How To Replace Electrolux Part No. 216744500

By Todd Fratzel on Electrical, Maintanence

picture of electrolux part no 216744500The other day I wrote a post about how our freezer stopped working and started to defrost. After consulting with my father-in-law I discovered that the timer-defrost switch was bad and it was causing the frost free freezer to be stuck in defrost mode. So I went online, looked up the part number and ordered a replacement for $25!

As you can see in the photo the new timer-defrost switch is a simple plastic switch that is easily removed by taking out two smapicture of back of Frigidaire Standup Freezerll machine screws. The timer-defrost switch is located at the left (looking at the back) rear corner of the Frigidaire Commercial Freezer, Model No. LFFU1765DWO. It’s attached to a galvanized steel hanger bracket with two small screws.

The timer-defrost switch is really easy to replace. First you need to un-plug the freezer so there is no electricity going to it. Then once you remove the two small screws you can pull it down a bit so it’s easier to remove the wiring harness. The wiring harness is on there really tight so be sure to be careful not to damage the wires when you remove it.

Simply reverse the process, attach the wiring harness to the new timer-defrost switch, re-install the small screws and you’re finished! This repair literally took 5 minutes to complete with a phillips head screw driver. Be sure to wait at least 10 minutes before turning the freezer back on (something to do with the compressor).
picture of how to remove timer-defrost switch from Frigidaire freezer
So if you’re freezer stops working and seems to defrost even though there is power to it be sure to check the defrost-timer switch as I described in my previous post. I saved this $500 freezer from certain disposal with a $25 part and 5 minutes of my time.

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  1. pat askren says:

    Hello from California,the defrost timer failure can present itself two ways, both causing loss of food, one more dramatic than the other. The first is the timer fails in the defrost mode, causing complete defrosting of the freezer or refer. The second is the defrost time failing in the run position, wich causes frost to build up in the evaporator, not letting the fan circulate cold air through the freezer, which causes a slow thaw or food just not being cold enough. The lesson here is if you find you have a bad timer and you turn the timer into the run postion and the freezer begins to run don’t think you have the problem solved, if it stopped once it will stop again. If it takes a couple of days to get the new part make sure you turn the defrost timer into defrost once a day for at least 30 minutes and when you install the new timer make sure the freezer evaporator is completly defrosted if you don’t do this the freezer won’t function properly.

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