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By Todd Fratzel on Design

Autodesk Introduces Project Cooper

Autodesk, the maker of AutoCAD drafting software has just released a free sketching/drafting program called Project Cooper. This is something that be a huge hit with DIY’ers that want to create their own plans for additions, floor plans, lanscaping projects and plans that require scaled drawings. Normal drafting (CAD) software is typically far too expensive for home owners and DIY’ers to purchase to use on small projects.

Project Cooper Screen Shot

Create Scaled Drawings For All Your Projects

Most cities and towns now require scaled drawings for additions, decks and even large landscaping projects like fences and driveways. Now you can easily accomplish that task using the free software, Project Cooper, from Autodesk. I’ve used full blown AutoCAD for years as an engineer and it’s an amazing tool. I’ve been saying for years that someone needed to create a free version that home owners and DIY’ers could use for small projects. Needless to say I think this software will be a hit.

I downloaded the free version today and gave it a try. It’s very easy to download and use. Even if you’ve never used drafting (CAD) software before, Project Cooper is very intuitive and easy to use. The software comes with lots of pre-loaded drawing blocks of doors, windows, building components, electrical, appliances and many more. The standard blocks speed up the drawing process and give you really professional looking drawings.

Project Cooper Screen Shot Landscaping

The bottom line is this kind of software used to be too expensive and hard to use. Now with Project Cooper homeowners, DIY’ers and even small professional companies like interior designers, landscapers, furniture, fixture, and equipment providers, ceiling contractors and drywall contractors. I think if you give it a try you’ll agree with me. So go check out Project Cooper!

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  1. Home Magazine says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll be looking into it in a jiffy.

  2. Nice find Todd! I am downloading now and am anxious to see how well it will work to create fence drawings!

    Stumbled and shared on SU!

  3. Sandy Brown says:

    excellent info. I have been looking for something on this idea for quite some time. Now, maybe I can give the plans to my husband and say this is what I mean. Instead of trying to describe it. Now things will move faster for us, we’ll both be on the same page. LOL

  4. DeeJay says:

    Looks interesting, but I did notice it says that the free download is a limited time offer to preview the software. No telling how long you can take advantage of that, so I would recommend downloading soon if you want to give it a try.

  5. DeeJay says:

    I missed this earlier, but it also says it has an expiration date of April 30, 2010, so it really is a free trial – not free software. Still worth checking out, but I thought folks should be aware of this before they get too far into it.

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