One TIME® Wood Protector – Before & After

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One TIME® Wood Protector

Last year we tested the One TIME Wood Protector on the rear portion of the deck with great results. We’ve been so impressed with the One TIME Wood Protector results that we’ve decided to use it to finish the remaining stairs and farmer’s porch as well.

As you can see in the photo above the One TIME® Red Cedar has help restore the natural beauty of our Cambara decking. Cambara is naturally a red cedar color and this product has really brought out that beauty. Above you can see the left hand side has been treated with One TIME® while the right side has recently been washed and prepared for the new One TIME® coating.

Not A Traditional Sealer

Unlike conventional exterior wood treatments, One TIME® penetrates deep into the substrate’s cellular structure and cures into the wood with natural sunlight. It can NOT evaporate or wash away like other products that simply coat the wood surface.  One TIME® encapsulates the wood keeping moisture out.

One TIME® Is Very Easy To Apply

One of the things that I enjoy most about One TIME® is the forgiving application process. Sealing hardwood decks like these isn’t easy with traditional stains and sealers when it comes to brush marks, overlapping and drips. It was quite hot the days that I recently applied this product which meant lots of breaks. It didn’t matter where I left off and started again because the product blends in beautifully each time.

Before One TIME Wood Protector

After One TIME Wood Protector

As you can see the Cambara decking is once again beautiful. We’ve used so many deck sealers, stains and protectors over the years with pretty poor results. The environment here in New England is so harsh with super cold winters, ice, snow, rain and days during the summer that can reach 100 degrees. So for us any product that can stand up to that will forever be at the top of our list. Our previous One TIME review decking has now been in action for over a year and it still looks like new.

Using One TIME Wood Protector

If you’re interested in using One TIME Wood Protector for your decking then start off by checking out their site. They have a very informative Wood Sealing Tips page that will walk you through the entire process of applying their product. They also have a very good FAQ section with answers to common questions.

If you’re tired of other deck sealers that require almost yearly application then I recommend trying One TIME Wood Protector. I’ve been impressed and I think you will be too.

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  1. Beth says:

    Hi Todd,
    Are you still happy with OneTime?

    • Todd says:

      Beth – It’s certainly the best one I’ve used to date. This is the 2nd Spring after my latest application and I’d say it’s about 75% the color it was at application. All the other products I’ve tried would be lucky to be 50% if not less after one winter.

  2. Hank says:

    Hi Todd,
    My name Is Hank and I am looking for a good sealer/stain for my wooden fence. I live in south florida and wooden fence sealer/stains do not hold up here. I have PT pine wood 15 year old section of fence, a 3 year old section of fence and 9 month old section of fence never have been treated. I need to seal and would like to lightly stain at same time. Through my research this sealing staining process has be very complicated and what makes things worst is the big stores give you bad info because the sales person don’t know about the products and say just anything that sound good. I am looking for some advice from someone who has used these products . After reading about One time protector on your page and then many others sites including one time wood protector site. I am very interested about one time wood protector and think it would work for my fence, but I still have questions. I would be very appreciated if I could ask you some questions about your knowledge and experience with one time wood protector.

    I see in your web page photos of your finished deck, the deck has a nice sheen/satin appearance. How long has or will this sheen be noticeable?

    I would be interested in the one time wood protector colors clove brown and chestnut. I cant seem to get a good photo of these colors on a fence or deck. Would you have this resource of info or where I could get said photos of the actual fence or deck in these colors?

    I have a about 1800 squire feet of fence to do. ( 300′ x 6′ ). I would like to use a ( FLO Master ) 2.5 gal Wood/masonry hand pump sprayer with the poly fan tip or the high volume brass flat fan tip included, then i would back brush. Am I able to use this spryer with one time product? The One time web site only talks about airless sprayers. Thank you for your time Hank.

    • Todd says:

      Hank – Sorry for the delayed response, things are real busy this time of year!

      Finding decent stains for fences and decks is a real pain. One Time is great, it’s not perfect but it’s a lot better than most stains I’ve used.

      I’ve only used one color so I can’t really help out with the other colors. Spraying is always a tough mission. My gut feeling is it should work, but One Time has lots of solids in it, doesn’t seem thick, but does have a lot of solids so clogging might be an issue. Wish I had better advice, but I do know the end product is real nice.

      Oh…and on the sheen….it’s really the wood. I used it on hardwood, the surface was pretty smooth to start with, it won’t fill in gaps.

      Overall I really like the product and it’s lasted at least twice as long as other stains/sealers that I’ve used on this deck.

      • Hank says:

        Thanks for your info post Todd,

        I am now waiting for some color samples. After reading your Page/post and surfing the net I am confident One time protector is what I am going to use. once I get the color samples I should be good to go. Your wisdom has been invaluable.

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