Kids Play Room Makeover Coming Soon

By Todd Fratzel on Closets & Storage, Design, Interior Decorating

Kids Playroom Organization Project

Kids Play RoomWe’ve lived in our new home just over three years and there’s still plenty to do before every room is completely finished the way we want. Our large colonial style home features four bedrooms and a bonus room that we’ve turned into a kids play room. Currently the room is very boring with no type of storage system to store the massive quantity of kids toys. This room also has the attic access stairs which is a major design constraint for this project.

Built-In Cabinetry & Storage

For the kids play room makeover we want to accomplish several things.

  1. Storage – First and foremost we need storage for the piles of toys you see in the photos. We’re hoping to use a combination of cabinet drawers and shelving to organize and store the toys.
  2. Kids Play Room TVActivity Desk – One of the things that we’ve seen quite a bit lately in magazines and TV shows are desks that serve as activity areas and hopefully study areas when the kids get a bit older. So we’re hoping to install some type of desk unit that will serve those purposes over the coming years.
  3. Book Shelves – Our children love to read and we have a huge collection of children’s books from my wife’s previous profession of being a teacher. Built-in book shelves would be perfect to prevent them from being toppled over when small children decided to try and climb up the shelves.
  4. TV / Media Center – Finally we want some sort of TV / media center to hold all the children’s movies. We are planning on installing a smaller, lighter, LCD TV so there’s no fear of a heavy TV falling onto the kids. Our old TV in there is dangerously heavy and takes up far too much space.

Cabinetry Options

Kids Play Room Book ShelfWe really want to create a room with built-in cabinetry versus furniture. The question then becomes how to we accomplish our design goals within a certain budget. The first thing we considered was the use of semi-custom cabinets like we used for our semi-custom built-in office. As beautiful as that would be it’s not a very realistic option for us based on our budget. However, that is the type of look we’re hoping to achieve with this kids room makeover.

The other option is to use good quality melamine or veneer cabinetry that looks really nice at a more affordable price point. We already knew we wanted the cabinetry and storage system to be white so melamine cabinetry is a very good choice for us. So the final challenge was picking a storage system company that could help us design our kids room makeover and supply a quality product.

Cabinetry & Organization For Our Project

After doing some research and looking for a company that could help us design this room we’ve settled on using the Closet Factory. We were intrigued by the Closet Factory Kids Storage Room site that offers a FREE Design Consultation and FREE Installation with your order! We love FREE stuff and we certainly wanted to work with someone that could provide us with design services. The design consultation was important for us as my designs are typically quite boring considering my engineering background!

Closet Factory

cf_logo_interimCloset Factory is a national chain which has franchises located across the Country that provide the design and installation services. The nearest franchise to us is the Boston Closet Factory. We’ve already done a design consulation and we’ll be revealing the kids room makeover design in the next day or so. The folks from the Boston Closet Factory had some great ideas and we’re really looking forward to sharing this fun makeover with all over you.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future articles on the Kids Room Makeover.

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