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Nail Gun Reviews On Home Construction Improvement

We’ve written reviews on quite a few nail guns lately so I thought it was time to gather them all up and write a summary. As we create more nail gun reviews this article will be updated accordingly.

Duo-Fast DF350S Strip Nailer ReviewDuo-Fast Model DF350S

The new Duo-Fast DF350S Strip Nailer is our top pick for a framing gun this year. The DF350S impressed us so much that we’ll most likely outfit our entire crew with this impressive new framing nailer. The DF350S is light-weight, well balanced and extremely powerful. If you’re interested in learning more about it then why not read our Duo-Fast DF350S Strip Nail Gun Review.

Paslode CF-325 Cordless Framing Nail Gun Review

Paslode CF-325 Cordless Framing Nail GunPaslode recently released a new version of their popular cordless framing gun, the CF-325 Cordless Framing Nailer. The CF-325 was impressive with improved power and a completely re-designed fuel cell system. Anyone looking to buy a Paslode Cordless framing gun should really read our Paslode CF-325 Cordless Nail Gun Review. When it comes to cordless framing nail guns the CF-325 is certianly our top pick based on it’s latest features!

Duo-Fast DF225C Coil Siding Nail Gun Review

Duo-Fast DF225C Coil NailerDuo-Fast continues to release new pnuematic nail guns this year the DF225C is another top rated nail gun. We recently tested the new DF225C coil gun and found it to perform extremely well. Duo-Fast continues to build nail guns that focus on power, weight and balance which all improve productivity and reduced stress on workers. The DF225C uses plastic colated nails which is a huge improvement over wire colated nails that often jamb nail guns and leave behind sharp wires sticking out of finish work. Check out the Du0-Fast DF225C Coil Siding Nailer Review for more information.

Paslode PowerFramer 350-S Nail Gun Review

Paslode PF350-S Strip NailerPaslode also offers regular pnuematic nail guns in addition to their cordless line. We recently tested the PowerFramer and found it to be a solid pnuematic framing gun. Once again we were impressed with the nail guns power and weight. If you’re interested in learning more about the PowerFramer then read our Review Of Paslode PowerFramer 350-S Nail Gun.

Bostitch 3 Tool Compressor Combo Kit Review

Bostitch sells several combo kits including the Bostitch CPACK3 which includes a compressor, air hose, Brad Nailer, Finish Nailer and Finish Stapler. The combo kit is aggresively priced and it makes an exceptional starter kit for home owners and small carpentry businesses. Check out our Bostitch CPACK3 Compressor Combo Kit Review for additional details.

Additional Nail Gun Reviews

As we continue to review additional nail guns we’ll be sure to add them to this list. There are several more in the works so be sure to come back to read more.

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