FLIR C2 Compact Professional Thermal Imaging Camera

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Compact, Affordable Thermal Imaging Camera

It wasn’t that long ago when I used to hire a specialist to do thermal imaging on projects for us. In fact, we used to pay more money to hire a thermal imaging specialist for a couple hours than it costs to buy your own camera today! FLIR has been leading the way with thermal imaging products for many years and one of their new products has really caught my attention. Their new FLIR C2 Compact Professional Thermal Imaging Camera offers a compact affordable solution perfect for contractors.

Flir C2

I’ve been using thermal imaging cameras on jobsites for several years now and I can’t imagine not having one available. From locating radiant heat tubes in slabs to determining air infiltration around doors and windows, thermal imaging cameras take the guess work out of many common construction problems. Like most technology, time, competition, and availability have brought the pricing down on these tools to the point where contractors can finally afford to make these tools part of their everyday arsenal of tools.

Priced at $699 this is a great value. As I mentioned earlier, I used to pay $500 to $800 just to hire someone with a thermal imaging camera to evaluate a problem on a construction site. Faster forward 6 years and now you can own a thermal imaging camera for that amount! So in my opinion this is an excellent value.

Flir C2 Camera

FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera Key Features

  • Slim, lightweight profile that fits comfortably in practically any
  • MSX® – our patented multi-spectral enhancement that adds
    stunning, recognizable detail to thermal images so you know
    exactly what you’re looking at
  • A bright 3” touchscreen to make it easy to access image modes,
    diagnostic tools, and settings
  • Auto orientation for comfortable viewing of onscreen temperature
    readings when framing images in portrait mode
  • Fully radiometric images that you can import, adjust and analyze
    with using FLIR Tools whenever you want, and also measure
    temperatures ranging from -10° to 150°C on any of the thousands
    and thousands of pixels captured in each image
  • FLIR Tools professional software for Mac or PC included – the
    industry standard on post analysis reporting that also allows
    streaming video to your computer
  • A bright LED spotlight for and photo illumination and working in
    darker spaces
  • High thermal sensitivity – vital for seeing subtle heat patterns
    common in insulation and moisture applications
  • MSRP $699

Using the FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera

Right out of the box the FLIR C2 is extremely easy to use, intuitive, and it produces excellent results. Much like a point and shoot camera the FLIR C2 captures both a thermal image and a digital photo with the simple push of one button. The camera automatically focuses and flashes as necessary.

Flir C2 Sample Images

Above is an image showing both the digital photo and the thermal image that the C2 captured of my electrical panel. The thermal image shows heat being generated at a transformer and surge protector. Because the camera captures both the digital image and thermal image it’s very easy to insert these images into reports to document the inspection.

Flir C2 Sample Images Radiant Heat

The next image above is from my mudroom where the floor is heated with radiant heat tubes. The thermal image clearly shows the location of the heat tubes which can be very helpful in a remodeling or repair situation.

FLIR0005I am really impressed with how easy this camera is to use. I was able to very quickly take pictures of the heat pipes on my gas boiler to identify one of the zones that was running. The images are very clear and easy to evaluate. The camera provides real time images so the user knows what the image will look like once the image is captured.

The C2 has an internal memory capable of storing up to 500 images. Images can be retrieved from the camera using a mini USB port and cable attached to your computer.

Take Your Profession To The Next Level

FLIR0006Competition in the construction industry is at an all time high. With more and more contractors bidding on work the difference can often times be which contractor presents themselves in the best light. Detailed, concise and accurate estimates along with a professional appearance have most definitely made the difference for me on many jobs over the years. Offering clients professional looking reports has also help raise my value above contractors that still work with a pad of paper and pencils.

Investing in technology that helps us work quicker, safer, and more efficient should be very important to all contractors. Tools like thermal imaging cameras have certainly allowed me to work quicker, safer and more efficient while offering our clients confidence in our decisions and performance.

Free Report Ap

New Report 2.pdfIn addition to the camera FLIR offers a free report ap, available from their website here. The image to the right is a sample report page that I generated using their free software. The program allows the user to download images from the camera and insert them into the report. The report can be annotated with notes, custom headers and footers and printed to a PDF.

Being able to present findings from an inspection in a concise, professional looking report is very important and likely to set you apart from the competition. The report includes the date, time and technical information relative to the image on the page.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of FLIR. The opinions and text are all mine.

Post Disclaimer

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of FLIR. The opinions and text are all mine.


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