Style Carrying Bag

Product Review

We were a bit skeptical about this “New Scrolling” type reciprocating saw for two reason; the new “scrolling” feature seemed odd, and we typically don’t associate Craftsman tools with a professional grade. Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised with the new Craftsman Scrolling Reciprocating Saw.

We were very impressed with this saws power and rugged construction. The residential and commercial construction crews that we work with are very hard on tools and we’ve got tons of experience identifying tools that won’t make the grade. This new saw has a really tough outer casing and a nice heavy build that just “feels right” for professional use.

The new “scrolling” feature is really cool and surprised us. The reality is when you’re doing demo work (which is 95% of the uses for a reciprocating saw) there are all kinds of situations that require non-straight, curved cuts. Whether you’re cutting a hole in drywall or trying to notch a floor joist this cool new feature is great!

If you look at the adjacent photo you can see that the lower portion of the saw actually rotates 360° while you continue to cut making it very easy to cut smooth radius’s. Obviously this is not a tool to replace a jig saw if you need to make a very precise curved cut because it’s hard to see the blade while operating the saw.

Overall Impression

The bottom line is this reciprocating saw has all the features that are standard in the industry today like quick change blades, adjustable shoes, variable speed motors and a comfortable D style grip. What set’s this cool new tool apart is the “Scrolling” feature which we really liked. Priced around $100 this new reciprocating saw is sure to make an impact throughout the construction industry.

Where To Buy

If you want to own this new saw then it’s as easy as visiting your local Sear’s store or following the next link to  Sear’s online store:

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