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By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

First let me disclose that this manufacturer does advertise on my site. However, my review of the product is based on my experience with the product and my thoughts on it.

Gorillatorch by Joby

GorillatorchThe folks from Joby sent me their new Gorillatorch to use and review. The Gorillatorch is an ultra-bright LED flashlight with flexible legs that have magnetic feet. The flexible legs and magnetic feet allow you to attach the Gorillatorch to almost any object while you work.


The Gorillatorch is a really unique idea that deserves some attention. We’ve all been on our backs under a sink or car trying to work with a flash light in our mouth. One time I was trying to work on a breaker panel with a flash light taped to my hat! With this great little flash light you don’t have to do that anymore!

You can set the Gorillatorch on the ground like the photo and twist the light source to any angle. You can also attach the magnetic feet to any steel surface where the powerful magnets will hold it Gorillatorch Flexible Flash Lightsteady. If those two options don’t work  you can always twist the legs and wrap them tightly around lots of objects.

The Gorillatorch also features a dimmer switch. The dimmer allows you to adjust the intensity of the light by turning the dimmer switch. Having the ability to easily dim the light source is a really nice function that most flash lights don’t seem to offer.

Powerful Light Source

Gorillatorch with Bent LegsThe Gorillatorch offers a powerful ultra-bright CREE LED which provides a maximum output of 65 lumens/1 watt. This LED is run by three AA batteries with an expected life of 20 hours at full power light. (I tested this and it lasted almost 30 hours before the batteries were completely dead)

Overall Impression

This is a really cool flash light that offers some features that I haven’t seen before. The light is really bright and I especially like the ability to dim the light source. I was also impressed with the strength of the magnets. They are strong enough hold the Gorillatorch in place when you adjust the position.

Gorillatorch on RefrigeratorIf I had one complaint it woud be the battery compartment. The batteries all get installed in the same direction which isn’t typical of most lights and the markings are not super clear. Because of that I installed the batteries incorrectly the first time. I also had some trouble getting the battery compartment on correctly the first time. However, these were just minor issues that I easily corrected.

The Gorillatorch costs $29.95 which I think is a good value for this unique flash light. I definitely think it’s a great gift idea for any handyman, DIY’er or person in the construction industry.

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  1. Todd,
    You really had a flashlight taped to your head! LOL

    This looks like a very functional product, I can think of atleast 100 places I could have used it over the last year!


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