Paslode PF150S-PP Review

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

PF150S-PP Positive Placement® Metal Connector Nailer

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had the pleasure of testing the all new Paslode PF150S-PP Positive Placement® Metal Connector Nailer. Paslode asked us to give it a test drive and we obliged on a large framing job that requires several dozen large metal joist hangers.

Engineered Lumber Projects – The Game Has Changed

Over the last 10 years the entire wood framing industry has changed significantly with the increased specification and use of engineered lumber products. Along with all of the versatile new engineered lumber are literally hundreds of metal connector / hanger plates for connecting the new lumber products.

Metal connector / hanger products require a specific fastener according to the manufacturer. Typically those fasteners are much stronger and shorter than framing nails. Because of the heavier fastener gauge it’s often difficult and time consuming to drive them by hand.

Positive Placement nailers have revolutionized both productivity and quality installation of engineered metal connectors and fasteners. Positive placement nailers allow the user to accurately align the fastener with the holes in the metal connector. The result is quick and accurate installation without wear and tear on the carpenter.

Paslode PF150S-PP Features

  • Durable and powerful for tough jobsite conditions
  • Lightweight, compact design fits in tight spaces
  • 2-strip magazine – high capacity, less reloading
  • Non-slip cushioned grip provides comfort and control
  • Probing tip locates nail hole quickly – work faster
  • Shoots 1-1/2 inch long connector nails in 0.131 or 0.148 inch diameters covering most code requirements

Paslode PF150S-PP Review

We’ve been using a positive placement nailers for a couple years now and there’s no doubt they are a necessity for crews that install lots of metal connectors. So we were really excited to try another manufacturers take on the tool.

There are two major features to this positive placement nailers that set it apart from some of the other guys we’ve seen and used.

  • Longer magazine which carries two strips of nails (the other nailers we use only holds one strip).
  • The probing tip makes nail alignment quicker and safer.

Nail Capacity

One of the biggest “cons” to our previous positive placement nailers was the short magazine that would only hold one strip of nails. A strip usually holds about 20 nails and an average joist hanger can require 10 to 15 nails or more! So this results in lots of lost time re-loading the nailer.

The Paslode PF150S-PP can hold two full strips of nails which double it’s capacity over the competition. For us this is a HUGE benefit and one of the best features of this nailer.

Probing Tip

The other feature that we really like is the probing tip. The probing tip is another difference over the competition that really improves the speed of nail installation. We just felt that the tip really ensure that the fastener will hit the hole more often compared to models that just use the fastener as the probe.

Overall Thoughts

The Paslode PF150S-PP has some great new features that we think push it to the top of the class when it comes to positive placement nailers.

While the nailer weighs in about 2 lbs heavier than it’s competitor it’s still only just over 6 lbs which is light for a “framing” type nailer.

The longer nail magazine is a huge productivity booster in our opinion and the feature that’s likely to convince many other builders to consider it. In addition we felt the PF150S-PP was just as powerful as the competition, well built and well balanced. For that reason we highly recommend the Paslode PF150S-PP positive placement nailer.

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  1. Todd,

    As always, great review.

    I’m curious about the positive placement -probing tip.

    I’ve always been interested in these type of guns but was unsure what happens if you miss the hole. Will the nail penetrate the hanger r does it not fire or curl back?


    • Todd says:

      Rob – Great question. I’ll check with the guys but I’m almost certain it shoots through the plate. We were talking today about whether we could shoot some strapping over the hanger (through the hanger) and the guys indicated it shouldn’t be a problem. The probe makes it VERY easy to hit the holes though.

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