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Kohler Introduces Smaller-Sized Generator Units

8, 10 and 12 kW Generators Make Standby Power More Accessible

KOHLER, Wis. – September 23, 2014 – Kohler® Generators is rolling out a complete new line of standby generators designed for homeowners with fewer power requirements, and who are looking for the performance and reliability of a KOHLER unit at an entry-level price point. The expanded line focuses on lower kW-output models – 8 kW, 10 kW and 12 kW – making standby power available to more consumers with smaller budgets.

“All homeowners should have access to safe, reliable backup power – no matter their budgets,” said Thomas Landrum, director of marketing, residential/light commercial for Kohler Generators. “These new units deliver Kohler quality and performance and address the needs of more homeowners.”

The 8 kW, 10 kW and 12 kW standby units (8 RESV/*RESVL, 10 RESV/10 RESVL, 12 RESV/12 RESVL) may be price positioned at the lower end of the KOHLER home standby offering, but they provide the same performance, reliability and craftsmanship consumers have come to expect from Kohler. Each unit delivers high-quality power by offering advanced voltage and frequency regulation along with ultra-low levels of harmonic distortion. This results in excellent power quality to protect delicate electronics and expensive appliances. In addition, Kohler’s exclusive Powerboost technology provides advanced startup power to handle heavy loads like a central air conditioning unit and can power up in as little as 10 seconds. Other standout features of the 8 kW, 10kW and 12 kW models include:

  • Units run on liquid propane (LP) or natural gas
  • They offer quiet, “neighborhood-friendly” operation
  • The units require a smaller installation footprint because they are roughly half the size of their larger kW counterparts
  • The generators feature a new enclosure made from steel, dipped in e-coat for extra corrosion protection and painted with a durable powder coat finish in KOHLER cashmere to blend into any backyard setting
  • They offer remote monitoring capabilities via smartphone, tablet or computer as standard
  • All “L” models come with a new 100 Amp RXT Automatic Transfer Switch
  • All models come with a five-year or 2,000-hour limited warranty

“Kohler is committed to best-in-class performance and reliability at every price point,” Landrum said. “Our smaller standby units fulfill the growing demand for more entry-level standby generators without sacrificing anything when it comes to performance and dependability.”

Kohler’s new line of standby generators are designed for homeowners who wish to power a few essential systems or appliances in their home during a power outage. They can power multiple circuits in a home that connect to items like a refrigerator, sump pump, HVAC system, lighting and more. When power is lost to the home, a KOHLER standby generator automatically turns on – generally within 10 seconds – and runs on propane or natural gas. Homeowners do not need to be present to start or refuel the generator.

For more information about Kohler’s 8 kW, 10 kW and 12 kW standby generators, visit or call 800-544-2444.

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