Gladiator® Tool-Free Rack Shelving

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Product Reviews

Heavy Duty Garage Storage Shelving

Having a clean organized garage, workshop or basement seems to be high on every home owners wish list. However, many of the products available for shelving and organization are plastic or contain plastic parts. The inexpensive designs often lead to broken components and disappointment.

Gladiator Shelving Filled with Heavy StorageI had the pleasure of reviewing a product that I think will alleviate all those feelings and offer homeowners a fantastic storage system. I’m talking about the Heavy-Duty 77-inch Gladiator® Tool-Free Rack Shelving. Below are my thoughts on this product.

Assembly and Material Quality

I’m always skeptical when a product says it doesn’t need assembly, or special tools. So I was VERY surprised when I opened the shipping box and only found directions and parts! No cheap tools and no mention of tools in the assembly directions.

Assembly was really easy and super fast. Working with my 8 yr old son he and I were able to assemble the entire shelving unit in about 10 minutes! The process is so simple that there’s really nothing more to say about it.

On top of being really easy to assemble the heavy-duty 77-inch Gladiator® Tool-Free Rack Shelving is built with great materials. The frame is made from heavy gauge steel with a great powder coat finish that looks tough as nails. The wire shelves are very stiff and have a great finish on them as well.

Rock Solid Strength

So it is really easy to assemble and it also is made from great materials. Better than that is how incredibly strong these shelving units are! The manufacturer says they can handle 2,000 lbs per shelf and I believe that and then some!

Gladiator Powder Coating and Shelf Locking Connection

Gladiator BracingThe end frames have diagonal supports welded into them for lateral support. The shelf brackets lock into the end frames to provide additional lateral support. Assembled these shelves are insanely strong. I loaded them up with paint, tile, grout and lots of heavy construction supplies and I can’t see even a small deflection in the frame.

Overall Thoughts

Priced at $199 these shelving units are nothing short of amazing. They really are built to last and withstand some serious loading. Combine all that with how easily you can assemble and I think the heavy-duty 77-inch Gladiator® Tool-Free Rack Shelving is a great buy.

Not only for your garage! I’m using my heavy-duty 77-inch Gladiator® Tool-Free Rack Shelving in my basement utility room to store paints and other temperature sensitive products.

If you’d like to order one of these shelving units you can order one here: Gladiator GARS774SZG Tool Free 4 Shelf 8000-Pound Capacity Rack Shelf, 77-Inch Wide by 72-Inch Deep

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  1. Bob says:

    Struggling with tie channel assembly. Any tips on getting the rivets into the holes? The P2 is a fraction of an inch too far apart (or the tie channels are too short), so we’re having to use clamps to pull them together. Not so bad at center, but near impossible at the ends.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve got this same issue. Did you find any info on this?

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