Dremel 8300 Multi-Max Cordless Review

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

Dremel 8300 Variable-Speed Cordless Multi-Max Oscillating Tool

The folks at Dremel have released a cordless version of the popular Multi-Max. The new Dremel 8300 Variable-Speed Cordless Multi-Max Oscillating Tool is powered by 12VMAX Lithium-ion battery technology. The Multi-Max is another multi-tool modeled after the all popular Fein Multi-Master. They recently sent us the new Dremel Multi-Max to evaluate and share our thoughts with all of you.

Multi-Max Cordless Features

  • Variable speed from 3,000 to 21,000 opm provides maximum control and precision
  • High-performance motor for maximum performance at all speeds
  • Separate on/off switch – maintains speed setting after tool is shut off
  • Quick Fit™ feature – for faster accessory change
  • Soft-start and electric brake for smooth operation and safe stop
  • Battery fuel gauge lets you know when it’s time to recharge
  • High-capacity 12V MAX Lithium-ion battery for longer run times
  • Two-year warranty
  • Oscillating Angle L / R 1.5 °
  • Speed Variable (3,000 – 21,000 OPM)
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Weight (lbs.) 1.8

Our Review

We are huge fans of multi-tools like the Dremel Multi-Max. Frankly this is a tool I recommend everyone own from homeowners and DIY’ers to full time contractors. Needless to say I was really excited to give the Multi-Max a test and see how it ranks compared to the competition.

  • Power – This little cordless tool packs some surprising power for a small cordless tool. The 12 volt lithium battery pack is the key to it’s success. We tested the Multi-Max cutting plywood and sheet metal. In both situations the tool effortlessly cut it’s way through.
  • Battery Packs – Glad to see Dremel included two battery packs. When it comes to 12 volt tools this is a must have in my opinion. The batteries charge quickly and hold a really good charge.
  • Case – One small thing I’d like to see improved on Dremel tools are the cases. The “hollow” blow mold cases have too many openings in them that are easy for the accessories to get lost in. I really wish they would develop a case that would securely hold all the bits, blades and accessories more securely.
  • Accessories – Dremel offers a great assortment of accessories for the Multi-Max including cutting blades, scraping blades, sanding, grinding, grout removal and even an adapter to allow other brand accessories to be used.
  • Variable Speed – The variable speed control is an absolute necessary feature for this type of tool. It works well and is easy to adjust.

Final Thoughts

Out of all the cordless multi-tools that I’ve tested I would rank this one at the top of the list. The Multi-Max seems to be very well balanced between power, speed and the accessories. The Multi-Max cordless tool performs so well that it closely matches the performance of several of my corded multi tools.

Cordless multi tools are great for so many projects. When we’re doing exterior repair work on siding and roof trim the cordless versions are so much easier to use up on  ladder. If you don’t own a multi tool then I’d recommend you give this one a shot.

Where To Buy

Buy at Amazon for $149.23 with FREE Shipping: Dremel 8300-01 12-Volt Cordless Multi-Max Oscillating Kit

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  1. Glad to see a cordless entrant into the multi tool mix. I’ve enjoyed using the corded version of the Dremel on a few projects this year, as well as one of its competitors, the Rockwell Sonicrafter. I think the Sonicrafter has a slightly sturdier feel, but it comes with a slightly higher pricetag too (at least for the corded version). The Rockwell folks opted for the tool bag instead of the mold, and included a small case for the accessories. I like bags better than molds personally, but I think Rockwell could improve too, by including a few built-in pouches for tools and whatnot. I also think both tools could use a keyless blade changeout mechanism, which I hear comes standard on the Fein Multimaster (believe they probably still have a patent on that part…)

    • Todd says:

      Fred – Dremel definitely did a good job on the cordless version. I actually prefer hard cases as they are easier to stack on shelving but it would be nice to have a nice way of organizing and storing the accessories in the case.

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