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Walk-In Closet Design-Build Project

We are currently working on a walk-in closet design-build project for our master bedroom suite. The first step of the project was selecting a color pallete for the walk-in closet and painting. However, the biggest decision we needed to make was selecting a company to purchase all the closet organizer materials from. After quite a bit of research and tinkering on several sites we’ve decided to order our walk-in closet materials from EasyClosets.com.

EasyClosets.comWalk-In Closet Design

We were able to design our new walk-in closet really easily using EasyClosets online design software. The first step was to input the wall dimensions of our walk-in closet in the program. I was impressed that the program allowed me to easily input our unusual room shape and dimensions. Once the room plan was finished it was really easy to layout and add lots of different organizers from shelving to drawers to hanging rods.

There are lots of different products to chose from. The nice thing is you can select some standard products from pull down menus and then customize them however you like. I found the whole design process to be very easy to understand. If you’re trying to design a custom closet then this is a site you should check out. EasyClosets offers several design options; you can choose from several pre-set room layouts or draw your room from scratch. If you need help they offer free professional design services as well. All you need to do is email or fax the room dimensions and they can take it from there.

Walk-In Closet DesignOnce I completed the design I called the 800 number and asked to have a design professional review our design. One of the design professionals reviewed the design and called me back with several great suggestions. I was really impressed that they take the time to review the design from a functional point of view making sure there are no conflicts in the design. After the call we made a few more changes and then asked them to send us the final proposal.

The final design was emailed to us with elevation, plan and 3D drawings to review. As you can see in the following images the proposal contains some really great drawings showing you what your new closet will look like.

Walk-In Closet DesignAs you can see our design focuses on two hutch units with drawers and quite a bit of shelving. This is because we have two large his and her closets in our bedroom with lots of hanging space. This closet will be used for folded clothing and bathroom linens.

In addition to the shelving, hutches and hanging sections we’ve also ordered several accessories. EasyClosets offers lots of accessories to compliment the design. We’ve selected a valet pole, slide out belt rack, some shelf dividers and a drawer divider for the hutch.

EasyClosets ProposalThe proposal does a good job of summarizing the entire order. As you can see we’re coming in just under our budget of $2,500. This proposal actually will go up a tad as we’re planning on changing the drawer fronts to the Portobella drawers where are a bit more. However, we’ll still be under budget at $2,341.67.

Why We Chose EasyClosets.com

There are several reasons why we chose EasyClosets for our walk-in closet project. First of all I’m very impressed with their design software and selection of products. They offer products for closets, garages, laundry rooms, pantries and living areas. The customer support was really great and helpful. In addition they offer:

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Professional Design Service
  • 10% Discount On Orders Over $1000
  • 15% Discount On Orders Over $5000
  • Every Order Is Custom Cut To Your Dimensions
  • Orders Ship The Next Day When Ordered By 6 PM
  • Great Selection of Accessories and Options

So far the whole process has been really easy. Stay tuned for additional posts when the products arrive as I’ll be doing step by step directions on the installation of our walk-in closet organizers.

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  1. Steve says:

    This sounds like it was written by the company – I don’t trust this review.

    What other companies did you compare easyclosets against?

    • Todd says:

      @ Steve – What is it you don’t trust about my review? Did you read all the other posts where I document our experience with EasyClosets.com? I compared EasyClosets against several other closet companies for cost, design flexibility and aesthetics. I also happen to oversee the construction of several custom homes each year and we’ve used numerous other manufacturers in construction. Based on my experience with other products I was VERY impressed with both the design and quality of materials. I stand by my review and recommend EasyClosets to anyone looking for closet materials. If you spend some time on my site you’ll see that I review lots of products and I take my time in doing so.

  2. Mike says:

    what was the total cost?? That is my bottom line.

  3. lisa says:

    I agree with Mike. While easyclosets may very well be an excellent product, this site seems sponsored by easyclosets, complete with the clickthrough ad. I’m still looking for a range of feedback from many users on how well easyclosets last 2 and 3 years after installation. Mike, can you forward me to that type of forum?

    • Todd says:

      @ Lisa – Sorry you feel this is not a genuine review. That closet is my own personal house and I’m still extremely pleased with the quality of the EasyClosets materials. The ad you refer to is an ad that is served by Google Adsense based on the context of the article. I hope you find other reviews that give you assurances of the quality. If you’re ever in NH you’re more than welcome to see ours!

  4. Supote says:

    We have used easyclosets at least twice and am going to use it again the 3rd time. It started with my daughter finding this product online to furnished her walk-in closet. After she has done her project, I was so impressed that I decided to go ahead with our reach-in closets when we remodeled our house. We have been using their products for about 2 years before moving to a new house. I am now in the process of remodeling our new house and am looking forward to use easyclosets again.
    I strongly agree with all the posts. Their design software is very easy to use. Their product appears cosmetically good (as expected for furniture). The wood material is not the best in the world (particle board??) but reasonable for the price. I normally would prefer solid would or plywood if possible, but my walk-in or anybody’s would not have any moisture problem to be concern.
    Their products were well packed and shipped out very fast. They generously provide fitting hardware in excess. I still have some of them left somewhere is my tool box.
    I had a little problem with broken parts which hey sent a replacement out right away after a brief phone call.
    Overall I am very satisfied with their product and service and is now ready to place the 3rd order with them.

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