Husky 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer Review

By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

Husky 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Husky 3000 PSI Gas Powered Pressure WasherThis summer I purchased the Husky 3000 PSI, 2.5 GPM, Axial Cam Pump, Pressure Washer to use around my house for cleaning our decks, porches, railings and miscellaneous yard care. I purchased the pressure washer from The Home Depot for $399.

Husky Pressure Washer Features

According to the manufacturer this gas powered pressure washer offers the following features:

  • Honda GCV190 187cc OHC engine
  • Maintenance free brass axial cam pump
  • Custom trigger gun with soft-touch overmold
  • On-board nozzle, gun, wand, and detergent storage

Product Review

Pressure Washed DeckI’ve used lots of pressure washers over the years from simple electric pressure washers to large commercial gas powered washers. I wanted to purchase a pressure washer that could tackle large and small jobs around our house. That’s why I purchased a gas powered model.

My only requirements were to find a gas powered model under $500 with good reviews. After reading many different pressure washer reviews I ended up buying the Husky Model HU80432.

I’ve been VERY pleased with this gas powered pressure washer. One of the biggest reasons I chose this pressure washer was the motor. This pressure washer comes with a Honda motor and my experience with Honda motors has been nothing short of amazing. Honda makes incredible small engines that last forever and run really well.

Ease of Operation

The Husky Pressure Washer is really easy to use. The Honda motor starts with one easy pull every single time! In assembly directions were easy to follow and it only took about 15 minutes to set up. The operating manual is also easy to understand and it’s a breeze to operate the pressure washer.


The Husky pressure washers offers plenty of power. As you can see in the photos above this pressure washer had no problem stripping away a thick layer of mold and grime from our deck. Our deck is on the north side of the house and it gets a really nasty layer of mold on it each year. The pressure washer also has no trouble cleaning mold and grime from our vinyl railings and siding. Best of all the selection of nozzle tips makes it easy to get a spray pattern that’s strong enough for the application without damaging the substrate.

Overall Impression

I’m very pleased with this gas powered pressure washer. The only thing I’d change is a longer hose. I’m sure I can purchase a longer one and I just may do that in the future. Other than that I’m very pleased with this purchase and recommend the Husky Pressure Washer to anyone that wants a quality gas powered pressure washer to use around their home.

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  1. Baba says:

    Looks like it does a great job!

  2. Bud Maxwell says:

    I am looking for a quality pressure washer. I had a Troy Bilt 2550 psi. Used it four times and the pump stopped working. After five weeks of waiting for a repair, I went back from whom I purchased it and got my money back. All I want is something to use around the house. Thank you. Bud Maxwell

  3. Dave says:

    I bought this washer today – floor model from Home Depot. User’s manual wan’t attached. I’m having a hard time finding the manual online. Any suggestions?

  4. Mike Powell says:

    Iam considering buying this unit but have a couple of questions that some of you may be able to answer.

    First, is there a pressure regulator? For some jobs I think 3000 PSI is too much.

    Also, is the feed for the soap solution on the “downleg” (output) side of the pump??

    Thanks to all———

  5. Bass says:

    I have this pressure washer and I use it to wash my 09 Sierra slt Z71. I received it as a present on Xmas. It has great power and works great; however, I also wish that the hose was longer. The greatest flaw in my opinion is that once it has been running for about 15 min or longer and it is shut off you need to let it cool down before you can attempt to start it up again otherwise it won’t start. When cooled it will start within the 3rd pull.

    • Todd says:

      @ Bass – That’s interesting….I’ve never had that problem. I’ve used mine for hours pressure washing decks and I take quite a few breaks to move things out of the way and it starts right up. Are you using it in cold weather?

  6. Bass says:

    It’s 5:53pm and 61 degrees outside. I turned on the husky on the 2nd pull and ran it for 5 to 10 min. I turned it off and tried to turn it back on. When I tried to turn it back on after running it I pulled and pulled and didn’t turn on. It sounded like it wanted to go on but it never did. It only turns on once it cools down. Any suggestions. It’s about 20 days old.

    • Todd says:

      @ Bass – Sorry to say I have no idea….sounds like you might want to return it.

    • James says:

      I have the same model. I have been very happy with it in comparison to the electric models I’ve used in the past. I have the same issue Bass, but I get my started within about 5-6 pulls. When its cold, it only takes 1 or 2 pulls. Maybe it just needs a stronger pull or maybe it is a flaw.
      Something else I found interesting with this model. My paperwork only has information on putting it together, a parts listing and a book on the honda motor. Just doesn’t have any information about the soap dispenser on the front. I filled my with cleaner solution from Home Depot and it just sits there. The pressure won’t pull it through. One day I removed the nozzle to spray for some reason and soap came gushing out. I put the nozzle back on and the soap only lasted as long as it took for the high pressure to rinse it out of the wand. Is there an adjustment somewhere which might help the soap dispense during high pressure usage? I have been pressure “Rinsing” vinyl siding with it. 3 homes so far. Some usable cleaner sure would be nice to get working.

    • Joseph Kaye says:

      The issue may be the gasoline containing ethanol, that can cause this starting problem. Therre is a product made to stop the problem./

    • Jeff says:

      With just About any pressure washer you have to let the pressure out of the nozzle and keep holding it while you pull the starter. Works every time!

    • Jeromie Hacker says:

      Hi, I was just reading reviews on here because I’m thinking about buying this unit and I came across this post. It sounds to me like you’re trying to start your pressure washer with the choke on. When the motor is cold, it will start and run with the choke on. You are supposed to turn the choke off after about 20-30 seconds of it running. If you forget to do this and then shut the motor off after using it and then try to start it again while the motor is still hot, it won’t start. Turn the choke off and it will fire right up.

  7. Bass says:

    @Todd-I exchanged the unit for a new one and the new one works great. Starts on first or second pull. So far so good. The only downer is that it doesn’t have a brand name pump (But for $400 can’t expect a commercial pump). I wonder how long the pump will last before it gives out since it’s a simple non-branded axial cam pump. I guess only time will tell. Despite the pump, pressure washer is great.

  8. Dan says:

    I just bought this unit a few days again. Took it out of the box yesterday, put it together, filled up the oil and gas as per instructions and it with NOT start. Switch is ON, fuel is ON and with choke in or out it doesn’t give any indication that it’s firing. I’ve tried letting the pressure our of the wand, even holding it open while attempting a pull start. Nothing. Am I missing something or should I just return it?

    • Todd says:

      Dan – Sounds like you need to return it. Did you check the plug and plug wire?

      • Dan says:

        I made sure the plug wire was seated but that was it. Think I should take the plug out and check the gap? Doesn’t seem like something I should have to look for on a brand new unit. Thanks Todd.

        • Todd says:

          Dan – Sounds fishy….probably better off just returning it and swapping it out.

          • Dan says:

            Hi Todd I meant to write back earlier to say thanks. I returned the original unit to Home Depot and they exchanged it without issue. I brought it home and set it up like before. The unit started on the first pull and on every pull after that. I put about 4 hours on it myself and then lent it to a friend and he loves it. I do agree that it burns through a tank of gas quickly, but otherwise it’s the easy-starting ease-to-use unit that I was looking for, and it did a great job on my driveway and deck. Highly recommend the “sweeper” attachment for anyone that hasn’t use one. Thanks again!

  9. My husband borrowed this brand new pressure washer from work. He used it last night to show me how stunning our deck would look when I got home from work today. When I got home I discovered he’d been fighting the machine for about an hour trying everything he could think of to get it to start up again. He cleaned the spark plug and it worked again. but then shut off and he can’t get it to start.

    Certain that his attempts to overpower the machine had broken it, I wrestled the lifeless pull cord away from him and sent him on an errand. Perhaps it will start when he gets back!

    I’ve been looking for an online user’s manual, but your comments have been a BIG help! Maybe his boss will just have to return it. Thanks!

    • Clyde Quinn says:

      I spent the better part of 2 hours this afternoon trying to start my pressure washer. I relieved the pressure in the wand after each pull. I finally began to sputter and it took about 50+ more pulls before it started. I ran my pressure washer in December 2015 and had a heck of a time trying to start it then. I also made sure there was no gas in the tank when I stored it. I ran out of gas and refilled it this afternoon and had to pull it about 20+ times before it would run. The unit has plenty of power when it runs however I shouldn’t have to work so hard to start an easy start Honda motor. I am very disappointed in this

      • Todd Fratzel says:

        Almost every pressure washer we’ve ever tested (gas motors) have this issue….you’d think someone would come up with a better mouse trap!

  10. Karl says:

    I have a husky power washer with the Kohler courage xt7 engine and it won’t even try to start the unit is new — I purchased it late last year from Home Depot and has only been used three times and each time it was a bear to get it started I drained the gas and drained it from the hose that conects to the carb and there was good flow I change the plug and doubled check the gap I am thinking maybe a defective switch and might hot wire it to see if it starts I will never buy a Husky product again does anyone have any ideas?

    • Todd says:

      Karl – Did you try to return it? A few readers have had trouble and returned it with success.

      • Karl says:

        It was purchased late last years and I don’t have the box and can’t find the reciept — might be able to look it up on my HD charge but I’m sure time has run out on returning it — I am getting tired of getting prouducts that are manufactured to fail — its a basic combustable engine it should start

        • Todd says:

          Karl – Sorry to hear about the troubles. Sometimes they can look it up at the store. Worth a shot at the very least. Maybe a reader will have an idea.

    • Pam says:

      Try replacing the filter or see if it will start without it.

  11. rat9 says:

    mine broke after maybe the fifth use. pressure control screw just snapped off. looked corroded. Should have been brass.

    • Denny says:

      I used mine 3 times last year. Went to use it in May and a stream of presure came out the side of pump. Is this where the presure adjustment is?

  12. Mike says:

    I just tried to start mine, primed the pump 3 times as required, pulled once, it started then died immediately. I looked in the gas tank, didn’t see gas. (could be a reason it doesn’t run, who’d a thunk? DUH!)

    Filled the tank with gas, gave it a good couple of yanks and it started, but then it started getting bogged down and died. I yanked on the pull cord a few more times, no dice. I then notice liquid leaking from the air cleaner and the primer bulb… Gas!

    I grabbed the trusty vice grips and clamped off the gas line to get the gas to stop flowing out. Let sit for a few and tried it again, undid the vice pulled, it started and flooded out with fuel leaking.

    Ok, after fidling with it enough, I discovered that with the clamp in place it will run (until no more gas of course) but while it is running, I remove clamp, it will flood, replace clamp, it works great… any ideas?

    • Todd says:

      Mike – I was just running mine all day washing porches and decks. Sounds like maybe the choke is stuck open?

      • Mike says:

        I don’t have the choke, I have the push bulb without the choke. Even if I did have the choke, it doesn’t explain why the gas would be flowing even though the motor and switch are both off.

        • Mike says:

          Just wanted to add, this isn’t the first time i have used my washer this season. I used it flawlessly a month ago.

        • Todd says:

          Mike – My model has a choke instead of the push bulb. Sounds like maybe a gasket in the carburetor is bad, that would explain gas leaking by even when it’s off.

          • Teej says:

            Just to confirm, I have the exact same problem. First issue is that the unit wont start after it gets hot. you have to let it cool off completely then you can start it again. I fill it up to the top when I shut it down so it doesnt run out of gas after a restart.

            Second issue is it just started leaking gas big time out of the area behind the air filter…this is dangerous. I put up with the first problem but this one creates gas vapors that can ignite. I agree it looks like a gasket problem as it appears to be in the carbureator. Gas is just running out like its wide open, dripping from the lowest position.

            I bought mine less than a year ago. the not starting problem began right away. The gas leak started in the last 4 months. Going to contacct Kohler to get a replacement.

          • Todd says:

            The unit that I reviewed here is a HONDA motor not a Kohler.

        • Mike says:

          Mike i think your float in the carb is sticking allowing gas to continue to flow in…Try putting some (HEAT) brand name gas stabilizer in the fuel…Maybe the gas has turned to varnish in the carb.

    • Bob says:

      Mike and a lot of others, I sympathize with you for having problems with your pressure washers. As for fuel problems, if you’re having to pull the cord till your arm falls off, Holstead nailed it by recommending removing the brass nut that holds the float bowl to the bottom of the carb. The brass nut has several orifices in it and by running a fine wire (strand from a wire brush) thru these orifices to clean out the gunk from ethanol gas residue, this should help! As for gas leaking out of the carb or from behind the air filter, I would surmise the float or needle valve is stuck allowing the gas to flow and not shutting it off. Try rebuilding the carb ( maybe $8.00) for a simple carb kit which should supply a new needle valve and gaskets. One other thing, check the float to ensure it’s free of gas.

  13. Tom says:

    Used mine (bought new) three times last summer and it worked fine. I have nearly had a heart attack this morning pulling the cord to start it but nothing. Gas & oil are good. Extremely frustrating looking at the “Easy Start” sticker as I repeatedly pull the cord to the point of exhaustion.

  14. Casey says:

    Tom, I have the same problem. I just tried using mine this afternoon and it won’t start. My arm is about to fall off from pulling the damn thing. I bought it three weeks ago and it worked great the first two times. Considering returning mine…

  15. Chris says:

    I just bought the Husky 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer about 2 hour ago. I have heard the story’s of how unreliable the husky name is but I have owned the electric models and for the most part I have had no problems to report. This one on the other hand failed after 20 Min. I noticed a loss of pressure and that water was spaying out from the bottom of the unit. It turns out two bolts located on the side the washer hose attaches failed. My problem now is do I exchange the unit and worry every time I turn the replacement on, get a cheaper model without the Honda name or spend 2 or 3 hundred more on low end professional unit.

  16. Tom says:

    I called Home Depot and told them I had only used it three times but they advised they wouldn’t help me and that I had to reach out to the manufacturer as I was past 90 days since purchase. I checked the spark plug and it is fine. When I spray ether into the airfilter it will start but only run as long as I continue to spray the ether into the filter. I put in some fuel additive that claims to declog fuel lines and went through three cans of ether but still nothing once the ether ran out. I assume I need a new carburetor?

    • Todd says:

      Tom – Not really sure…not much of a small engine guy. Hopefully a reader will post a solution. Good luck.

    • Holstead says:

      Hey Tom, I was just going through some of the issues with the Husky pressure washers and saw your problem. I had the same issue with mine. Here’s how I fixed it. If there is fuel getting to the bowl. Drain the fuel from the tank. Remove the float bowl, (10mm wrench or socket). In the center of the float throat there is a hole, a very fine hole where the fuel is drawn into the carb. Mine was plugged. Probably from old gas or who knows what. Use a flat blade screw driver to loosen but not remove this orifice. Run a fine wire through the center of it until you feel it move what ever is blocking it. Screw the orifice in and reassemble. Fill with fresh gas. Mine started first pull after fighting for several days. I’m not a mechanic and don’t promise results, but it worked for me.
      Good luck.

  17. Andrew says:

    I bought one 1 month ago, it was easily to satrt st and then need to wait for a long time to let machine cool down before restart. I swamped with a new one in Homedepot. It was worse, 1st still east to start, 2 nd very tough to restart, 3rd time, it never worked again. It is out of 1 month, i can not return it. I can send to Home depot and they will send out to repair it. they are arrogant and did not sya how long it will take to repair it.

  18. I used my HU80432 pressure and It just shuts down every 10-15 minuites.
    I’m not impressed and after looking at reviews lots of persons have the same problem. I live on the Caribbean Island of St Kitts and Nevis and it will be costly to return my washer to Home Depot in Miami..and after paying frieght and duties I’m pissed.

    • Todd says:

      Christian – Sorry to hear of your troubles. I’ve owned the HU80432A for two seasons now and it works fine each time I start it. I’ve heard several similar problems from other users and yet to hear a resolution. I’m hoping someone will read this and post a resolution for folks like you. Good luck.

      • HOLSTEAD says:

        I too bought the Husky Pressure washer with the Honda GCV190 engine. And I really hate to admit to this. But I too had it run for about 3-5 mins. and just shut down. After many pulls and no results, (getting PO’d now). I looked down to see that the fuel shut off was in the closed position. DUH!
        Open the fuel line and off it went till I was done. Restarts great when hot as well. I have had this washer 2 yrs. now and it starts within 2 pulls everytime. (unless I forget to open fuel line). I’m sure this is not your problem, but I thought I would share mine.

  19. Celo says:

    If you plan on returning gasoline products to The Home Depot, the policy states you have thirty days from time of purchase. After thrity days, it is really up to the manager to take it back. As for repairs under manufactorer’s warranty, check under the website of the manufactorer. Occasionally, they will have a section where you type in your zip code and they show you where you can take said product to be repaired as long as it is under warranty. Another option is to speak with the service desk at The Home Depot and have them send it out for repair. Though, this may take an extensive amount of time. Hope this was helpful!

  20. Mark says:

    I have used mine a total of 10 hours and it is now leaking fuel through the primer bulb and the air filter. I called the manufacturer customer service number and they told me to take it to a “authorized service center” that is no less than 1 hour travel in any direction. I called the service center and they informed me that because it is a fuel system issue the warranty wont touch it. I believe this is what they call a catch 22. More like “there is no way getting around getting screwed over if you buy our product”. Husky is junk. no two ways about it. People look for a bargain and get taken because of poor workmanship and subpar components. Will never buy Husky junk again.

  21. Mike says:

    Home Depot and the Husky pressure washer are real pieces of s*&t. It dosent matter if it has a honda engine or whatever. If is says husky it is a product of Home Depot and they are the owners of Husky. They will give you a hard time about it….I had nine in 2 days and they were the 2600 psi with the Tecumseh engine…leaking fuel…Home Depot returned them so i stepped up to the Honda 3000 PSI and this is my second one. They have both had oil leaks around the governor seal The first one i returned within 30 days so they exchanged it. The second one i had 38 days they pretty much said F**k off. Its been in the shop since November 10 and its now March 11.. Sometime in Jan they called and said it was fixed….I brought it home ran it about 30 minutes cleaning a couple lawnmowers. Parked it in the garage and when i went back to it a couple weeks later it had leaked oil all over the floor….Needless to say its been at the shop since. I have maybe 2 hours on the machine. sick and tired of being sick and tired

    • Mike says:

      By the was just an update it has now been in the shop another 4 weeks. It will start on the fifth week on Sat of this week..04/09/11…

      EDITED: Portions of this comment were edited to remove profanity. While we encourage open debate about products we do not feel profanity is necessary.

  22. Todd says:

    I bought this model last year and used it only for 5 minutes after purchase, and store it in garage, it leaks alot. And yesterday, I tried to use it to clean my deck, it started and worked for 3 minutes and stopped, I couldn’t start it again. Checked oil, found there are lots of gasoline inside the lubricant oil tank.

    I don’t know how to handle this situation now. Any suggestion? Thanks.

  23. chad says:

    my kohler courage xt-6 pressure washer isn’t getting gas. There is no fuel filter, or shutoff(that i can find, manual terrible) When i pump the primer bulb(no choke)i can’t feel any gas in the bulb. i took off air cleaner and sprayed gas in carb, starts first pull? What can this be i’ve had for 2 years, used 10 times with zero problems.

  24. Jim C. says:

    Borrowed the Husky 3000 psi pressure washer from a friend who received it as a Christmas gift. It’s been used a total of 3 times with minimal problem until this 4th time. During the course of pressure washing the exterior siding of my house, I had to restart it about 12 times over the course of about 4 hours. After it quit on me again, I decided to take a break for lunch to let it cool off. Started it up again and about 10 min in I heard a big “pop” and walked over to see the engine had cracked! I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  25. jim says:

    I have the husky hu80432a purchased in dec 2010. has worked very well. my only problem is the connectors leak at both the wand connection and the pump connection. they are the screw on type. this has been a problem almost from the start. I contacted tech support and while they have been helpful the problem is still there. I did replace with the suggested o ring kit.. thanks for any help anyone can give jim

  26. Jack says:

    My husky is pumping water to the soap dispenser but I’m not getting anything through the wand. It has worked great in the past and we never adjusted anything. Any thoughts. Thanks

  27. Donald Fuselier says:

    Great machine EXCEPT for the soap nozzle puts out lazy soap (no pressure) is there a better nozzle I haven’t found NEED HELP

  28. where can i get a new carburetor for this washer?

  29. Oscar Díaz says:

    Need shaft oil seal and pump seals also
    pump recommended lubricant and quantity.

  30. SHAWN KELLEY says:

    Can’t figure out how the pressure tips are removed and installed?

  31. Steve says:

    Try ToolFuel, ethanol free.

  32. Eric says:

    Is there a way to bypass the injection hose and detergent container? I have model Husky HU80722

  33. Andrew Eilers says:

    I have the Husky 3000 PSI 2.5 GPM HU80432. I’m still using the original Husky wand that came with the machine back in 2009. However, I need replacement tips and can’t determine the proper orifice to look for when ordering replacement tips. Any suggestion regarding which quality tips to purchase, as I’m not comfortable purchasing an $8 set of tips from China? I know that almost all tips will be made in China, but is there a brand name that you would suggest?

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