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By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools

Finally I’m in the process of building the “skirt” around the base of our large farmers porch. I’ve decided to make the “skirt” with all PVC material so it will last for years to come without painting! The basic design is to create the “frames” with 1×6 material and then install lattice between the rails. I want to put a rabbit in the back of the 1×6 to hold the lattice. This way the lattice doesn’t need to be nailed so it can expand and contract freely with temperature.

The problem I have is the 1×6 PVC trim is 18′ long and looks like a wet noodle when you try to pick it up and move it. So trying to either use a dado on the table saw or trying to use the router table will only frustrate me and quite possibly cause an injury. So my idea was to just buy a cheap router edge guide/fence and put the material on the ground and route out the rabbit. Wouldn’t you know that I can’t find one to fit my router.

Well today I found a simple do it yourself router edge guide that I could make myself. I’m going to make the base out of 1/2″ MDO and the fence I’ll either use MDO or maybe a piece of hardwood if I’ve got a scrap kicking around. Once I get this built I’ll start putting rabbits in all the 1×6 stock. I’ll keep you posted on how it works once I’ve built it.

Router Edge Guides For Sale
Porter-Cable 42690 Edge Guide
Bosch RA1054 Deluxe Router Edge Guide
Milwaukee 49-54-1035 Router Edge Guide
Freud FT2010 Deluxe Edge Guide

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