DEWALT Worksite Charger / Radio Review (DC012)

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

DEWALT® Worksite Charger / Radio (DC012)

DEWALT Job RadioDEWALT recently sent us their all new Worksite Charger / Radio Model DC012 to test and review. If you spend anytime on a worksite like I do you know that radios are standard equipment for every contractor from carpenters to plumbers and electricians. Worksite radios seem to be a mandatory tool for everyone so we were excited to check out DEWALT’S latest offering.

Key Features

  • Multi-chemistry charger will charge both NiCd and Li-Ion battery packs.
  • Charges any DEWALT 7.2 to 18-volt Ni-Cd or Li-Ion battery (excluding Univolt®).
  • 4” HD weather resistant speakers, bass ports and a bass boost.
  • Digital tuning feature offers end users better reception, and pre-set memory buttons allow users to program their favorite stations for quick access.
  • Three AC outlets and an auxiliary input and iPod nest offer maximum versatility.
  • Heavy-duty roll cage protects the unit from damage related to jobsite abuse.

Our Thoughts

Over the years we’ve seen and used numerous jobsite radios which gives us quite a bit to compare to.


Right out of the box the radio feels light and well built. I was very happy to see the heavy duty electrical cord. That’s a good thing because worksite radios get some serious abuse! The role cage seems adequate to prevent most damage from sitting in water to have materials dropped against it.


The new multi-chemistry charger is great. Being able to charge any of our NiCd and Li-Ion batteries is perfect. We’ll no longer need to bring along additional chargers to keep everyone running.

Batteries simply plug into the back of the radio (as shown in the adjacent photo). While the battery is charging a large red light flashes on the front so it’s easy to know if the battery is still charging.

In addition to charging batteries the radio can actually run off a battery pack if you’re at a location without power.

Sound Quality

I was really impressed with the sound quality and deep sounding bass. It’s not like sound quality is a huge deal but having a really good sounding radio can sure help pass the day even better. The worksite radio also has an auxiliary input that allows an IPod to be connected for some extra versatility.

Radio Reception

The radio reception was good and the digital tuner was a nice feature. The radio comes with a soft antenna to help prevent damage on the jobsite. The antenna did a good job picking up a large selection of stations in our area which my previous radio struggled with.

Overall Impression

The DEWALT DC012 Worksite Charger / Radio is perfect for any contractor or handyman that wants great music and a convenient way to charge their DEWALT battery packs. The DC012 delivers good quality sound from a sturdy, well built radio. If you want a good radio with the ability to charge your battery packs then this one is great. It retails for around $170 and should be available at most hardware stores and even online at the following links:

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  1. jeff_williams says:

    Does this one have the battery drain issues like the last one did? If you leave a charged battery in it over the weekend (with the radio off), it will be dead by Monday sometime.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Todd- Were you able to test the battery discharge issue? I’m also curious if DeWalt fixed this on the DC012 before deciding whether to replace my old DW911 radio charger (it will leave my battery charged for weeks while unplugged.) Thanks!

  3. Lamar says:

    I have one 2 years old. The battery charges, but the radio won’t come on.

    Any suggestions?

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