Harvey Tribute Window Review

By Todd Fratzel on Energy Conservation, Product Reviews, Windows

harvey-tribute-double-hung-windowI’ve written several articles about an Energy Star House we’re building right now for a customer at work. The house features the new Harvey Tribute Windows with high performance package.

Harvey Tribute Windows

The Harvey Tribute Windows with the High Performance Package is an upgraded window line from Harvey that offers customers a superior energy saving window package. These windows features:

  • Triple glazing incorporates three panes of glass sealed with the Warm-Edge Intercept glass spacer system by PPG for added performance and durability. Two panes of glass utilize Low-E coating, and both airspaces contain Krypton gas for superior energy efficiency.
  • Closed cell polyethylene foam parts (foam-filled chambers) increase the insulating value of your window frame and sashes.
  • Guardian’s ClimaGuard SPFTM UV protection – eliminates over 99% of damaging UV rays, providing a fade protection factor (FPF) of greater than 50.
  • U factor of 0.20
  • R value of 5.0
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.19
  • Visible Transmittance (VT) of 0.32
  • Contoured sash and glazing bead provide a sleek, sophisticated design that emulates the traditional lines of a well-crafted wood window

Harvey Tribute Window Review

I’ve seen and used lots of window products in the houses we build. I happen to have the regular Harvey Vicon windows in my house and I love them. However, the Harvey Tribute Windows are in another category altogether. These windows have blown me away over the last couple of months since we installed them. Here’s what has impressed me so far:

  • Triple Glazing

    Having triple glazing makes an amazing difference in window performance in this part of the Country. Because we’re building this house in the dead of the winter it’s the perfect time to test out these windows. Typically during construction in the winter we’ll see tons of condensation on the inside of the windows. This is because the house is packed full of moisture from drywall, temporary heating, paint, soldering, you name it. Well in this house we haven’t seen one bit of condensation on the windows and it’s been -15 F some days at the house. This is an amazing testament in my mind about how well the triple glazing insulates the glass from the frigid outside temperatures.

  • Air Infiltration

    Again the frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing this winter are a perfect environment to test these windows. I’ve been very impressed with the total lack of any draft around these windows. Even good double pane windows have just a hint of air infiltration occasionally, but these windows seem to be sealed up very well.

  • Sash and Glazing Bead Detail

    The new contoured sash and glazing bead detail that was added to these windows is a really great aesthetic upgrade for folks worried about every day vinyl window appearance. When you walk into the room with the new Harvey Tribute Window you certainly don’t know you’re looking at a vinyl window for sure. These windows definitely look more like traditional wood sash windows.

Review Summary

To say I’m impressed is an understatement. I was rather skeptical about the Harvey Tribute Windows at first just based on the price point and the fact that I’ve never seen one of these windows. But the “proofs always in the pudding” and I’m happy to say that my skepticism was unwarranted and I’m more than impressed with these windows. I really wish I had these in my house for the great energy performance and the upgraded appearance. There’s no doubt in my mind that the added cost of these windows will surely pay off with the energy savings within a few years. I’d highly recommend these windows to anyone serious about saving energy and finding a great looking low maintenance window.

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  1. J. J. Carlisle says:

    Hello Todd: You can imagine my happiness after reading your blog on Harvey Tribute double hung windows. I had just signed with a well known installer here in Southern NH and went with the Triple Glazing High Performance pkg. He recommended Harvey over Alside. I had looked at Marvin (prohibitive cost) and Interstate in PA. and two others. Still the price was lower than other quotes from different window manufacturers/installers. Took me 6 months of research, home shows and talking to everyone and everybody about their windows. My neighbors had such good luck with their Harvey Classics but I liked the step above look on the Tribute than Classic. Also the middle latch is easier to open for cleaning than the two sides of the Classic. Still I would have been happy with those but for a slight upgrade the Tribute seems worth it. The Tribute with grab handles instead of the bar give it a much better look IMO. Thanks for your report Todd. Your review was perfect timing!! Enjoy your blog! CUnNH

  2. Db says:

    I have Harvey Tribute and I totally agree with your comments. No drafts. No condensation at all. You can put your hand on the window in the Winter or Summer and it feels like the inside temperature. They changed my house so much that I used to still be cold in the 70’s and now I am warm with the temps in the low 60’s.

    I prepaid my oil and am ending up with it still mostly going to be prepaid for next Winter, because of how low I kept the thermostat.

  3. john says:

    Do you have a comment on Lincoln windows? I had really good luck with them on a 1988 install in southern NH, but I see reviews saying that they were bad in the 1995-2005 period. Did they get back on track? I’m about to build again, this time in Milford.

  4. Bill Wyrebek says:

    Hello Mr. Fratzel.
    I read your review on the Harvey Tribute window. I need to replace 16 failed NewPeo windows and received a quote of 19,000.00. I am on a fixed income and live in Massachusetts wherein fuel oil is $5/gal. I asked about the Harvey window and was told it is a far less quality window compared to KHPP Meriden window.(they have a heat mirror film between double pane argon/krypton gas mix) I like Harvey products and am looking for an installed cost of 16 windows at $800.00 per window. Is this possible with the Harvey Tribute?

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