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Walk-In Closet Design Project

walk-in closet by easyclosets

We just finished a walk-in closet design project at our home and we used EasyClosets products. The project included painting our walk-in closet and installing custom closet shelving and accessories. We started this project with a budget of $2,500 and ended up spending just over $2,400.


While I was researching custom closet supply companies I found a really great site called EasyClosets.com. EasyClosets really impressed me with their online design software that allowed me to design a custom walk-in closet that conformed to our unique closet geometry. In this article I’d like to discuss our overall thoughts about EasyClosets and our walk-in closet experience.

EasyClosets Design ImageEasyClosets Design

As I previously stated the design software capability was something that really impressed me. I tried out several different sites for designing a custom walk-in closet and I found the EasyClosets site to be the easiest of them to use. Our walk-in closet design was much easier to refine thanks to the great graphical user interface that they use and easy to understand images like the one shown here. Their design program allows you to easily change the wood colors, drawer types and other features with the click of a button.

Placing Orders

Placing orders with EasyClosets is very easy. They allow you design your own closet or you can fax, email or mail them dimensions and they can design the closet for you. Once you submit a design they review it and offer suggestions before you place the order. I was quite impressed with this step especially considering they gave me some great advice to make our new closet more functional. After they review the design someone emails a proposal with the estimated costs.

I was very impressed with the completeness of the whole ordering process. Once the order is placed your new closet materials are shipped the next day! The bonus is they offer free shipping on products shipped in the continental United States.

Shipping & Packaging

Once the order was placed I received a shipping confirmation with a UPS tracking number. Our order arrived in 2 days with absolutely no damage. I was very impressed with the quality of the packaging that they use and how efficiently they pack materials for shipping.

install toe kick Assembly & Directions

Let’s face it a great product is only if you can easily put it together and understand the directions. Assembling the closet materials was very easy to do and only requires basic home improvement skills. The assembly directions are very clear, concise and easy to follow. The directions include lots of diagrams that make the assembly easy to understand.

For our closet I used basic tools with the exception of the table saw that I used to rip down the width of the hutch cam shelf (however, that could have been accomplished with a circular saw). You could actually remove the baseboard behind the cam shelf as an alternate if you’re not comfortable ripping the cam shelf down. The tools that I used for this project included:

  • Cordless Drill
  • 6′ Builder’s Level
  • Sliding Miter Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer
  • Screw Driver

Product Quality

My overall impression of the material quality is very good. At first I was a bit skeptical about using Melamine laminates but I was assured that the materials were of a high quality. So far we’ve been very impressed with the look and feel of these materials. In fact, everyone that’s seen our new closet doesn’t even realize the materials are not solid wood. All of the materials arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend these products to family, friends and even my customers.

EasyClosets Review

My final review is fairly easy to write because I’ve been so happy with our whole experience. I’d definitely recommend their products to anyone looking for custom closet products. Furthermore, I would buy this stuff again in a heartbeat. Lately I’ve had some bad experiences with online companies and it’s finally nice to have a fantastic experience so hence the post. Keep up the good work EasyClosets!

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  1. Matt says:

    I just installed a closet yesterday that I received from easyclosets.com. I wanted to try to find a place to post a comment online so I guess this is as good as any. In any case, I will echo exactly what you said. Great company to deal with, great prices, quality, ease of installation.

    • DM Deluka says:

      General reply to all the easy closet comments (I don’t know if this website is owned by Easy Closets or not): I understand the ease of assembly and the great online design tool; but
      for customers that have a cost conscientious budget I found you can purchase the materials at the big box stores for 1/2 to 2/3 the custom design and can assemble with the same level of skill. Use your creative skills to combine wire type shelving systems with laminate shelves &/or plywood or solid wood materials.

      More power to you if the excellent easy closets work for you and justify the cost.
      Most Handymen could install this and purchase materials for less and anyone can
      use the online design tool. Hope this is helpful and not sounding too critical.

      DM Deluka

      • Todd says:

        DM – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This site is in no way related to EasyClosets. I can tell you I’m quite skeptical that you can buy and build the same level of closet system for cheaper. I also build custom built-in cabinetry and the price of materials alone is quite expensive. For those that don’t have the skills this is a good option.

  2. Ed says:

    I just completed an Easy Closets installation in our Master Bedroom walk-in closet. The closet is about 6 ft square. Thanks to the Easy Closet on-line design tool, their expert review, and prompt response to one of the boxes damaged during shipment, the result is fantastic. Using three double hanging sections as well as one long hanging section, we were able to duplicate the previous space and add two 5 drawer units for additional storage. It was simple to install. I did it by myself in a few casual days. The drawer unit boxes were complete when received and only had to add the front panel and hardware. Very easy to complete. Ed in Palm Bay, FL

  3. Yvette says:

    We are also very happy with with our recent order from Easyclosets. Having recently used the company to redo a closet I found it to be a great product. Ordering on the internet was simple and the merchandise was delivered in 2 days. I am very happy with all aspects of this company. Help was offered via email, live chat and by phone. Every step of the assembly was clear and easy. Following the simple instructions it was assembled in about 2 hours. The installation was simple and the closet holds more and looks fantastic! This company and product made this a very easy and simple project. We will definitly recommend and use their services in the future. Yvette

  4. Shane says:

    I just finished our MBR walk-in closet. The online design tool was easy to use, and the automatic closet fill helped me design the best use of the closet space. All materials came so quickly that I got the closet installed before my wife came home from vacation. The instructions included were easy to follow and once you get the main support track installed the rest of the construction was simple. The product was even better than I expected and customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend EasyClosets.com to anyone who is thinking about upgrading their closets (from the wire grill that builders install), and all you need to know how to do is turn a screwdriver and find the studs in the wall! Shane

  5. Max Elia says:

    I installed last year 2 of these closets. They designing tools are excelent, I got the closets in two days. Everything was perfect and easily labeled for assembly. Besides a great price, there were no surprises. Everything was included. I didn’t even have to buy a screw!
    The assembly is fairly easy and you feel the strength of the components, as opposed to the majority of the assemble yourself products.
    On top of that, when you are done, your closet looks like a million dollars.
    Yesterday I went to Home Depot to get one of those wire type organizers. I wanted a very low price solution for a destroying son closet. The price of the components seemed very appealing, but when I carefully totaled the amounts, it didn’t make sense. I went back home, and I order my 3rd system from easycloset. I spent $60 more, which I’m going to save just by not going to get extra parts to Home Depot every ten minutes.

  6. Jeff says:

    I was also very pleased with our Easycloset.com order. The website allowed us to maximize our walk-in closet without wasting any available space. Out of the 40 boxes of materials shipped, we did have a few damaged items. However, one short phone call to a very helpful post sales representative solved all of our issues. Replacement items were sent overnight, free of charge and the damaged items did not have to be returned. With customer service quickly becoming a long lost art, the follow through from this company is the reason why I would recommend their products to anyone.

  7. Linda Bolton says:

    I’m chiming in with my complete delight and satisfaction with Easyclosets.com! I stumbled upon their website while I was doing an online search for closet makeovers; we had just finished a complete kitchen renovation in our 64-year-old cottage and I wanted the same efficiency and organization in my reach-in closet.

    Now, this closet is just 45-1/2 inches wide by 14 inches deep, and I didn’t think a “designer” closet was possible. But Dimitri at Easyclosets.com was able to give me exactly what I wanted: hanging display for my collection of silk, hand-painted “jelly bean” jackets along with ample space for the rest of my wardrobe, including long dresses, and shelf space for my sweaters with room for future purchases. Like other commenters, my husband had no problem with installation; the instructions were clear and concise, and it took my husband less than a day to complete and install. My simple design and all material (Candlelight wood finish shelving with polished chrome rods) cost less than $400; and with free, FAST shipping and a 5mm drill bit included, that price is hard to beat!

    If I had other closets to organize (alas, I don’t, the house has just one bedroom) I would go right back to Easyclosets.com!

  8. Susan K says:

    We designed and purchased 2 double and 1 large walk-in closet system from EasyClosets.com. The website is very easy to navigate and there is always help available if needed. My husband was very impressed with the detailed, easy-to-follow instructions included for each closet. We would not hesitate to use EasyClosets in the future and have already recommended them to friends who are building a new home. The product is well made, and the hardware is good quality. Couldn’t be happier with EasyClosets.

  9. Art F says:

    Kudos to EasyClosets.com.
    Have you ever wondered what truly exceptional customer service feels like? If you want to experience it first hand, do business with EasyClosets.com. I was initially skeptical about designing and purchasing our master bedroom closet online, but I read quite a few positive reviews from others who had very good experiences with EasyClosets.com. I decided to try them.
    The first step was the closet design, all done via their extensive online design tool. It was a little tricky at first, having to download the JAVA software, and get familiar with how the design tool works. The tool lets you try as many designs as you’d like, and saves them so you can come back and work on them when you have time. After my 3rd design iteration, my wife approved, and I was ready to call and order.
    This is where things get really good. I called on a Wednesday morning, went over the design with a very helpful and knowledgeable design consultant, placed the order, and received the closet two days later on Friday – unbelievable!! It came in 16 boxes, each clearly labeled with the specific contents. Box number 1 is to be opened first, and it contains a detailed set of clear instructions on how to unpack and take a full inventory, using an included inventory listing to check off against. It took me about 2 hours to get everything open, checked, and sorted. There were no errors, nothing damaged, nothing missing. The most pleasant surprise was the high quality of the hardware, from the steel track to the brushed nickel rods, as well as all the shelving support.
    On Saturday, I started following the detailed installation instructions, with no confusion or misunderstandings. The track goes up first, and I was extremely careful to find and use studs for support. The trickiest part of my installation was a 7 foot tall, 14 shelf shoe unit, on a pocket door surface. It took a little extra time to find the studs that would support this very heavy unit, which also had to be cleated for stability. By the end of the day, all the track was up.
    On Sunday, I started hanging the verticals and installing the cam(structural) shelves. What a pleasant surprise to have these go in with almost no effort. The European cam hardware could not be easier, or faster, to install.
    At one point, though, I realized that one of the verticals should have been finished (i.e. no shelf holes showing through), because the bottom half would be visible when entering the room. I knew I would have to call and get a replacement, and wondered how the post sale experience would be. Well, sure enough, my call was received by a support rep who said “Our goal is perfection”, and immediately sent the replacement part, again 2nd day delivery, at no charge. One more call was required to replace a shelf connector that I had cut incorrectly. Even though I was willing to pay for my mistake, they again insisted on sending a replacement at no charge.
    The closet is finished, my wife is happy, and my thanks go to Easyclosets.com for a fantastic experience.

  10. John says:

    I just finished installing one of their systems yesterday.

    Their website design tool was great, but when we called in to talk to one of their people they noticed some details we had overlooked and gave us a much better design.

    When the materials arrived, a shockingly fast two days later!, everything was in the boxes, nothing was missed. Everything fit together flawlessly, I have never worked on an assembly that fit together so perfectly!

    When I had questions, I called in twice and both times spoke to Tom, who had an answer for me instantly. He clearly had a complete understanding of the products, but he was also able to pull up my design and offer up specific coaching.

    This experience far exceeded my expectations in every way!

  11. Eric says:

    Another happy EasyClosets customer here! I designed and installed a walk-in closet for my home back in December 2008. Like others here, I was very pleased with the high quality materials, clear instructions, and ease of putting the system up. The finished product looked great. And it’s worth mentioning that their design, using a heavy-duty steel track mounted to framing studs in the wall to support the closet delivers an incredibly stable and solid finished product. Two years late my closet is in 100% perfect condition and remains as solid as a rock!

    Just to share a lesson learned for me. I did not fully trust in the track mounting and mistakenly thought that resting the bottom shelf on the floor with a toe-kick would add stability. Not true! It only adds complexity to the work. For rod hanging and shelving, do NOT go floor to ceiling. It’s much easier and every bit as stable to let the shelves hang on the wall above the floor.

    I just recently sold my home and am again going with EasyClosets for my new Master Bedroom walk-in closet. My only question now is crown molding or no crown molding? ;-)

  12. Linda says:

    We just finished installing 6 Easy Closet systems in our new house. The closets were designed by the staff. Adjustments were made based on our specific needs. For example, the girls wanted more shelves versus hanging space so the design team made adjustments. We had a glitch with one of the walk in closets because of the sloped ceilings. Easy Closet post sales rep did an immediate re-design and we sent back unused shelves and they forwarded the adjusted shelves. I would recommend Easy Closet System because the product is of reasonable quality, is relatively simple to install if you have a moderate level of handiness and you have the confidence of post sales support.

  13. Steve Waterbury says:

    I just finished installing my Easy Closets.com closet, and I could not be happier with the results. The Home Construction & Improvement review is, in my view, accurate and trustworthy. There is one negative comment posted elsewhere on the internet that amazes me. The author claims to have spent “hours” cutting a metal bracket. Yes, I had to cut a metal bracket. I had a simple inexpensive hacksaw and the cut took less than 30 seconds. The steel bracket is not thick, and I cannot imagine anyone taking “hours” to make a cut that took me seconds. I am not at all handy with tools, I might add. I love the look and the utility of my new EasyClosets.Com closet.

  14. Mike says:

    Can anyone comment on the durability of the vertical panels where they hang on the track? I like the ease of installation of the design, but am a little wary of the exposed MDF edge in the angled cut that sits on the metal bracket. This looks like a modern rendition of the proven “French cleat” system, but having an MDF edge on a metal bracket seemed like it might be an issue over time as shelves loaded with weight get bumped around.

    • Todd Fratzel says:

      Mike – Mine has been great, quite a few years now. It really is a “cleat” type of system. The weight of the unit keeps things tight and movement free.

  15. Jason says:

    I’m considering purchasing from EasyClosets.com, but the units don’t exactly fit the width of our reach-in closet. According to the tool, it’ll be about 0.75″ too narrow. Do the installation instructions account for this, and what do you use to fill in the gaps on each side?

    • Todd Fratzel says:

      I’d use their help option and ask this question directly to them. From what I remember, I entered the dimensions and they supplied the materials to fit the space. There was a narrow gap on the sides, but it’s not something I notice in a closet.

  16. susanna says:

    Customer service rep at Easyclosets was very rude after I changed my design and asked about promotional discounts. I have a budget and said I have to order $500+ to qualify for any type of discount. Rep did not even offer 5% which I found online. I know I am just a small buyer, but I expect to be treated nicely and not just brushed off.

  17. Chrissy says:

    Does anyone know when Easyclosets over their sales throughout the year? I’m ready to buy and install, but happy to wait for a sale to save a little money.

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