Outdoor Timber Pavilion by Western Timber Frame

By Todd Fratzel on Landscaping, Structure

Ordering a Pavilion from Western Timber Frame

Ordering our new pavilion from Western Timber Frame was really straight forward even though I had custom dimensions (I installed foundations for this pavilion six months prior long before I knew what the final design would look like in order to build the patio last Spring). You can choose from a pre-designed pavilion or they can build one to meet your own custom dimensions. They have an entire team of people from sales, project management, and designers to make the entire process easy and timely.

Western Timber Frame Pavilion BracesAfter sending them my sketches with basic layout dimensions they asked me some simple questions including:

  • Stain Color
  • Brace Style (they offer several different styles of bracing)
  • Structure Height
  • Coping Details (the end treatment on the beams)
  • Special Wiring Details (they offer pre-drilling of the columns so you can run wires for electrical)

Once I gave them all of that information they created a shop drawing for my review and also sent me their package of installation notes so I would be familiar with the entire process of erecting the frame. I found that information extremely useful in planning how much time and help I’d need on this end erecting the frame. After reviewing the drawings I signed off on them and they gave me an estimated delivery date.

Another really great thing about ordering the kit from Western Timber Frame was the completeness of the kit. When you buy a kit from them they include the following materials:

  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Rafters
  • Ridge Beam
  • Braces
  • Structural Fasteners
  • Wood Plugs
  • Touch-Up Stain
  • Foundation Anchors
  • Tongue-and-Groove Ceiling Material
  • Drill Bits
  • Detailed Installation Instructions

The only materials that I had to provide were the actual foundations, fasteners for the T&G roofing, cap flashing (I recommend installing flashing on top of the exposed beam ends), and the finished roofing. I chose to install a layer of plywood over the T&G due to the snow loads here in NH but that was optional. We chose to install a black standing seam roof to help accent all the black hardware on the project (black light fixtures, black fence, etc.).

Western Timber Frame Shipping Package

Delivered 2,400 Miles In Perfect Condition

One of the things I was most nervous about using a company from so far away was getting the pavilion here to NH in good condition. Above is a picture of the two pallets that were used to ship our pavilion 2,400 miles from Utah to New Hampshire. The pallets were covered in shrink wrap, the fasteners were in a weather tight container and everything showed up in perfect condition. The shipping company called prior to their arrival to be confirm the date and also that we had a forklift available to unload the pallets. The entire shipping process exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

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  1. Jolly says:

    This a nice explanation about building a Pavilion with sort time.

  2. keely hostetter says:

    My husband built a pavilion for us similar to this one but with one slanted roof. We love it. We spend our summer nights under it all the time!

  3. James K Skinner says:

    What size is the pavilion you ordered from weatern timber frames?

  4. Costco is selling a similar kit in their warehouse stores. Beautiful!

  5. Shaun says:

    Amazing work Todd, I love the way you documented the whole process. Very informative!

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