Lowes Coupon: 2013 10% Off Moving Coupon

By Todd Fratzel on Coupons, Home Improvement Cost Savings

Get 10% of with a Lowes Coupon

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Looking for a Lowes Coupon? Want to save 10% on a major purchase at Lowe’s? Have you moved recently are about to move? If so this is an offer you can’t afford to miss! How about a printable coupon from Lowe’s?

If you’re moving anytime soon then you’re eligible for a 10% off coupon on Lowe’s purchases up to $5,000. We actually used this great Lowes coupon when we moved into both of our homes. I especially like this coupon if you’re buying a fixer-upper because you can time some of your big purchases all at once and save some serious money. So be sure you visit this link so you can print your 10% Lowes Coupon.

Online Coupons have become quite the “standard” for everyone looking to save money these days. Coupon codes, printable coupons, even discounted gift cards can be found on certain websites. The printable Lowes Coupon is definitely a big one as you can use it on purchases up to $5,000 which means you could save as much as $500! Five hundred dollars could easily pay for some new power tools, new flooring, appliances, even paint! Another great place to search for coupons is Ebay and Craigslist.

Many readers have reported that their local US Post Office will sometimes have the coupon in their moving packets. If you don’t find a Lowe’s coupon in the packet you may find a competitors like The Home Depot which you can use because most stores now match competitor coupons.

You can also get 10% every day if you’re an active member of the military or a US veteran. Read more about the Lowes Veteran Discount for details.

Lowes Project Card

Lowe’s also offers the Lowe’s Project Card for financing large projects and purchases. The card offers no payments and no interest for the first 6 months on the initial purchase. So if you’re moving or planning a big remodeling project then this might just be the easiest way to finance it. It’s also a great way to pay for new energy efficient windows or insulation in order to take advantage of Home Improvement Stimulus Tax Credits.

Lowes Gift Cards

Lowe’s also offers a variety of designer gift cards that make great gifts for friends and family. If you’re interested in ordering some gift cards check out: Lowe’s Gift Cards

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  1. Thanks for all the information on the 10% discount at Lowes for people that have just moved, or are moving. I had heard of this a while ago but since I haven’t moved in a long time I just forgot about it. Since we deal with a lot of homeowners that have just moved in to their home I will definitely pass on this handy money saving tip!

  2. Alex says:

    Is this coupon valid on appliances?

  3. Richard S. says:

    Hi Todd,
    Iam building a modular with a Superior Wall xi walkout basement in Altavista Virginia.I am thinking of applying a rubberized waterproofing such as Ames Blue Max or Aquaseal Graycoat. Should I make this investment in waterproofing or not? I cannot find enough info on the web to help make this call on my own.

  4. Rhonda brown says:

    Hi I love mylowes I would like every coupon saving I can get u can email anytime thank you.

  5. Rhonda brown says:

    Thank you for my saving Rhonda brown.D73DPB9B9WfG1AVHR

  6. I recently moved back to West Virginia from South Carolina. The US Postal Service with Code: 1305EBS7AXN6RYN, valid through Nov. 15, ’13.

    When I logged on, it took me to a career site. How can I get my coupon?

    Gerald Perry

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