How To Hang Christmas Wreaths from Vinyl Windows

By Todd Fratzel on Windows

How do you hang Christmas wreaths from vinyl windows?

Hanging Christmas Wreaths On Vinyl WindowsThat is a question my wife posed to me as soon as we moved into our new house. Our previous home had wood siding, trim and window sashes so putting a small nail up to hold the wreaths was easy.

Putting a nail into the vinyl window, trim or siding is really out of the question for me. That would leave a permanent defect in the vinyl that would end up causing moisture and thermal problems. So I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to come up with something that not only would work well but something easy and attractive.

Hanging Wreaths From Windows

What I came up with was tying a piece of ribbon (originally i tried fish line, but that was difficult to work with) to the wreath, running over the top window sash into the house, and tying an ornament hook to the end so it couldn’t pull through the window sash (see photo below). By using the ribbon or fish line, it’s thin enough so that you can still close the window properly and keep out the cold weather.

We’ve been putting up the Christmas Wreaths this way for several years now and it’s a 5 minute job!! Last year we packed up the wreaths with the ribbon still attached to them. I just opened the windows from inside the house, put the wreath out the window and closed the sash while I held the ribbon. Done deal!!!

Christmas Tree Window HangerWhile I was coming up with ideas for hanging wreaths from vinyl windows I came across an interesting site, Vinyl Siding Hook Products, which sells metal hooks that can be attached to vinyl siding. The hooks allow you to hang decorations, planters and other things without putting nails in the vinyl. Their product wouldn’t work for this application very well but I still thought their product could be quite useful for homes with vinyl siding.

You can also buy a similar product from Amazon called the CHRISTMAS MOUNTAINS MFG INC VSH06 VINYL SIDING HOOK WITH ADJUSTABLE “S”

Avoid Magnetic Wreath Holders for Insulated Windows

I would avoid buying a magnetic wreath holder if you have insulated double or triple pane windows. The magnetic holders only work on single pane glass like storm doors and windows.

If you’re looking for a way to hang wreaths from doors then I recommend you buy: Brass Wreath Hanger

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  1. Gale says:

    How would you hang pre-lite Xmass wreaths from vinyl windows,I have the ribbon sash lowered enough to have the 6inch wire from wresth to come in the lower window under the screen but the inside extension cord plug wont let me close and lock the window.

  2. Gale says:

    How do you hang prelite wreaths from the vinyl wreahs?.I have the ribbon sash to lower the lite wreath enough to the middle of the windows so the 6inch cord from wreath come up under the screen to attach to the inside extension cord,but i cant lock or close bottom window because of plug

  3. Todd says:

    @ Gale – I think your only option is to power them from outside so that you can get your windows closed properly.

  4. Tool Junkie says:

    I came up with an almost identical idea years ago when faced with the same task of hanging wreaths in our vinyl windows. I used fishing line tied to the wreath and a button tied to the other end. I just lower the top window, slide the wreath out while holding on to the button, then close the window on the line. The button keeps the line from sliding through. It’s worked great now for about 15 years!

  5. autumnleavves says:

    Hello There….i’ve been to quite a few sites and me and my husband just had a big explosion because we built a house 3 years ago and the last 2 years we have not been able to hang these wreaths on our window….he SO NOT Mr. Fix it AT ALL!! last year we bought $75 worth of magnets, only to find out that the windows were double pain…this year i decided to use the green thin wire and not we can’t figure out how to open the top of the window…we can open the bottom but not the top….are we doing something wrong…there’s this windy thing on the part that locks the window but…oh it just seems USELESS!! can you please help if you can…i would so appreciate it!! Thank You!

  6. Todd says:

    @ autumnleaves – Can you take some pictures and email them to me?

  7. Nice idea. I’ve always opted to hang the wreaths on the front door, but now that I have a storm door I might have to go the window route.

  8. Tony Hoch says:

    Autumnleavves, Unfortunately you have single hung windows where only the lower sash moves. If you can some how thread the ribbon down from the top of the lower sash and then secure it to the interior sill when the window is closed you may be able to hold the wreath just below the sash line. Good luck, T

  9. Diane says:

    If the wreath has a wire base, you can also hang it from 1 or 2 heavy duty suction cups stuck to the outside of the window & hooked through the back of the wreath. Very simple. I’ve done this and it works fine.

  10. buffyb says:

    Thanks Tool Junkie! I just used your idea and it worked perfectly!! Even on my casement windows!

  11. Karen says:

    Diane… how do the suction cups hold up in windy weather? I have not put my wreaths on the windows in a couple of years because when its windy they band and make all kinds of noise when hanging as suggested by wire or ribbon.


  12. Laura Zielke says:

    My ornament hooks would not work, so I improvised. I tied a red bow around the wreath (the cheap ones you can buy just about anywhere), and then I tied a knot as close to the end of the wire as possible. Then I did the same thing you did, but instead of using a hook, I duck taped the knot to the window sill. It’s so cold, I am sure the duck tape will come off fine, and it’s really holding the wreaths in place. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  13. Barbara says:

    What if you have screens on the outside of the vinyl windows?

  14. SuZQ says:

    This year I hung window wreaths for the first time. I figured they would be easier to hang than the swags I’d hung in prior years, plus the swags would blow in wind at times and end up crooked. The method I used for the wreaths was to hang them with red velvet ribbon and staple the end of ribbon to a wooden dowel. I just drop the wreath out the top and close the window on the ribbon with the dowel inside to keep wreath from dropping. My windows downstairs are taller than upstairs so I can label the dowels to easily identify which ones go where next year. I just discovered a big problem. It was very windy last night and the wreaths blew all night making a scraping noise. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can put on the back of the artificial wreaths to stop them from making noise if they move?

    • Todd says:

      Ahh…..that is one down side. You could make another ribbon for the bottom and close it in the bottom sash.

      • SuZQ says:

        Thanks for the tip. Today I looped clear braiding Rexlace (used for lanyards) around and through the bottom of the wreaths and pulled two ends into the bottom of the sash securing ends by tying them to a bobbin (from my sewing collection) The bobbins have a whole in the middle like a spool so it made tying the ends easy. The lanyard rope is clear so not visible from outside. The Rexlace has a bit of stretch to it so I was able to tightly pull it to secure the wreaths. I will see how this works with next wind.

        • Todd says:

          Sounds like a great solution! Thanks for sharing.

          • Christie says:

            I bought a 48 prelit wreath and have a large picture window with plantation shutters on it. I need to hang wreath on INSIDE because we live in windy desert. Any ideas? It is a fairly heavy wreath and my problem is casing for shutters is vinyl My one idea is to use a closet wooden clothes pole and balance between the opened shutters then hang the wreath with wire on that rod.

          • Todd says:

            If it’s a picture window and it’s on the inside, why not install an “eye hook” in the wood trim above and hang it that way…may have to fill the holes later.

  15. Jill says:

    Couldn’t you use a small piece of heavy duty double-sided 3M tape? Wouldn’t that stick the loose end of the wreath ok so it doesn’t bang in the wind?

    I doubt it would hold the entire wreath up and I would still use the ribbon through the sash method for the weight, but the heavy duty double-sided tape just might be enough.

  16. Kelly Serven says:

    I just need to know how in the heck I light them once they are hung on the window? Do you just have tons of extension cords hanging from your homes?
    I do not have Clark Griswald living in my home and my husband hates to decorate, so its all on me. Is there a specialt extension cord with inputs so many feet?

  17. Roshni Shah says:

    Anyway to hang the wreath with a ribbon if you have a single hung window?

  18. I have old large arched windows. They are stationary and they are double pane. I bought 60″ wreaths. I would like to hang a wreath on each window. Each wreath weighs about 12 pounds and I need to put on lights. I will use the light-weight fairy lights. Any suggestions of how I can hang these wreaths outside where it is windy. The house is stucco. Thank you.

    • Todd Fratzel says:

      More than likely you’ll need to screw some anchors into the house, i’d use something stainless and leave them in place.

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