DAP 3.0 Advanced Sealants

By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

DAP Caulking

I’ve been a fan of DAP caulking for many years. Whether it’s sealing around windows and doors or creating a seal between the tub and wall surround I’ve always had great results with their products. With the current environmental push for lower VOC’s and the increasing popularity of DIY projects the folks at DAP have released a new line of Advanced Sealants called the DAP 3.0 line.

DAP 3.0 Sealants

DAP 3-0 Advanced SealantsDAP recently introduced a new line of sealants that’s low in VOC’s and waterproof in just 3 hours! The all new DAP 3.0 Advanced Sealants line was developed for the DIY’er and Contractor to help save time and money.

DAP® 3.0™ Advanced Sealants are formulated with Kwik Dry® Technology that allows users to caulk and expose the bead to water after just three hours without washing out. The minimal dry time greatly reduces the risk of wash-out from premature water exposure, so both DIYers and professionals alike can save time and money by finishing the job faster and reducing the chance for errors.

For outdoor applications, this also means not having to wait for ideal weather conditions to begin or complete a project. DAP® 3.0™ Advanced Sealants can be applied in extreme weather and temperature ranges (-35°F to 140°F). DAP® 3.0™ Advanced Sealants are also completely paintable which means you get a great water proof sealant that’s easy to paint (unlike silicon sealants).

The DAP® 3.0™ Advanced Sealants line includes:

  • DAP® 3.0™ Advanced All-Purpose Sealant
  • DAP® 3.0™ Advanced Kitchen & Bath Adhesive Caulk
  • DAP® 3.0™ Advanced Self-Leveling Concrete Sealant
  • DAP® 3.0™ Advanced Gutter & Flash Sealant
  • DAP® 3.0™ Advanced Blacktop & Roof Sealant

DIY Projects Using DAP 3.0

With all these new DAP 3.0 products you’re bound to find one that fits almost any DIY project. I regularly use DAP sealants and I recommend that you do as well. Their products are perfect for:

  • Sealing windows and doors.
  • Air sealing around framing members and penetrations.
  • Sealing around toilets, faucets, tubs, showers and other kitchen and bath appliances.
  • Sealing cracks in concrete walks, garage floors, and foundations.
  • Sealing leaky gutters and flashing.
  • Sealing your ashpalt driveway cracks and asphalt roof penetrations.

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  1. Baba says:

    The new line is great news for those with Alergies.

  2. SkiierGuy says:

    Only if You Can Run a Perfect Line Out of the Gun

    Although it may have great quick weatherproofing capabilities, it’s very tough to work with if you can’t lay a perfect line right out of the gun. For years I’ve used standard painter’s caulk, usually utilizing the “wet finger” technique for smoothing. It’s done well for me. This stuff is like soft sticky stringy marshmallow. It sticks to anything you may try to use – fingers, caulk smoothing tools, whatever. Unless I’m totally pressed by the weather, I’m staying with painter’s caulk. For those who can lay a perfect line: this is probably a great product for you.

  3. KVinCO says:

    Just want to add that SkiierGuy is dead on. This is very sticky stuff and hard to manage once its applied. If you dont lay a perfect line prepare for battle.

  4. Alden says:

    Total junk, what a mess. Ruined my shower.

  5. mike says:

    Recommended to me by salesman, what a flip’n mess! don’t waste your money.

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