Foam Subfloor Adhesive – Getting Sticky!

By Todd Fratzel on Framing

TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive

For years carpenters have been building great grip strength from squeezing miles of subfloor adhesive from large caulking gun tubes when framing subfloors. Not only has traditional subfloor adhesives been a pain to install they didn’t always work to prevent floor squeaks and often left a heck of a mess behind on the floor below.

tytan-sub-floor-adhesiveRecently there has been several new foam adhesive products introduced including TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive. TYTAN subfloor adhesive uses collapsing gel adhesive technology in order to produce a high yield, stronger, and better gap filling product than traditional cartridge style subfloor adhesives.

Field Performance

tytan-subfloor-foamRecently I had my framing crew try the new TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive on a new house we’re building. The house is being framed with Trus Joist TJI’s and 3/4″ AdvanTech floor sheathing. Traditionally we’ve used urethane based, cartridge style subfloor adhesive combined with ring shank nailing. So what did the crew think?

The first and most impressive observation/outcome was speed of application. We applied the TYTAN adhesive using a TYTAN gun applicator instead of the standard straw applicators. The gun applicator made installation very easy significantly faster than a traditional caulking gun. Best of all there’s little to no hand fatigue without the need to constantly squeeze the gun.

Another big advantage of this product is the yield per can. Each 29 oz can of TYTAN is equivalent to 12 traditional 28 oz cartridges. We framed a 24’x36′ floor system and only had to use just over one can of foam adhesive versus an entire case of more of traditional subfloor adhesive. The way the gun works there’s no need to clean until after the entire can is used up. Clean-up is simple with the TYTAN cleaner that screws onto the gun and allows the gun to be cleaned in just a minute.tytan-subfloor-foam-adhesive

Lastly, the strength of the TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive is very impressive. We did some samples at the site and tried to tear the sheathing off some framing….tried is the key word! The sheathing pulled apart and we were unsuccessful in getting it removed from the framing after just 4 hrs of cure time. When you use this product you better hope the framing is correct because any attempt at re-work will be tough at best.

Final Thoughts – TYTAN Subfloor Adhesive

Every day I’m thankful for the continued advancements in material science for the building industry. Companies continue to develop products that make our jobs easier, faster, more profitable, and a better end result for our customers. The benefits of this product are very obvious to me and my crew so we’ll be making the change over from traditional urethane cartridges that we’ve used for years.


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  1. W Furse says:

    Great article! What about liquid polyurethane (foam) as a drywall adhesive? Tytan make that product as well.

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