Paslode CR175C Cordless Roofing Nailer Review

Paslode CR175C Roofing Nailer

Paslode recently introduced the CR175C Roofing Nailer at the 2010 Remodelers Show in Baltimore. The CR175C is a continuation of their popular fuel powered cordless nailer built for roofing. Paslode recently sent us the new CR175C to test on a job and below are our thoughts on this exciting new product.

The CR175C Is Perfect for Roof Remodeling & Repair

The folks at Paslode told us the primary focus of the new CR175C was the remodeling and repair side of roofing. So last week we sent the CR175C along to a small roofing remodel job that one of my employees was working on.

Paslode CR175C Roofing Nailer Review

Last week we tested the CR175C Roofing Nailer on a small 3 sq. roofing renovation job. Having the ability for a one man crew to show up on the job with no compressor and no air hoses was a huge benefit. While the 15 minutes of set-up time and break-down time saved using the CR175C might not seem like much we feel it can be the slight advantage that today’s market demands. In addition to saving time setting up an air compressor the other nice benefit is less wear and tear on the user/employee.

Ease of Use

The Paslode CR175C works just like other coil roofing nailers with regards to loading nails, trigger and safety operation. For users with past experience using Paslode Cordless Nailers the rest of the system works just like their other tools, battery pack is the same and the fuel cells are similar.

Power & Fuel System

The Paslode CR175C had plenty of power. In fact, we had to use the adjustable depth of drive to keep the roofing nails from over-driving. We were able to install just over 2 sq (200 sq. ft) of shingles on a single fuel cartridge.


Probably one of the biggest advantages to using the Paslode CR175C is a matter of safety. Crawling around on roofs while towing an air hose can be quite dangerous at times. As you can see in the adjacent photo the roofer is able to work without fear of tripping on the air hose.

Final Thoughts

The Paslode CR175C Cordless Roofing Nailer is a real breakthrough in roof construction. While it may not replace pnuematic roofing nailers for new construction it will surely make an impact within the roofing industry. The CR175C uses features from the new CF-325 that we really like. There’s no doubt that the CR175C will become very popular with contractors that specialize in roof repairs, remodeling and even small new construction tasks like porches, garages and additions.

Suggested Retail pricing will be around $529. This may seem expensive but when you consider that a pneumatic set-up consists of a compressor, hoses and nailer the price seems reasonable. If you already own Paslode Cordless Nailers then the CR175C is a great compliment to those tools. We certainly enjoyed using the CR175C and it will be a welcome addition to the rest of our cordless nailers in the trailer.

Todd Fratzel

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