Delta 3HP Dust Collector Review – Model 50-763

By Todd Fratzel on Dust Collection, Product Reviews

3 HP Motor Dust Collector Produces 2700 CFM

Dust collection is not only important for our health but it also helps keep our shops clean! A great dust collection set-up can drastically improve the air quality and neatness of any shop and make it a great place to work in.

One the most biggest design features for my new woodshop is the dust collection system. I wanted a system that would focus on several key issues including:

  • Sufficient Power
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

To make matters even more complicated I have my woodshop on the 2nd floor above my garage. To save space I’ve located both the dust collector and the air compressor in the garage. This obviously placed some pretty serious design implications on my new shop.

That’s where my Delta Model 50-763 3HP Dust Collector comes into the picture. Based on my shop layout, the number of shop tools I’ll be using, and recommendations from Delta I settled on their 3HP model.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Standard 1 micron filtration bags keep your shop safer and cleaner
  • Powerful TEFC induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance with protection from damaging dust
  • Snap-in bag rings are faster, easier and eliminate the need for cam-over-lock style clamps
  • 6 mil plastic chip collection bags show you when the bags need emptying
  • Sturdy steel base with four easy-gliding wheels for moving from machine to machine or for storing out of the way
  • Motor: 3 HP, 3,450 rpm, 230V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz Max CFM: 2700 CFM
  • Max Static Pressure: 10.5 (inches of water)
  • Impeller Diameter: 13″
  • Filter Bag Area: 57.2 sq ft, 5.3 sq m
  • Standard Bag Filtration: 1 Micron
  • Chip Bag Area: 7.6 cu ft, 218 L
  • Length: 66″
  • Width: 23″
  • Height: 110″
  • Weight: 186 lbs

Setup and Assembly

The Delta 50-763 is a big piece of shop machinery which takes time to assemble and set up. If you look closely at the dust collector it might look upside down. That’s because I opted to rotate the motor/fan housing so the intake pipe was pointing up (up to the 2nd floor shop!). It took myself and a helper (this is NOT a one man job) about an hour to completely assemble the dust collector and have it ready for power.

The directions were easy to understand and the diagrams were clear and very helpful.

I used the assistance of an electrician for my electrical connections. I also modified the standard electrical connections in order to set up a custom switching system that allows me to turn on and off the duct collector from multiple locations in my shop on the 2nd floor. If you’d like to learn more about this ready my article: How To Remotely Switch A Dust Collector.

NOTE: Be sure you follow all local building/electrical codes and use a qualified electrician. This could save you from a dangerous injury, prevent damage to your new dust collector or even protect your home from a dangerous electrical fire.

Quality Construction & Materials

Delta has always impressed me with the quality of their tools and machinery. The 50-763 is no exception. It’s built of quality steel parts, heavy duty casters, a durable powder coat finish and a really heavy duty motor. Once assembled this thing is truly bullet proof and top notch quality.

The TEFC induction motor (totally enclosed fan cooled) is big, heavy, and built to last. It has cooling fins for long term durability and this type of motor is completely sealed to keep out dust and debris. Providing 3 HP the motor provides incredible power and suction while moving 2,700 cubic feet per minute!

Ductwork and Accessories

I’m not going to cover ductwork and accessories in this review. Please check out our dust collection page for additional information. I’ll be writing articles on each feature of the dust collection system so check back often for the latest information.

The 50-763 comes standard with a fitting on the blower housing for four – 4″ diameter hoses. The standard fitting can be removed if you want to install a single large hose as I have (I am using a 6″ trunk line up to the shop). You’ll need a reducer in order to change the housing from roughly 7-3/4″ diameter to whatever size you’ll need.

If I had to change one thing about this dust collector this would be it. For me, a 3HP dust collector is large enough that it’s likely going to be connected to a main trunk line which then branches off to different pieces of equipment. Because of that I had to have a custom reducer fabricated to go from the 7-3/4″ diameter to my standard 6″ trunk line. I’d like to see Delta either change the size on the housing to a standard pipe size or offer a reducer as an accessory.


In dust collection the name of the game is performance. You can have the best laid out shop with amazing shop tools but things won’t be all that great if the dust collection system can’t move all that dust you’re generating.

The Delta 50-763 not only keeps up with any one shop machine it’s more than capable of keeping up with 2 and probably 3 of my shop tools at once. Currently my shop is set up so that the table saw always has the dust port open. So when I cut material at the miter saw or use my router I have two ports open (table saw plus one). Even with two gates open the 50-763 has no problem keeping up with any and all dust that I create.

The dust collector is so powerful I have to be careful not to drop small pieces of wood in front of the ports or the thing will suck them away. Not only will I lose a work piece but I could also damage the fins on the dust collector from the impacts.

Fine Dust Performance

Not only does the 50-763 suck away all my large sawdust and wood chips but it also does an amazing job filtering out the small dust particles. The unit has two upper filter bags that filter out particles down to 1 micron in size! The filters work so well that I have yet to find any dust on vehicles or other items down in the garage where the dust collector is housed.

Chip Collection Bags

I really like the clear chip/dust collection bags. Having clear bags is so much nicer than cloth bags for a couple  reasons. First of all I can actually see how full the bags are. Secondly, I don’t have to empty the bag into another container and worry about dust drifting away all over the place. The clear plastic bags are disposable so when they are full you just tie them up and dispose of the chips.

Video Demonstration and Setup

Final Thoughts

The Delta 50-763, 3HP Dust Collector is a very well built, powerful collector that’s more than capable of handling many different medium to large wood shops. If you’re looking for a medium to large size dust collector with 1 micron dust capabilities then this is a great choice. Priced around $1,100 to $1,300 it’s a very good value for a 3HP dust collector and the quality is exceptional.

If you’d like to buy the Delta 50-763 then check out the pricing here: DELTA 50-763 3 Horsepower 4 Bag 2,700 CFM Dust Collector


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