Creating a Nursery for Twins

By Todd Fratzel on Design & Planning

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Nursery for Twins

Congratulations – you’re expecting twins! That’s two little bundles of gurgling, screaming and wriggling joy; twice the fun, twice the sleep deprivation, twice the decisions to make when it comes to decorating their nursery…

It might come as a surprise to find that you won’t necessarily just need everything, times two. There are some things you won’t have to double up on: many parents of twins keep them in one large cot, rather than two, often with a separator to keep them apart, and you’ll only need one baby monitor, one extra-big pram and one big comfy chair for feeding on. You won’t need double the space – though you may want make room for a second washing machine.

You may know what you need, but it’s how it’s put together that makes or breaks a room. That’s why Argos is here with some suggestions of great (inexpensive) themes which would work for your team of tiny tots – whether they’re both boys, both girls or one of each.

As it happens, trends in nurseries are moving away from the pink-for-a-little-lady and blue-for-a-mini-male tropes: themes are moving towards colour palettes which are much more exciting for parents, and much more relaxing for their children than the garish pinks and blues of yore. Which means there are loads of options out there for a unisex nursery that’ll have them cooing with pleasure:

1.       Bright and modern

Dots, spots, zig-zags and stripes: bold patterns in bold colours aren’t just for grown-ups. Fun, bright curtains (fully lined, of course) will pop against cream walls, while bright wooden toys and story books on plain shelves will create a stimulating play environment for little minds.

Too much colour and too much white can be a bit overwhelming for sleepy babies, so keep the colours in the corner where their crib is quieter – why not have your room fade into pastel shades?

2.       Night night

Darker colours aren’t usually associated with baby rooms, but dark blue, slate or dove grey walls are both calming for babies and pleasingly modern and minimalist for mum and dad. Paint stars and a moon on the ceiling and have cream and grey details to accent shelves and furniture, or use turquoises, reds and yellows to brighten the feel of the room; they work especially well with paler greys and blues.

3.       Jungle fun

You might not like the extreme-lux of the nursery Mariah Carey built for her baby duo, Moroccan and Monroe – but there’s much to get inspiration from. The fraternal twins are boy and girl, so Mariah went for a green and cream theme accented with pale pinks and blues around the baby’s cribs.

But what we’re interested in is the giant giraffe that dominates one corner (see here). The calming olive shades are the perfect backdrop for an exotic-themed nursery, complete with cuddly lions, perhaps a plant pot or two (far away from babies’ reach, of course) and a fun wall decal or mural of a clambering monkey and climbing vine.

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