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By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

Recently I was sent a free sample of Mighty Putty to try out and then write a review on my thoughts.

Mighty Putty StickMighty Putty

Mighty Putty is a powerful epoxy stick that only activates once you “mix” the putty stick together. Rather than using messy two-part epoxy liqiuds this easy to use epoxy stick contains both materials in an easy to use putty stick. You simply cut off the length of stick you want to use then kneed the stick in your hand until it’s thoroughly mixed, thus activating the epoxy resins. The manufacturers claim that it bonds to almost any surface including metal, glass, PVC, wood, wall board, ceramics, tile and concrete.

Repairing A Broken Plastic Wheelbarrow

Broken plastic wheelbarrow.I decided to test out Mighty Putty on a broken/cracked plastic wheelbarrow. I’ve never had much luck fixing broken plastic so I figured this was as good a test as any.  I honestly had little hope that this product would actually adhere to the smooth plastic surface of my wheelbarrow but I went ahead with the repair anyway.

Activating Mighty Putty

In order to use the Mighty Putty you need to activate the epoxy. To activate the putty you need to kneed it in your hands until the entire mixture is white. This sounds easier than it is, this stuff is fairly hard and it requires some serious hand strength to completely mix it before it starts to harden. At any rate I completely mixed it then spread it on the cracked plastic wheelbarrow. I made sure to push the epoxy through the crack so that it oozed out the back side. I figured this was a good way to lock in the two pieces and keep the crack from opening up again.

Curing Time

Mighty Putty repair on wheelbarrow.After about 25 minutes the epoxy putty was almost completely cured and hard as a rock! The instructions indicate that full strength is achieved after 24 hours so I waited a day before trying to use the wheelbarrow. Much to my surprise the repair actually worked and the crack is filled in and stabilized. So I’d say it worked pretty well and I’m assuming I can get another season or two out of my wheelbarrow.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a pretty useful item to keep in your workshop or tool box. My only gripe with this product was how difficult it is to mix and kneed together. Other than that I think this is a really great item to have around for quick repairs especially if you need to fix something in an emergency. I’m not sure I’d use it to support something really heavy or valuable but I would definitely use it around the house for repairs.

Where To Buy

You can buy Mighty Putty at stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, RiteAid and Bed Bath & Beyond. You can also buy Mighty Putty from Amazon. Three tubes typically cost about $10 so it’s definitely an inexpensive adhesive to have around the house.

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