Milwaukee Tools – 2012 New Product Symposium

By Todd Fratzel on Tools & Products

Highlights from 2012 Milwaukee Tool Releases

The major power tool companies are all waging war with each other in an effort to collect market share and visibility. Once again that insane level of research and development was on stage at the 2012 New Product Symposium hosted by Milwaukee Tools. Milwaukee introduced the attendees to a wide range of new products for 2012 and early 2013. Quite a few products are under lock and key until a further date.

Presently, it looks likely that a very large number of additional exciting products will be released in less than a month. We’ll be sure to talk about those products as soon as the “gag” order is lifted.

As usual there were literally 100’s of products to see, touch and use! Check out a few of our favorites below.

M12 Heated Jacket Line

One of the hidden jewels in the Milwaukee line-up has been the M12 Heated Jacket. Last year they added the Realtree AP Camo Jacket. They sold so well that Milwaukee is adding two more jackets. This year you’ll be able to get a Black Jacket (for the more sporty out on the town look) and the High Visibility Jacket (which meets ANSI Class III certification), the new Jacket meets or exceeds all jobsite and roadside construction standards.

Stainless Steel Stiletto Bars

The Stiletto line of tools (titanium) are part of the Milwaukee family. While we were checking out all the Milwaukee hand tools we spied some nice Stiletto construction bars including a Cat’s Paw and Flatbar. Obviously these will complement any tool belt or tool box just like the one pictured here.

Built from stainless steel they offer unprecedented strength and durability. The stainless steel also offers protection from corrosion which means no more rust stains on finish work! The other not so technical advantage is having some really sexy hardware in your tool belt!

M12 – 1/2″ SDS-Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Not that long ago SDS hammer drills had to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Those days are certainly coming to an end quickly especially with tools like the M12 SDS-Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill.

I had the pleasure of drilling some holes in masonry (shown above) and I was blown away. Folks this is a 12 volt tool drilling holes in masonry. When you consider that a vast majority of masonry drilling happens with small bits (less than a 1/2″ diameter) then tools like this will drastically change the landscape for light commercial use. The Milwaukee 2412-22XC will be available in October of this year.

HAMMERVAC M12 Universal Dust Extractor

One of the most impressive tools from the show (that I can talk about right now) was the all new HAMMERVAC M12 Universal Dust Extractor. The tool isn’t all that “new” of an idea with one exception. This tool can be attached to any hammer drill from the major manufacturers. It comes with several “D” handle rings which allow you to bolt it to most of the major brands. This is HUGE for general contractors like myself who own several different brand hammer drills.

With such an emphasis on dust collection these days this new tool will surely be a hit. I love that Milwaukee put aside pride and built a tool that will work with any other brand. Definitely a tool that everyone should get to help protect themselves and the environment from the dangers of dust.

New Torpedo Levels

One of the things that I love about all the tool companies right now is the huge push to develop new twists to tried and true tools. Almost everyone has released their version of the torpedo level lately and Milwaukee is no exception.

Their latest level offers several unique features. First the level offers a “niche” as shown above to avoid welds, ribs and other structural components that typically hinder a magnetic level.

Another cool new feature is the ability to level a pair of switches. Getting switches level side by side can be a challenge. With this new tool that challenge just went out the roof!

M12 Band Saw

Band saws continue to get smaller, lighter and more powerful. The Milwaukee 2429-21XC Cordless Band saw is a serious tool for electricians and pipe fitters. Built to meet current OSHA standards for one-handed use. This gives electricians a very versatile tool for overhead use especially from scaffolding and man lifts.

While this little tool looks like a toy I can assure you it’s not! I cut a bunch of conduit and pipe like it was a hot knife in butter.

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  1. Bob says:

    Thanks for your continued coverage of the tool industry. As a professional contractor I really appreciate your unbiased coverage and point of view. It’s nice having a real contractor keep us informed of new products without all the marketing BS.

  2. Andy B says:

    The new high vis jackets look great! Can’t wait to get one for the upcoming plow season!!

  3. Really hoping to get my hands on either the M12 Heated Jacket or the M12 SDS Rotary Hammer. I know for a fact I’ll be buying the new FastBack2 when it comes out as well. They definitely have some great new products.

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