DeWALT Precision Trim Saw Blades Review

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Precision Trim Saw Blades

DeWALT 80 Tooth Precision Trim BladeDeWALT has recently introduced a new line of precision trim saw blades for miter and table saws. According to the manufacturer, they are ideal for high-end trim work including moldings, staircases, cabinets, windows, flooring, hand railings, and additional crosscutting and ripping applications in premium materials. The precision trim line includes 8 ½”, 10” and 12” saw blades, all of which come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Design Features

DeWALT has obviously invested some time and money into designing these new Precision Trim saw blades. Some of the these features include:

  • Laser Cut Expansion and Body Slots – The laser cut slots help reduce harmonic vibration and blade flex resulting in more accurate cuts.
  • CNC Ground Teeth – CNC grinding creates ultra-sharp teeth and optimized grind angles resulting in cleaner cuts and reduced tear out problems.
  • Tough Coat – The blades are coated with the Tough Coat anti-stick coating that helps prevent friction, heat and load on tools.

Precision Trim Saw Blade Review

DeWALT Precision Trim Saw Blade ReviewWe tested three of the new Precision Trim saw blades including; 80 Tooth 10″ Ultra-Fine Finish DW3218PT, 60 Tooth 10″ Smooth Crosscutting DW3215PT, and the 50 Tooth Combination DW7150PT.

We tested the Ultra-Fine Finish and the Smooth Crosscutting blades on a sliding compound miter saw and we tested the Combination blade in our Contractor tablesaw. We used some birch cabinet molding for our tests on the miter saw and some MDO plywood on the table saw.


Birch Cabinet Molding Cut with DeWALT Precision Trim BladeOne of the biggest tests for precision saw blades is cutting hardwood moldings. We made several miter cuts on some pre-finished birch moldings with very nice results. The extremely sharp teeth make very precise crisp cuts to the face of the moulings. Even at steep miter angles we were very pleased with the face of the cuts.

Cuts with Less Force

One of the things we noticed was how easy these blades cut. The manufacturer points out several features that should reduced the required force necessary to cut and we think they are on to something. It’s hard to tell which features truly account for this but it’s certainly a benefit.


Birch Cabinet Moulding Cut with DeWALT Precision Trim BladeWe were very happy the tear-out (or lack of) results.  Cutting pre-finished cabinetry moldings is always a challenge. The leading edge is never a problem but the back edges are always prone to tear-out. We didn’t get any tear-out on any of the trim or MDO that we cut using these blades. This is most definitely attributed to the CNC ground teeth that have a 4 degree face shear grind.

Overall Impression

The new line of DeWALT Precision Trim saw blades is great for carpenters that work on finish work and need to rely on a well built affordable precision blade. These blades offer all the features of some of the new high end finish blades that are on the market at a substantially lower price point. The blades are accurate and have large C4 Carbide teeth that can be sharpened several times for long life.

If we had to offer one bit of criticism it would be the smoothness of the cut below the face through the wood thickness. If you notice in the photo above the cut did have some roughness along the circular blades path. However, this is just a small criticism and our overall impression was very favorable.

If you’re looking for a quality finish saw blade at a very reasonable price then we think you should consider the new DeWALT Precision Trim saw blades.

Where To Buy Precision Trim Blades

The new DeWALT Precision Trim Saw Blades are now available across the Country at the Big Box stores, hardware stores and lumber yards. If you’re interested in purchases one of these new blades online you can pick up on of the blades we tested at the following links:

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  1. Too many times have I seen carpenters using 24 tooth blades to do trim work! I personally like the DeWalt saw blades and use them regularly…

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